SweetMax Stainless Steel Straws, Anti-scratch Stainless Steel Straw, including (3x Cleaning Brush)

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Brand: SweetMax

Color: stainless-steel


  • The innovative, anti- scratch design is more safe for both adults and children to drink. it solves the disadvantage of the common straw which easily cut your mouth.
  • Food-grade, BPA free 304 Stainless Steel Straws.
  • One package includes different styles of straw that meets most of your needs!
  • This package included a Wheat Straw Box which is good for storing the straw.
  • The most important is - this Eco-product is good for our planet! Thank you for your support!

Details: One package includes: 1 x 6*215mm Straight Straw(Flat mouth) 1 x 6*215mm Straight Straw(Bevel mouth) 1 x 6*266.7mm Bent Straw(Flat mouth) 1 x 6*266.7mm Bent Straw(Bevel mouth) 1 x 12*215mm Boba Straw(Flat mouth) 1 x 12*215mm Boba Straw(Bevel mouth) 1 x 6*120mm Short Straw 3 x Straw Brush 1 x Wheat Straw Box

UPC: 730253458012

EAN: 730253458012

Package Dimensions: 12.1 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches