Stainless Steel Sink Hanging Storage Rack Holder Faucet Clip Bathroom Kitchen Dishcloth Clip Shelf Drain Dry Towel Bathroom Storage Shelf Organizer

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1. Clamp design, clip on the tap, easy to use;
2. Up and down, left and right can move and fasten tightly;
3. Place a dishcloth when washing dishes or small items in the kitchen, easy to store and not messy
4. Top hook design ,can put dishwasher hanging rope peeler;
5. hollow design, easy draining,
6. Strong bearing capacity, more reassuring to place articles;
7. The bathroom can also be placed in various application modes.

Size: 6.5*3.94*1.18 inch
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 220g

Installation steps:
1. Align the shelf to the snap
2. Insert the shelf into the clasp
3. Install the shelf on the faucet
4. Installation is completed and the snap is rotated.

1. Applicable to most water pipes to meet the needs of most families
Suitable for faucet tube with diameter 2CM-2.5CM