3 Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer for School, Gym, Work, Storage - Upgraded | Abra Company | Eco-Friendly Fabric Healthy for Children | Adjustable School Locker Shelf from 3 to 2 Shelves (Blue/Pink)

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Brand: Abra Company

Color: Blue/Pink


  • 😄 HEALTHY, ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC FABRIC: Only our organizer is made from non-smell PVC-free textile | PVC is prohibited in the USA in toy products for children | Our durable fabric is healthy, not coated with PVC and safe for use by children
  • 😊 MULTIFUNCIONAL: For storing various items: textbooks, binders and small accessories | Also for gym, work lockers or closet storage
  • 😎 SECURE BAND ON THE BACK: Upgraded product - no more books falling out in the back | Pockets on every side allow to choose the right or left placement in the locker - New Solution | No more saggy pockets thanks to unique design
  • 😍 DURABLE QUALITY STRUCTURE: Lasts for years of use from elementary school to college | Can bear a 45 lbs heavy load | New solution - removable shelf inserts to allow hand-washing of the organizer | Conveniently sized: 38" x 6.5" x 9"
  • 😃 ADJUSTABLE TO FIT FULL AND HALF-SIZE LOCKERS: Easily converts to 2-shelf organizer to fit half-size lockers (2 binder clips needed) | Adjustable to different levels for uneven hooks in locker | Hangs inside the locker from hooks, a shelf, or a rod | Slim profile leaves room for a backpack and clothes | Satisfaction guaranteed

Publisher: Abra Company


LockerMax by Abra Company is a healthy, durable and adjustable hanging locker organizer.
Perfect for gym, work, and closet storage.


✅ Our organizer is made from healthy, eco-friendly, non-smell, heavy duty fabric.
Our carefully selected textile is not coated with PVC.
PVC contains toxic components like phthalates, lead, and cadmium.
Only our PVC-free organizer is fully safe for children.

✅ Elastic band on the back of each shelf secures items in place and allows storing any size of books or binders.
This band is a better solution than a full backing which does not give this possibility.

✅ Can be placed on the right or left side within the locker, thanks to pockets on both sides.

✅ Has removable shelf inserts to allow for hand-washing of the organizer.

✅ Easily converts to a 2-shelf organizer to fit half-size lockers by lifting up the lowest shelf while still having useful pockets on both sides.
In other organizers  side pockets  become unusable when folding the lowest shelf to the left side. 


You will love the amount of storage you get with this locker organizer. Perfect for you, your daughter's or son's locker!
It is colorful, attractive, sturdy, made with passion and lasts for years of use.

😉 You don't have to bend down to get your books

😃 No more folders and paper falling down like in other metal locker shelves

Say Hello to Organized Bliss :)

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