This DIY-Friendly Storage Unit (for Less Than $200) Tops Our List of Best TV Stands

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These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find a television out in the open in a well-designed living room. Since these big, blank screens are often labeled as awkward eyesores, we’ve seen plenty of designers try to hide them amongst a gallery wall (or even disguised as a work of art, thanks to the Samsung Frame TV) and DIYers go to crazily creative lengths to keep the electronic from view (case in point: this hack hanging a rug with a curtain rod). In most homes, however, TVs are naturally the center of attention, and if your wall isn’t sturdy enough to take on a mounting anchor, this piece of technology needs to go somewhere—and that’s often atop a media console

But the best TV stands don’t have to look like one at all. Our favorites could easily be mistaken as a credenza (or they literally are a credenza) or DIY-ed to feel more personal. If you’re on the lookout for a piece of furniture that doubles as storage but can also host the source of your weekday news and Netflix watch, we’ve rounded up eight options so stylish you won’t mind having your TV on display 24/7. 

Our Favorites

The One Your Wallet Will Love: Studio McGee Thousand Oaks TV Stand

Studio McGee TV Stand Scalloped Wood

Dimensions: 24-by-60-by-15.5 inches | Weight capacity: Up to 50 pounds | Materials: Wood veneer, metal hardware  

Why we chose it: A high-end, scalloped wood design for less than $500. 

For a budget-friendly style, we love this lightly stained wood option designed by Studio McGee in collaboration with Target’s Threshold brand. A ribbed pattern elevates the standard door fronts, providing a textural touch to your living space and offering a moment of contrast of a smooth TV screen that’ll perch above. But the best part? There are four different drawers—two of which offer extra shelving—to store everything from a gaming console to your Roku player. A cord management system also keeps your electronic accessories from going haywire, offering a moment of organized calm—a signature of Studio McGee’s laidback look.

What we like:

  • Designed with all kinds of media in mind 
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified  

Worth noting:

  • Material susceptible to warping 

The One That Plays Well With Minimalists: Hay New Order Media Unit

Hay Powder-Coated Aluminum Media Stand

Dimensions: 29-by-79-by-13.5 inches | Weight capacity: Likely up to 60 pounds | Material: Powder-coated aluminum 

Why we chose it: Sleek and slim.  

Looking for a modular TV stand? Leave it to Hay. Imagined by Germany-based designer Stefan Diez, the New Order media console provides the best of both worlds with open and closed shelves. The latter offers a streamlined solution for hiding routers, cable boxes, and more, while still allowing them to be easily accessible. In line with the minimalist theme, a lack of hardware makes this unit incredibly unassuming, blending into the background rather than commanding attention. Plus, it comes in industrial colorways like charcoal and light gray. 

What we like:

  • Grommet holes for both lower shelves 
  • Industrial, minimalist design 
  • Arrives fully assembled 

Worth noting:

  • Can take up to nine weeks to ship

The One For Traditional Living Rooms: Sauder Harvey Park Credenza 

Amazon Wood Look TV Stand

Dimensions: ‎20.56-by-78.75-by-6.63 inches | Weight capacity: Up to 95 pounds | Material: Laminate 

Why we chose it: Beautifully boxy. 

With its dark walnut finish and straight lines, this traditional TV stand gets a classic twist. If you’re someone who prefers the big screen, even at home, this larger unit is a great fit for electronics 70 inches wide. The drawers, which feature slatted fronts and minimalistic pulls, are deep enough to house all sorts of wares (we’d say a DVD collection, but are those even a thing anymore?). Instead, we see the wide open shelves above being great for coffee book or candle collection spillover. 

What we like:

  • Fast shipping
  • Modern twist on rustic decor  
  • Large size

Worth noting:

  • Can be confusing to assemble (and arrives in more than one box!) 

The One You Can DIY: IKEA Besta Unit

IKEA Besta Shelves Floating

Dimensions: 47-by-16.5-by-15-inches | Weight capacity: Up to 44 pounds | Materials: Particleboard, fiberboard 

Why we chose it: A blank canvas primed to be bespoke.  

Both designers Crystal Sinclair and Danielle Fennoy, founder of Revamp Interior Design, are fans of floating cabinets as TV stands. “I love a floating console. It becomes more sculptural than something just sitting in the middle of the space. Besta units can be left as is or dressed up—put a slab of marble on top or change out the drawer fronts or go with fun, bold pulls,” Sinclair advises, which she did with a scrap countertop in this Brooklyn brownstone. In fact, the Besta cabinet is often used for IKEA DIYs; it can be painted, elongated, or given legs. According to Fennoy, this option is also great when space is tight. “The extra room between the console and the floor allows for a clear look,” she adds. 

What we like:

  • Affordable price point 
  • Tons of configuration options  

Worth noting:

  • Might require the use of some professional tools  

The One to Hide All Your Junk: Mustard The Lowdown

Lilac Locker TV Stand

Dimensions: 28.3-by-39.4-by-15.7 inches | Weight capacity: Up to 60 pounds | Material: Metal 

Why we chose it: Enjoy secret storage features behind its locker doors. 

Let’s get this out of the way—the Lowdown is cute. It wins nostalgia points for elevating the middle school locker look with an industrial chic color palette that ranges from super bold to subdued pastels. And sure, you can close the doors on clutter with this console option, but if you want to take your organization game up a notch (and to avoid repeating a jammed locker situation from loose binders and papers of the tween years), there’s an answer for that too. Inside you’ll find adjustable shelves (that can be broken down into two parts), a couple of hooks, wall attachment points, and a cable hole. We also recommend adding the matching wire baskets to your cart before checking out. 

What we like:

  • Ships flat
  • 10 colors to choose from
  • Comes with hooks for hanging items inside

Worth noting:

  • Doors are lockable (don’t lose the key!)

The One That Doubles as a Credenza: CB2 Truffle White Credenza

CB2 Truffle Credenza in White

Dimensions: 59.5-by-16.5-by-29 inches | Weight capacity: Up to 50 pounds  | Material: Engineered wood  

Why we chose it: A high gloss, sculptural stand out. 

Fluted furniture is everything. It’s been a trendy treatment for kitchen cabinets and range hoods, as well as DIY-ed plaster walls and entryway dressers. So, it’s no surprise it also looks great on a TV stand. But this one is different—see: rounded edges, a dipped top, sturdy bottom, and doors that open wide (revealing space large enough to house more than just a game console). Designed by Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio, this credenza was made to be a statement maker, but it’s also incredibly practical thanks to adjustable shelves and cord cutouts. 

What we like:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Cord cutouts  

Worth noting:

  • Heavy   

The One With a Small Footprint: Anthropologie Palma Media Console Table

Anthropologie Wood Table

Dimensions: 29-by-48-by-14 inches | Weight capacity: Likely up to 30 pounds | Material: Wood 

Why we chose it: Curvy wood that’s four feet long. 

If you live in a studio apartment, you probably barely have room for a dresser, let alone a TV console. But if you’re tired of curling up with your laptop on the couch to enjoy a mindless reality show after staring at a screen for work all day, you’ll want to invest in a stand that won’t soak up as much square footage. In hindsight, Anthropologie likely only envisioned the Palma table being placed in the entryway to corral car keys or, these days, face masks, but if the TV you go with is on the smaller side you can easily plop it here alongside a couple of of woven baskets or Hay crates for remotes and folded blankets. 

What we like:

  • Compact design 
  • Made from wood salvaged after natural disasters 

Worth noting:

  • Pricey

The One For a Pop of Color: Room&Board Slim Media Console

Room&Board Sage Shelf

Dimensions: 42-by-15-by-24 inches  | Weight capacity: Likely up to 50 pounds | Material: Powder-coated steel 

Why we chose it: 16 colors to choose from. 

Room&Board’s slim media console could easily be mistaken for a bookshelf—and that’s why we like it. The powder-coated, recycled steel frame offers sixteen paint choices, including tangerine, saffron, and slate (though how could you go wrong with 2022’s color of the year, sage green?) for stress-free color coordination (for $25, you can sample every color, and then get refunded if you decide to return). If you’re in need of extra shelving, or are thinking about encasing your TV, surround it with more books by tacking on the Slim collection’s bookshelves to flank your main unit. Quick tip: Keep an eye on Kaiyo for a pre-used deal. 

What we like:

  • Made in the U.S.
  • Comes with anti-tip safety hardware

Worth noting:

  • $79 full service delivery  


How We Chose These Products

The best TV stands are ones that won’t fight for space. We made sure our picks included everything for tiny studio apartments to wide open living rooms. Other factors kept in mind included weighing quality materials and price points, unique designs, and storage features (particularly those to keep loose cords in check). 

Our Shopping Checklist


TV stands are made from pretty much anything these days, and no material is inherently better than another. Our list includes everything from hardwood to aluminum, so it’s really a stylistic decision, though we would warn that solid wood will outlast particleboard. 

Size and Weight

The ideal width of a media console depends on the size of your TV screen. Long story short, a larger TV should be paired with a larger stand, and one that can take on a bit more weight without buckling. Before purchasing, it’s important to double check your preferred piece can hold the weight of your technology. In general, your TV stand should be roughly 10 inches wider than your screen, but you can go wider for styling purposes (flank it with books, tapers, and other knick knacks). 

More than anything, designer Mandy Cheng warns your TV must sit at the appropriate viewing height. “This means that when you’re sitting on the sofa across from the TV, the TV should be at eye level,” she explains. “If you’re purchasing a media cabinet, make sure it fits underneath the designated height of your TV. If you have a large wall and a large sofa, try to get a wider console so it doesn’t feel like a tiny piece of furniture floating in an otherwise large space. On the contrary, if your space is small, don’t get a big media console. Otherwise, walk space will be limited and the room will end up feeling cramped.”

TV Stand Design 

“While I try to avoid making it the central fixture of the space, I simultaneously want to prioritize the overall comfort factor of the room—everyone should have a place they can lounge and watch a movie in if they feel like it,” offers Fennoy. “All designers have clients who are avid TV lovers, and I never want to make someone shy away from something they like strictly because of my own design preferences.”

Ask Domino

Q: Do I have to use a media console as a TV stand? 

Of course not! In fact, Sinclair loves to bring in alternative features. Although she is a fan of the gallery wall trick (“it blends into the space. rather than working against the television and hiding it or framing it in a built-in”), sometimes it  isn’t an option. In those instances, she suggests avoiding a media unit altogether. “We’re not afraid of including a television in our design. In one project we’re working on we’ve sourced a vintage, wooden standing art easel,” she offers, which makes it less intrusive as the focal point. Think of it as a conversation piece, rather than an eyesore.  

Q: What’s the best TV stand to hide all of my cords? 

“If you don’t want your TV to detract from the rest of the space, you should take the time to manage your wires,” stresses Fennoy. “I’d suggest getting a console that has two holes—one on top and one in the back—for all the wires to run through, so all necessary equipment can be used properly without looking like a rat’s nest.” If your furniture doesn’t happen to have wire-friendly built-ins, don’t sweat—you can purchase a few add-ons to corral cords like a cable box or clip-on wire organizer

Q: Any advice on how I can style my TV so it’s less noticeable? 

“Decorating around the TV—i.e. books, plants, art, etc.—is definitely a good way to draw attention away from it,” offers Cheng. She’s also a proponent of the Frame TV, for the option of displaying art when not in use. “It doesn’t make the TV disappear, but it definitely helps make it blend in! If you really can’t stand seeing a TV, consider building out a media cabinet so you can hide it behind closed cabinet doors.” 

The Last Word

“I always say you don’t want to make a stylistic choice that will impede the use of any equipment, let alone the TV itself,” points out Fennoy. In other words, the best TV stand is large enough to store everything without sacrificing functionality. Adds Fennoy: “Don’t jam an Xbox into the back of a cabinet if you’re gonna want to use it at some point!” 

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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