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After adding the adaptable book storage to West’s desk zone last week, we realized just how much space we could save by putting a few more tools and supplies up on the low walls.

This is a tricky little area in the house. It’s our only hallway, connecting all 4 zones within our cottage: the kitchen, living space, bathroom and bedroom. As such, it has to remain easily passable for foot traffic, and yet we also want it to be functional for West as an art and play zone. The low wall here is actually divided into three little parts, each of which stands frustratingly at different depths. This means that West’s desk cannot sit flush against the entire stretch, and that we can’t use one big organizer or shelf— we instead have to accommodate three different widths and surface materials.

We found that one book holder, one canvas pocket organizer, and his perpetual calendar were the perfect trio for the space above the folding table.

The canvas pockets hold pencils, scissors, paints, a tracing board, dough tools, a chalkboard and more. On the desk, a small tin holds crayon rocks, and another larger tool box holds West’s figurines.

The result is an organized but playful space that leaves ample open surface inches for little hands to craft and create.
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