Simple Jalapeno Sweet Heat

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Jalapeno Sweet Heat. A relish consistency with a spicy sweet bite.
Crack on a Cracker, Sweet Heat, Diabetes and Fire; whatever you call it, this concoction of jalapenos, sugar, salt, and vinegar is easy, addictive, and will be the hit of any get-together involving “finger foods.”

Jalapeno Sweet Heat is a simple chip dip that will light up your lips just enough to warn against over indulgence, while bringing you back again and again for “just one more chip.” While it’s perfectly wonderful simply scooped up on a chip, some people pair it with just a touch of cream cheese to balance the fire.

The volume of the first ingredient in the recipe, the jalapenos, can fluctuate. This recipe will produce about 4 pint jars of the scrumptious dip. If you’re seeding and trimming the peppers nice and clean, it’s going to be a bit more mild, but will take more peppers. If you’re using everything but the stem-seeds and all-it will have quite a kick, but won’t take as many peppers.

Enough Minced Jalapeno’s to equal 13 cups (the amount of seeds depends on your heat desire.) 1/4 Cup Iodine Free Salt 2 Cups White Vinegar 3 Cups Sugar
In a food processor grind, but don’t pulverize, the peppers. You want a relish consistency, not a jalapeno-drink. In a wide pan, spread out the ground jalapenos. Sprinkle 1/4 cup salt over ground jalapenos and let sit 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. After 45 minutes, drain the mixture well. This involves pressing it into a colander so as to have as little moisture left as possible. In a large saucepan, mix the sugar and vinegar and heat over medium-high heat until the sugar is dissolved. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the minced jalapenos and bring the mixture to high heat. Over high heat stir the jalapenos constantly until they come to a boil and change to a lighter shade of green (about 4 minutes of boil-stir time.) Preserve in jars as you would any other fruit or vegetable. How many Seeds? Depends on Your Preference!While a blender may work, to get the perfect relish consistency, a food processor is just the tool.For 45 minutes, stir the jalapeno mixture and salt occasionally. Drain well after this step.After the sugar has completely dissolved in the vinegar, add the drained jalapenos. While gently boiling, stir the mixture for about 4 minutes until it changes color. Preserve as you would any other produce.