My Super Simple Tupperware Cabinet Organization

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In my mission over the last few months to get my house organized, one space I’ve continued to ignore is our tupperware cabinet. Tupperware cabinet organization sounds so simple in theory, but in practice I’ve never had a system in place that actually works for us.

That’s right. Despite my love of organization and my deep desire to have a hyper-organized home, my food storage container cabinet had always been a tower to chaos ready to topple over the moment you open the cabinet. For 11 years of homeownership.

It’s bad. Bad enough that my 8-year-old, who has noticed my recent efforts at organization, recently casually suggested that I make it my next project.

I was properly shamed.

But, I finally took control of the situation and decided to just try something. I wanted a simple system that would be easy to maintain and not too labor intensive to set up.

I ended up ordering two things for the cabinet, and it turns out that’s all I needed to whip it into shape. It still stands to be seen if my family will actually maintain this, but I feel hopeful about it.

Are you ready for this?!

Tupperware cabinet organization

Let’s start with the before. Brace yourself, because it’s bad.

This cabinet holds our tupperware, along with some seasonal and specialty serving pieces. It’s the stuff we don’t use on the daily and may only bust out once or twice a year. And, it was just pure chaos.

Messy tupperware cabinet

I started by pulling everything out. Everything!

That’s always the first step to a good organization project. Just trust me on this one.

My biggest priority here was keeping the system really simple and easy to maintain. I looked at a lot of different ways people have organized their tupperware cabinets, and none of them really spoke to me. So, I just started browsing some organization options on Amazon. Here’s what I came up with:

That’s it!

And with just those two products, I was able to turn THAT photo up there into this:

Organized tupperware cabinet

Can you even believe it?!

Let’s chat about some of the details of why I chose what I did and how it’s working so far.

metal pull-out cabinet organizer

Now, I’ve made my own pull-out cabinet organizers before. Not once, but twice! You can see the pull-out drawers that I made for one cabinet here, and you can see our DIY pot and pan organizer here. I definitely could have made another DIY drawer for this cabinet, but I wanted to see how much easier a pre-bought option would be.

The verdict? It’s definitely FAR easier! It’s not ideal for every situation, because a metal pull-out shelf has slats and may not be perfect for holding everything. I definitely prefer the look of our wood ones and they are a little more versatile in what they can hold. But, for about $50, this metal option is so great! And, it took me (literally) 5 minutes to put together.

Can’t beat that.

It comes with a template for install and it only takes four screws to attach to the cabinet. I was really surprised at how simple it was, and I’m so happy with it so far.

Jackson is the one who puts dishes away in our house, so we’ll see if he maintains the organization. Fingers crossed?!

Click here for the pull-out cabinet shelf!

Cabinet pull-out shelf with food storage containers

tupperware lid organizer

We’ve tried to store our tupperware lids with the storage containers before, and it just didn’t work for us. We have lids that fit right onto the bottom of the containers, but there’s something about that extra step of snapping it in place that just feels like too much.

So, I wanted a separate storage system for lids that would keep them organized and ensure we don’t have to dig around for the one we need. Enter this cute little lid organizer! It was incredibly well-reviewed and was consistently one of the top options that popped up when I was looking for storage solutions. So, I figured I’d give it a shot.

It’s a really simple system, but I think I like it! It has adjustable dividers to create sections for your lids, and it’s big enough to easily hold all of our lids.

Grab the lid organizer I used here!

We haven’t had it in place for long so I can’t speak to how easy it’ll be to maintain, but so far I feel good about it!

Organized kitchen cabinet with tupperware

It feels so great to have one more cabinet in our kitchen fully organized! I have a few more hot mess cabinets on my list, so stay tuned for more!

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