Lemon juice is famous for its great health benefits and properties

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It offers health benefits like revitalizing the skin texture and tone, assisting in digestion, averting contraction of diseases such as scurvy and assisting in losing weight. Some of the main constituents you can find in lemon juices are folate, pantothenic, thiamine, and vitamins such as C and B6. Minerals like iron, phosphorous, potassium, copper and calcium are also components found in lemon juices.

With all incredible health benefits and excellent ingredients associated with lemon juice, now the demand for an ideal yet compact lemon squeezers arises. Therefore, the right squeezer should be durable and easy-to-use. In all honesty, there are quite a number of lemon squeezers readily available for you. As a result, selecting the right one is a bit daunting task but with below compilation of the top-selling Lemon Squeezers, you can easily identify the most suitable one that suits your needs.
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KitchenAid KD070OHMEA Citrus Squeezer Standard Yellow
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Cucisina Lemon Squeezer/Lime Juicer/Citrus Press, Stainless Steel (Antique Copper)
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Jumbo Lemon Squeezer – Durable Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer – Extra Wide Bowl Makes Juicing Oranges & Large Lemons Easy
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TOP RATED EcoJeannie Heavy Duty Jumbo Size Food Grade #304 Stainless Steel Lemon Juicer (LS0001), Commercial Grade Unbreakable Anti-Corrosive Premium Quality Manual Squeezer,Citrus Juicer, Lime Juicer
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OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer
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Lemon Squeezer, Boxlegend Premium Quality Stainless Steel Press Lemon Lime Squeezer Citrus Manual Juicer- Red
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Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer (Lemon)
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Cucisina Lemon Squeezer / Lime Juicer / Citrus Press – Commercial Grade Aluminum (Red)
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Top Rated Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer – Manual Citrus Press Juicer
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Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles
View Products #10. KitchenAid KD070OHMEA Citrus/lemon Squeezer Standard Yellow

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Made from long-lasting, BPA-Free nylon and aluminum, this lemon squeezer should be your better option when making fresh cocktails, cooking, or baking! Due to its dishwasher safe nature, cleaning it even using wash is also recommended. With a unique hopper, the collected juice is confined within the squeezer and features an incorporated spout for pouring with ease.

For added leverage, this lemon squeezer is specially designed to sit on a flat surface allowing you easily press the most sap out of your lime or lemon. The built-in strainer can capture unwanted seeds and pulp maintaining your juice fresh and clean.
Features Weighs 1.3 pounds Has integrated spout Built-in strainer in the hopper Long-lasting BPA-Free nylon and aluminum #9. Cucisina Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

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Cucisina presents sturdy yet elegant lemon squeezer for pressing oranges, and lemons fruit quickly and easily to produce juice. It features top-quality base that is long-lasting. This squeezer’s base can stand the test of durability and stability. It also incorporates unique looking and beautiful bronze coating that lasts over time.

What’s more, with premium duty steel construction, you can squeeze lemon effortlessly without letting any drop to get into the collected juice. When you purchase this lemon squeezer, recipe guide and the additional manual is given as bonuses.
Features Weighs 14.1 ounces Beautiful bronze coating High-quality base Heavy duty steel construction #8. Mediterranean Ways Jumbo Lemon Squeezer

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This jumbo lemon squeezer by Mediterranean Ways claims to accommodate big lemons and oranges but in all honesty, it can deliver exactly as it claims. Unlike other brands on Amazon, this one features 3.44-inches bowl alongside 13-holes design that produces more juice as opposed to other brands with less than seven holes.

The 304 industrial-grade stainless steel is unbreakable, unlike aluminum models that can break or chip. To its uniqueness, the squeezer is well designed with silicone handle giving a comfortable grip. It is convenient enough to press even hard fruit and produce more juice without pulps or even seeds.
Features Weighs 15.5 ounces Made with 304 premium grade stainless-steel Has 13-hole design produce you more juice Dishwasher safe #7. EcoJeannie LS0001 Manual lemon Squeezer (TOP RATED)

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This professional LS0001 lemon squeezer by EcoJeannie is great for effortless juicing. It is made of premium grade mirror-like finish 304-stainless steel. It is as well popular for its jumbo, professional size and quality construction making it the best lemon squeezer you will ever come across.

The tool has been built with sturdiness in mind since it features unbreakable, rust-free and dishwasher safe materials as well. For assurance concern, there is a money-back satisfaction and lifetime guarantee. Heavy-duty and sturdiness, this tool weighs 10.4 ounces.
Features 304 Stainless Steel Weighs 10.4 ounces Durability and premium grade mirror-like finish Dishwasher Safe #6. OXO Good Grips lemon/Citrus Squeezer

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The OXO lemon Squeezer is crafted with the resemblance of conventional juicer but still facilitating how appropriately you can insert the lemon. The lemon Squeeze is built of resilient, die-cast aluminum crusted with a non-stick varnish and features pressure-absorbing non-slip handles.

This lemon squeezer is a bit great in making more volume of lemon juice. The instinctive design allows any drop of lemon into the juice collecting reservoir whereas the elegant grip averts slippage. The handle can also help in reducing the discomfort. Additionally, for practicality and extra comfort, the handles feature pressure-absorbing design. The squeezer is dishwasher safe as well.
Features Easy-grip nonslip handles Non-stick finish Die-cast aluminum crusted handles Pressure-absorbing handles Weighs 3.75 pounds #5. PetOde Boxlegend Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

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Take your lemon squeezing task to another level with the use of PetPOde citrus squeezer. It is possible because the most significant aspect with this squeezer is that it is convenient and safe on your wrist and fingers. It also features a comfortable-grip-rubber handle that offer easy operation.

For durability guarantee, the squeezer is made of superior grade stainless steel. Moreover, the bowl is big enough to accommodate any lemon, lime, and fruit size. With this lemon squeezer, you can squeeze lime and lemon effortlessly producing juice without the mess of pulp and seeds. It also allows 100% money-back guarantee within days.
Features High-strength stainless steel Comfortable grip rubber handle Made of Dishwasher safe material Long levers covered #4. Chef’n FreshForce Lemon Juicer

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The time for lemonade and margarita lovers to rejoice has come! With Chef’n FreshForce lemon squeezer, you can undoubtedly bring squeezing power to the kitchen. The unique thing with FreshForce is that it uses an inventive dual-gear mechanism to improve pressing power to minimize hand fatigue.

Unlike other conventional handheld lemon squeezer, this one yields 20% more juice. What’s more this squeezer can manually press small citrus, limes, and lemons fruits to produce your favorite juices. The long-lasting stainless steel and nylon construction guarantees a long lifespan of use. For better handling, hand wash is recommended while top-rack is dishwasher safe.
Features Weighs 10.6 ounces Stainless steel and long-lasting nylon construction Innovative dual-gear mechanism Top-rack dishwasher safe #3. Cucisina Lemon Squeezer(Red)

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It is time to simply your lemon squeezing task with cucisina lemon squeezer. Therefore, this juicer can prevent you from serious irritation associated with citrus juices when it gets in contact with your eyes. Sturdy, and durable, this squeezer is ideal for pressing oranges, juices lemons, and limes fast with ease. The squeezer is proven as a great tool that can produce the last drop without seeds and pulp all the time.

For durability concern, the construction material is industrial cast aluminum. The squeezer is suitable for pressing lemon and lime on your drinks, salads, salmon, lemonade fish and much more. To sum up, lifetime manufacturer warranty is allowed.
Features Weighs 7.2 ounces Heavy Duty cast aluminum construction Metal lemon squeezer Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty #2. Zulay Kitchen Metal Lemon Squeezer (Top Rated)

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Comparing Zulay Kitchen lemon squeezer with other brand is the worst mistake you can ever make. The truth of this matter is that this lemon squeezer has been proven and tested to be the best juice producer. In addition, the squeezer works perfectly on Lisbon or Eureka lemons, Mexican limes, Key limes, Meyer lemons. This citrus juicer tool has a capability of squeezing all the above varieties to produce maximum result.

The citrus press is made of reliable, safe, and superior grade aluminum. In the same manner, this 2-in-1 lime press/ lemon press can as well be used to press juice lime, large orange, and lemon. The material is dishwasher safe making the process of washing easy and safe. It features certified lead-free coating for safety concerns
Features Weighs 10.1 ounces STURDY Premium METAL BOWLS Automatic dishwasher safe material Certified lead-free coating construction #1. Bellemain Lemon Squeezer (Top Rated)

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Free-hand lemon squeezing is over now, with the invention of Bellemain lemon squeezer. This professional lemon squeezer features superior strength with reinforced hinges, strong lever, thick casting, and optimal bowl size. The squeezer is densely formed with silicone-bonded handles making your grip steady and strong as opposed to other manual juicers.

Unlike other ordinary juicers, bellemain lemon squeezer uses 18/10 stainless steel to making it marvelous look and rust-free. The squeezer is dishwasher and can be rinsed easily after use. Bellemain juicers are built to bear with years of expert usage without wear and tear a day.
Features Silicone-bonded handles 18/10 stainless steel Reinforced hinges and strong lever Optimal bowl size and dense casting Lemon Squeezers Buying Guide Go to top
How to choose the best lemon squeezer:

Durability: This aspect is vital if you are aiming to make the use of it over an extended duration of time. Therefore, before making a purchase, ensure that the squeezer of your choice has an aspect of durability.

Material: There are citrus squeezers intended to provide long-time service while some other models will not last for long especially those that are constructed using less durable plastic material. However, to be on-the-safest-side always consider stainless steel.

The design: Even though this is not a large tool, it must be strong and sturdy with the capability of standing the pressure for extended time. Therefore, the lemon squeezer of your choice should be sturdy as well.

Easy to clean: The lemon press just like any other apparatus requires that you wash it thoroughly after use. An ideal model should be stress-free to cleanse. This is to make sure that it is by no means harbors microorganisms. The lemon squeezer with removable parts should be preferred for its ease of cleaning.
With this these bestselling and top ten rated lemon squeezers models, choosing the right lemon squeezer that suits your lemon squeezing needs is very straight forward. It is obvious that smaller citrus squeezer models can be less costly so consider their less need and moderate sizes for continuous functionality within then kitchen. Kindly order today!

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