Kids may be small, but their stuff sure takes up a lot of space

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When their toys and books are scattered everywhere, it can seem impossible to keep a kid’s room neat and tidy. But, believe it or not, with a bit of organization, it is possible to have kids and a clean house. If you’re looking for ideas to keep your kid’s toys, clothes, and books under control, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for some of our favorite ideas to cut the clutter and keep your kid’s room organized. From unique storage solutions to fun and functional seating ideas, you’re sure to find a few ideas here that will inspire you to finally tackle the kid’s room.
1. Glass Jars

Glass jars are available in any number of shapes and sizes and are a great way to organize your youngster’s art supplies. Mason jars are perfect for stashing pencils and pens. Larger glass jars are just right for storing magic markers, paintbrushes, and art supplies. Not only will they keep everything in order, but the glass also makes it easy for your young one to pick out exactly what they need to be creative.
2. Door Organizer
Who knew the classic, inexpensive over-the-door hanging shoe organizer would be an invaluable solution for your kid’s room? Not only are they simple to install, but the clear pockets also make perfect storage for stuffed animals, fashion dolls, and art supplies. If you’re organizing the nursery room, use it to store all of your swaddling blankets.
3. Under The Bed
Youngsters have a lot of stuff, so when you’re organizing their room, you’ll want to make use of every inch of space. Don’t miss all that available storage space under the bed! There are tons of under the bed storage solutions, from low plastic containers and fabric baskets to containers on wheels that will easily slide in and out. You could even repurpose old dresser drawers as under-bed storage.
4. Bedside Storage
A handy hanging bedside organizer is a stylish solution for your kid’s untidy bedroom. With extra-large pockets to store anything from books to toys, a game controller, tablet, or even a sippy cup, it hangs from the side of your child’s bed and keeps their things just a reach away. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, hanging organizers are easy to sew, and you can choose fun, kid-friendly fabrics to match your little one’s room decor.
5. Bean Bag Babies

When it comes to seating, kids love to lounge on bean bag chairs. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re lightweight and portable, making them perfect for a kid’s room. Add a fun, colorful bean bag chair to your child’s bedroom for instant and effortless seating. When not in use, beanbag chairs can easily be stuffed under the bed, into a closet, or stacked in a corner to get them out of the way.
6. Galvanized Tub Toy Storage
Give new life to an old galvanized tub by repurposing it as toy storage. Fill it with books and top it with a padded cushion lid so the tub can pull double-duty as a seat for your kid’s reading nook. Or, fill it with LEGOs, toy cars, building blocks, or action figures and then build a lid that can double as a play surface.
7. In The Bin
Bins and baskets are a classic storage option for kids’ rooms. They are available in just about any size, style, or color to match your youngster’s decor. When organizing your child’s toys and clothes, it’s always a good idea to label the bins to encourage your littles to put their things back where they belong. If your child can’t read yet, use pictures or icons on the containers, so they’ll know what goes where.
8. Plush Toy Hammock
If your kid has a collection of dolls or stuffed animals, chances are they’re scattered all over the bedroom. Hanging a mesh hammock in the corner of your child’s room will provide a stylish way for them to declutter the room and neatly display all those plushies. For large collections, simply hang multiple hammocks from floor to ceiling.
9. Ditch The Toy Box

If you’ve ever had a toy box, you know it quickly becomes a catch-all for clutter. Instead of tossing everything into one giant box, cut the clutter by organizing your kid’s toys into groups, like books, baby dolls, dress-up clothes, sports equipment, art supplies, and more. Then, store each group of toys in its own container or shelf. You can use a large laundry bag for all of the miscellaneous and soft items.
10. Keep It In Buckets
Take the popular modern farmhouse look into your little one’s room by using an assortment of metal buckets to store toys, books, art supplies, race cars, fashion dolls, and more. Use chalkboard stickers on the buckets so you can neatly label the contents while keeping with your farmhouse theme.
11. It’s Magnetic
Magnets are a game-changer when it comes to organizing your boy’s bedroom! Hang magnetic knife strips on the wall for a unique way to hang and display small metal toys and matchbox cars. If you’re redecorating your toddler’s room, hang a thin sheet of metal on one wall, and now they’ve got a place to play with all their magnetic letters and numbers—instead of cluttering up the front of your refrigerator.
12. Dressed Up
Now you can let your little ones to draw on the furniture! Transform an unsightly old dresser into a work of art with a can of chalkboard paint. Then, use chalk to label what’s in the drawers to encourage them to put their clothes away. Or, let your budding artist decorate the dresser however they like.
13. Wall Hooks

Kids always have things that need hanging, from coats and jackets to backpacks and sporting gear. You can use any variety of hooks that will work seamlessly with your kid’s room decor—animal shapes, stars, sports or crowns, and everything in between. When it comes to hanging hooks in your kid’s room, mount them at your child’s eye level so they’ll be able to grab what they need quickly—and put it back when they aren’t using it.
14. Wire Basket Wall Storage
Keep their favorite things in plain sight but out of the way by hanging wire baskets on the bedroom walls. Totally on-trend, wire baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a perfect storage solution for your youngster’s room. They can hold anything from books, toys, clothes, art supplies, movies, or video games—whatever your kid needs to keep handy but you want to stay out of the way.
15. Floating Bookshelves
Floating shelves are a fantastic way to make use of the wall space you have available in your little one’s room—especially if you’re limited on floor space. You’ll encourage your kid to read and keep clutter off the floor by putting all their books on display. Look for shelves that have a picture ledge or groove to keep the books from falling off.
16. Color-Coded

Fabric storage boxes are available in an endless variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, making it extremely convenient for you to organize and color-coordinate everything in your kid’s room. Use small containers to keep art supplies neat and tidy, store jigsaw puzzles all in one place, or organize LEGOs by color. Use larger bins to color coordinate clothes in your kid’s closet or to keep toys and games in order.
17. Kitchen Canisters
Canisters and storage containers aren’t just for the kitchen. In fact, they’re a wonderful way to organize small items in your kid’s room—like crayons, LEGOs, doll accessories, and green army men, to name a few. Look for lidded glass canisters so your child can see what’s inside, or use labels so they’ll keep everything in its place.
18. Fabric Baskets
Storage baskets are both practical and stylish, even when they’re stuffed to the top with laundry, shoes, toys, plush animals, books or dolls! Available in practically any size or color, you’re guaranteed to find one that will match your child’s room. Look for kid-friendly fabric that can be tossed in the washer if it gets messy.
19. DIY Window Seat
Turn a cubby storage shelf on its side, add a cushion, and some throw pillows and put it under a window—voila! Now you’ve got yourself a fun and functional window seat with storage! Use it to store books that your child can read while lounging by the window. It also makes a perfect place for your kids to keep their shoes.
20. Simple Board Game Storage

Board games and puzzles can pile up quickly, so it’s necessary to have a place to store them all out of the way. While you could stack them on a high shelf, in a closet or in an unused dresser, hanging closet organizers are a perfect solution for storing board games and puzzles. They work for all different sized boxes, make use of vertical space and keep them neat and tidy in short, easy-to-manage piles.
21. Garden Baskets
Steal a design idea straight out of the garden and use hanging baskets and planters to organize your child’s bedroom. Get odds and ends like books and blocks off the floor by putting them in repurposed planter baskets that have been hung on the wall. Use planters hung from the ceiling for creative stuffed animal storage. You can even include some hanging indoor plants to break it up and bring in some greenery.
22. Pallet Library
Shipping pallets are both versatile and inexpensive and can be made into any variety of new objects. With a little sanding and some elbow grease, you can give new life to an old shipping pallet by repurposing it into a kid’s bookshelf. Simply prop it against the wall to create a quick and easy book nook. Or, cut it into sections that can be hung as floating bookshelves.
23. Crates Are Great

Not just for storage anymore, crates have become an incredibly versatile design staple when it comes to a kid’s room organization. Stack them to create a bookshelf for their reading nook, paint them all different colors to match the room’s decor, or cut them in half and hang on the wall for a unique storage idea when decorating a small bedroom.
24. Art On Display
If your kid’s drawings and paintings are piling up, you’ll love this bedroom decor idea! Encourage your little artist to keep on creating by hanging empty picture frames on the wall or a string with clothespins attached. When your youngster creates a new piece of artwork, they can hang it from the clothespin. It’s super easy to swap out their masterpieces as they make new ones.
25. Rolling Art Cart
Metal rolling storage carts are a popular design trend right now, and for a good reason. They are incredibly versatile and stylish. In a girl’s bedroom, use one to keep her makeup, nail polish, and hairstyling tools organized and easy to access. In a baby’s room, a rolling cart is perfect next to the diaper changing table for keeping diapers and wipes within reach. They’re also great for storing books, art supplies, and school supplies, and can even function as a nightstand.
26. Pegboard Organizer

Take a cue from the toolshed and make use of pegboard to organize the stuff in your kid’s room. Not only is pegboard inexpensive and easy to use, but it is highly customizable, so you’re sure to find a perfect fit for everything you want to put in order. Paint it to match the walls for a seamless solution or create a focal point in their play space by painting it a fun color and adding a frame.
27. Spice Rack Repurpose
Repurpose inexpensive wooden spice racks into stylish floating bookshelves. The unique design of a spice rack is perfect for storing outward-facing books, making them easy for kids to grab when they’re in the mood for a story. Thin enough to hang behind a bedroom door, they’re great for those rooms that are short on space.
28. Card Game Keepers
Old Maid, Go Fish, or Crazy Eights, card games are an ever-popular pastime for kids—but the cards themselves can be tricky to keep track of. Cards get lost, boxes get crushed, instructions go missing. That is, until now! Use empty baby wipe containers or food storage boxes to keep those card games in order.
29. Keep It Kid-Sized
They’ll be more likely to keep things tidy if they can reach them. In the closet, add a kid-height closet rod to encourage them to put their own clothes away. When putting clothes in a dresser, put the most-used items in the lower drawers that are easier to reach. Hang wall hooks at child level and store books and toys near the floor for easy access.
30. Magazine Racks

Kids’ books and coloring books tend to be small and thin—just like a magazine. So why not make use of magazine storage solutions when organizing your little one’s room? Use magazine racks that lean against the wall to display their favorite books and use magazine file boxes to keep coloring books in order on their bookshelf or desk.
31. Get The Kids Involved
Resist the urge to do it all alone. If you enlist in your child’s help when you organize their room, declutter and purge the things they no longer need, they’ll be more invested in their own personal space—and more interested in keeping it neat and tidy. They’ll also learn valuable life skills like organizational logic, charity, and the importance of keeping things clean.
32. Cut The Clutter
It’s a lot easier to organize if you declutter first—get rid of broken toys and clothes they’ve outgrown. If they’re still in good condition, donate, give away, or sell what you no longer want. Then sort everything—clothes, stuffed animals, arts and crafts, toy cars, LEGOs, fashion dolls, you name it. Now you’re ready to organize everything properly.
33. A Place For Everything…
…and everything in its place. Make sure everything in the room has its own designated place. If it’s something your child uses a lot, keep it somewhere they can easily access it. Things they don’t often need can be kept up high or out of sight. Giving everything a proper place can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping the room clean and organized.
34. Give Them An Incentive

When it comes to having your child keep their room organized, it always helps to give them an incentive, like earning money or points for prizes by completing certain tasks. If you’re trying to declutter and purge old toys, give them a point for each item they let go of or share a portion of the profits on anything you sell. Offer an allowance for keeping their room tidy or keep track with a chore chart.
35. Make It A Game
Kids can be convinced to do just about anything—including keeping their room neat and tidy—if you make a game of it. See who can fold a pile of clothes the fastest, test their ABCs by having them organize their books in alphabetical order, or play a game of “I Spy” that involves them putting away the items you “spy.” They’ll love the time they get to spend with you, and you’ll love the clean room.

When organizing and decorating your child’s room, always keep their wants and interests in mind. Whether they’re into sports or dream of being a princess, when you let their personality shine with customized kid’s room must-haves, you’ll create a kid-friendly space they’ll be proud to keep neat and tidy.

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