How a Pro Organizer Overhauled Amber Lewis’s New Pantry

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We already knew that Amber Lewis’s brand new kitchen would be one for the books—see: her recently revealed marble integrated sink—but design aside, we’re also getting plenty of organization ideas from the still-in-progress space. The designer tapped Life in Jeneral founder Jen Robin to help get the room in tip-top shape. Armed with budget-friendly finds (hello, The Container Store) and smart storage solutions, the duo came up with a finished product that fits both Lewis’s sleek style and the practical needs of her family.

“Our pantry gets picked through all day long, so we needed something with a bit of structure and labeling,” explains Lewis. “It’s easy enough for my 10-year-old to follow suit, it’s clean, and it’s pretty.” 

tea and coffee station drawer
Courtesy of Amber Lewis
pantry shelves with cans stacked
Courtesy of Amber Lewis

Robin laid out a plan that followed the family’s routine, thinking about which staples they grab the most and how they use the kitchen on a daily basis. She mapped everything out using sticky notes to get a sense of where everything would go, then picked up a mix of durable vessels in glass, acrylic, and wicker—all available to buy online now if you’re thinking of following suit with a pantry refresh of your own, while you’re cooped up at home. These are the three key takeaways we’re bookmarking: 

Use Modular Trays

Here, Robin turned an empty drawer into a DIY tea and coffee station, complete with an impressive assortment of teabags and paper filters. She chose stackable acacia wood containers to free up countertop space and house these morning essentials in a hidden spot instead—out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. 

Make Use of Deep Cabinets

Don’t let that valuable storage room go to waste! Pick a tiered mini shelving system and stack your cans and bottles, so you can see exactly what you have at all times and ensure nothing goes to waste. Robin recommends categorizing all like items together, and taking precise measurements of the cupboard depth to make sure you’re maximizing every available inch. 

Organize By Meal

Robin used a wicker basket to hold all breakfast items, keeping it on a bottom shelf so it’s easier for all family members—including the little ones—to grab the entire bin and bring to the counter. It’s a small way to make busy mornings run smoother; plus, with clear labeling, there’s no confusion as to its contents. Keep tabs on your Cheerios at all times. 

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