Home Wall Socket Shelf Organizer Rack

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Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Home Organizer
Price: 11.95

It is perfect for saving space in any room, allowing you to create an additional shelf using the existing socket cover in a few seconds. Can place toothbrushes, electronic devices and smart speakers

Power cord management: Avoid unnecessary lanyards, neatly plug the lanyards, and avoid unsightly lanyards. The discreet opening makes it easier for wires to pass through, allowing your favorite devices to be charged or always connected.

Various functions: This shelf has two installation methods. It can be installed vertically on the top shelf or upside down on the bottom shelf. It is the ultimate solution for short cables or using free space, and it can be installed perfectly in any position.


Material: PP

White color

What's in the Box: 1 x Home Wall Socket Shelf Organizer Rack