Get Your Closet Clutter Under Control With These 11 Organization Tools

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If youre like most people, the rod in your closet is jammed with hangers, shoes are strewn across your closet floor and belongings you havent seen in years are hidden in the back where the light of day never touches. Sound familiar? If so, your closet is sorely in need of organization.

An organized closet is one of the most essential parts of a clutter-free bedroom. It allows you to find the clothing youre looking for with ease, to maximize the items you can store within your closet and to free up some extra space around other parts of your bedroom. Plus, a better organized closet and home can minimize stress levels.

Yet, whether your closets are large or small, youll likely need a few extra tools to take advantage of the best ways to organize a closet. From tie racks to extra shelving, these 11 closet accessories can help men build the closet of their dreams.

1. Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit


The Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit is the grandaddy of closet organization. This kit allows you to take a blank closet and transform it into a tidy masterpiece thanks to the included telescopic rods and expanding shelves. With everything at full extension, the kit provides 12 feet of shelving and 10 feet of hanging space; however, you can adjust these shelves to suit the size of your closet and your storage needs. To install this particular kit, youll need to have a walk-in or reach-in closet with at least one wall. However, Rubbermaid makes configuration kits for nearly every type of closet.

best ways to organize closet rubbermaid

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Buy: Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit $85.71

2. Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers


One of the most basic ways to organize any closet is to use these Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers. Particularly effective at dividing the shelf at the top of your closet, these vertical metal and fabric sheets simply slide onto any shelf up to 7/8 inches in width. The result is the creation of shelving spaces for storing shirts, bags or other items of the same category. As an added bonus, this set of two dividers is available in four different color schemes.

best ways to organize closet shelf divider

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Buy: Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers $11.99

3. Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Side Mount Belt Rack


One of the most annoying clothing items to store is the belt. These must-have accessories take up too much space when rolled up and placed in a drawer, yet theyre too bulky to keep in the closet on a normal hanger. The solution is to buy a built-for-purpose belt rack. The Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Side Mount Belt Rack is a particularly innovative option as it allows you to keep your belts on the very edge of your wardrobe or closet. The rack can be screwed into any wall and pulls in and out for access to your belts.

best ways to organize closet belt rack

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4. DOIONOW Pants Hangers


While you may store your jeans and casual pants in a drawer, slacks and dress pants need to be hung in order to preserve the creases. This, of course, takes closet space away from your shirts and other essentials. As a fix, invest in the DOIONOW Pants Hangers. These hangers are designed to hold five pairs of pants on a single hanger and feature non-slip covers to ensure your trousers stay where you want them, even when they must endure loads of closet shuffling. This set comes with five individual hangers, but other colors and combinations are available, too.

best ways to organize closet pants hangers

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Buy: DOIONOW Pants Hangers $26.99

5. Lynk Double Hang Closet Rod Organizer


For people with small closets and many clothes, one of the best organizational solutions is a double hanging rod. These devices allow you to add a second tier of hanging space. This closet organizer hangs from the existing rod in your closet. In this way, you can double the capacity of the closet and prevent hanger jams. The Lynk Double Hang Closet Rod Organizer hangs 34 inches under the existing rod, is 30 inches long and comes in a delightful chrome and wood combination. Before you install this product, make sure your original closet rod is installed well enough to handle the extra weight.

best ways to organize closet extra garment rod

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6. Wayfair Basics Folding Hanging Organizer


Youve probably seen something similar in an as-seen-on-TV commercial, but were here to tell you that the Wayfair Basics Over-the-Door Folding Hanging Organizer is one of the best ways to organize your closet and extra shirts. In fact, this is one of the best closet hacks, period. This device attaches to the door of your closet and allows you to place 10 hangers in the extended arm. After everything is in place, you simply fold the arm down, and your clothes will sit flush against the closet door, one layer on top of another. The shirts (or other clothing) on the hangers will then take up little to no room in your closet, leaving more space for other items.

best ways to organize closet folding hanger

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7. Whitmor Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving


The Whitmor Four Section Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving provides an extra layer of organization for large closets. This hanger adds four additional shelves measuring 12 inches by 12 inches as well as an additional garment rod for hanging clothes at the bottom. Use this fabric organizer for storing casual pants, shirts and sweaters folded up. Furthermore, this organizer is made from grey cloth and chrome and matches other Whitmor closet accessories.

best ways to organize closet hanging shelves

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Buy: Whitmor Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving $22.99

8. Honey Can Do Battery Powered Tie Hanging Organizer


Much like belts, ties present a unique problem for organizing mens closets. Theyre too small to have their own hangers, but they get bulky when you store more than a few on a single hanger. Theyre also prone to slip off hangers and fall on the closet floor. Thats why every man should have a specialty tie rack. Some are simple hangers designed with smaller hooks, and others, like this Honey Can Do Battery Powered Tie Hanging Organizer, have more bells and whistles. The Honey Can Do version features a motorized turning mechanism, allowing you to easily access all your ties, even those hanging at the back.

best ways to organize closet tie rack

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9. Rebrilliant Elginpark Cap Rack


Hat wearers know that staying fashionable on top requires a lot of closet space, especially if you want to keep your caps in top condition. If you like a good hat, free up some precious room with the Rebrilliant Elginpark Cap Rack. This organizer slips over your closet door and holds up to 16 caps on eight specially designed clips. Plus, this pack includes two separate strips, allowing you to organize 32 caps in your own closet or to share a clip with another family member for the organization of their headwear.

best ways to organize closet cap rack

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10. West Elm Extended Shoe Rack


Stop piling your shoes in the bottom of your closet and invest in a shoe rack to organize and display your kicks. Not only will you be able to find your favorite pairs easier, but a shoe rack will also allow you to store more shoes in your closet as they usually have more than one level. For instance, the West Elm Extended Shoe Rack features three shelves, allowing for storage of up to 16 pairs of shoes. Its made from solid ash wood and is available in either white or black. Plus, this rack can extend to the length you need.

best ways to organize closet shoe rack

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11. West Elm Bamboo Shelves With Drawers


One of the easiest ways to tidy up a closet is to add a small set of drawers in any empty floor space. This allows you to hide away smaller items in drawers while leaving larger clothing hung up on the garment rod. The West Elm Bamboo Shelves With Drawers is a great example of this method in action. This piece features three drawers and measures approximately 36 inches high and 19 inches wide. Plus, its made from natural bamboo to give it a chic, minimalist appearance.

best ways to organize closet drawers

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