Everyone working with wood probably has a bunch of scrap pieces from previous projects

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While you may not have enough for another big project you can surely use the pieces to make all sorts of little things such as boxes, trays and decorations. Today we’re focusing on exactly that: DIY projects that you can make with leftover wood. With that in mind, you can go ahead and start planning.

One of the easiest things you can craft out of leftover wood is a bathtub tray. It’s basically just a simple wood board with cute rope handles. Use it to spice up your bathroom decor and make soaking more enjoyable. You could even take a book or a glass of wine and some candles with you now. This will completely change the ambiance for sure. Check out prettyhandygirl for details about the project.

Speaking of trays, we also really like this rustic serving tray featured on prettyhandygirl which is made out of reclaimed pallet wood. It’s shaped like a flower which gives it a lot of character but of course you can come up with your own design if you want to.

Yes, these dice are huge and yes they’re super easy and fun to make. You can use a wooden post if you have one or some large scraps. You’ll also need sandpaper, 6 dimes and either some paint or stickers for the dots. You can then use them when playing games out in the yard on those wonderful summer days. Check out the details on prettyhandygirl.

This rustic wooden caddy can look lovely up on a table as a centerpiece or in a corner next to some other charming decorations. You can even turn it into a fall ornament for your entryway or your front porch. Once again, the idea for this project comes from prettyhandygirl.

This right here is a wooden couch sleeve. It’s basically a little accent table which can sit right on the armrest of your couch (or armchair) and give you a flat little place to keep your drinks, snacks and whatever else you keep nearby when you’re watching TV or reading your favorite book. Check out this project on uglyducklinghouse.

Some leftover wood pieces can also go towards a wall shelf similar to the one featured on rogueengineer. You can add it to the bathroom in that little space above the toilet that usually gets overlooked. Display some little planters, tiny vases or other things here just to make the decor more enjoyable.

Here’s a little something that you can craft for the kitchen or the dining area. This is a wooden wall-mounted silverware holder. You can make it out of scrap wood from previous projects. Reclaimed wood would look nice but you can also create that lovely patina manually if you want to. Check out flippingtheflip to find out how it’s done.

Some rustic lanterns like the ones on jenwoodhouse might look lovely on your front porch or in your garden. You can make these yourself from scratch and it’s actually very easy. You can stain or paint the wood if you want to or you can leave it as such for a natural look.

We’ve talked a lot of hanging planters and vertical planters in the past and there are so many great and creative ideas that you could try if you ever wanted to craft something like this for yourself. This could be your chance. Check out these hexagon planters from mylove2create and find out how they’re made.

Not everything has to make a lot of sense. Sometimes you can just do something that looks like without having a particular design or structure in mind. Take this scrap wood wall hanging featured on twelveoeightblog for example. It’s abstract but it’s cool at the same time.

You can also make a lot of very beautiful centerpieces using scrap wood. A nice example is this farmhouse wooden box featured on theturquoisehome. It’s filled with flowers and it looks absolutely charming. We really like the finish on this wooden centerpiece and the look is actually not that difficult to get.

Another little something that you can do is to stack a few pieces of leftover wood and then to add a candle votive at the top. This can be a lovely decorations which you can out up on the mantel and on the table where it can serve as a centerpiece. If you want to find out more about the project you can check out remodelaholic.

Leftover wood is also excellent for making bookends and these ones from prettyhandygirl and simply adorable. They look like little owls and they’re actually surprisingly easy to make, provided you have the right tools. Don’t forget the paint and wood stain because they really add charm to your design.

If you have enough leftover wood you could make some great things for your entryway. For example, you could make wall-mounted organizers, shelves or coat racks. Also, you could make a nice welcome sign to put up on the wall. You can find out more about these ideas and more on abutterflyhouse.

We like the idea of a versatile centerpiece, something which you can reuse over and over again and make it look different every time. This DIY wood box featured on sammyonstate suits that description perfectly. You can have the box filled with pine cones, acorns and tiny pumpkins on Thanksgiving and then with beautiful fresh flowers in spring.

Since it’s fall now a lovely idea would be to make a rustic wood pumpkin decoration which you can put outside your house, on the porch, in the garden or on one of the walls inside your home. You can also put a message on it if you want to. Check out martysmusings for more inspiration.

For these arrows from craftaholicsanonymous require very little wood and also quite a bit of precision because you have to cut all those individual pieces using a saw and then to glue them together. Of course, like with every DIY project, any imperfections only make the design more special.

If you’d rather craft something useful and functional rather than something decorative, maybe you’d like to make some reclaimed wood kitchen shelves like these ones from keepingitcozy. They give you extra storage and you can place them anywhere there’s some free space.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to beautify your home you should check out these wooden stars featured on rogueengineer. You can hang these on a wall or from the ceiling or you could turn them into ornaments for the Christmas tree when the time comes. We like them with this dark stained finish but you can paint yours a different color if you want to.

Wooden crates are super versatile and can be used in lots and lots of different ways. You can build a crate yourself out of leftover wood and you can turn it into an organizer or into a centerpiece for your dinner table. The one featured on shanty-2-chic has the perfect design for that.

Similarly, a wooden caddy can be a great accessory, very versatile and quite easy to build too. In case you’re not familiar with the concept or you just need more details about this project, you can check out the full description on confessionsofaserialdiyer.

Remember when you were little and you were measuring your height against the wall and adding marks every time? That sure ruined the wall but it was really fun. You can recreate that magic for your own kids but this time with a DIY growth chart instead. This way you can take it with you when you move out. Check out the details on thatvillagehouse.

The last project for today comes from magnolia and it’s a lovely wall decoration made up of a reclaimed wood board glass milk bottles. You can also use jars in case you can’t find any bottles. You’ll need clamps, wood screws, hanging hooks and a drill to connect all the pieces.

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