Create Storage Space with These Hacks

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create storage spaceDo you wish sometimes that you could wave a magic wand and create storage space? We dont have a way to grant that wish, but here are a couple tips that can help your smaller spaces feel bigger and open up storage space where it exists.

Create Storage Space in the Bedroom

One of the places that can seem impossible to add storage to is the bedroom. A few places that you can look include under the bed. Especially in kids room, storing toys, books, or similar items in containers under the bed can clear up other storage spaces. Consider also adding a cube storage organizer in the closet; that way it is put away at all times and doesnt take up already limited wall or play space. In grownup bedroom spaces, storing shoes or seasonal clothing in containers under the bed also frees up space in closets and drawers. If you have built-in shelving in your closet, add shelf spacers to maximize your storage space. Multi-drawer storage containers are another a great way to add storage abilities without taking up a lot of space.

Create Storage Space in a Closet

Entryway closets and bedroom closets are both a joy and a challenge at times. Some closets are perfectly designed to handle all of the odd-shaped extra items that need stored in them. However, we find that most arent! Some clever maneuvering can help. Like in the bedroom and kitchen, shelf spacers can be a life saver. They come in different configurations, and can really help give additional space without needing a remodel. For closets with no shelving, buying or creating a system of shelves or even installing a complete closet organizer will help you store more in the same space. Clear plastic drawer systems and shoe organizers are also multi functional in small spaces.

There are a lot of clever ideas for how to maximize the space you already have, and make sure that you stayed tidy and organized while doing it. One thing that helps no matter where you are maximizing space labeling!

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