Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Ideas

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Acrylic bathroom cabinet organizer.

Check out these beautiful bathroom cabinet organizer ideas for a pretty and organized bathroom space. Easy bathroom organization ideas for any sized bathroom!

Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Ideas

Taking some time to organize your bathroom cabinets can help to create a more relaxed and spa-like space. It can also make getting ready in the morning and unwinding at night a much quicker and smoother process. Having a dedicated space for all of your items, not only makes it look nicer, but it also makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for. You might even find a little more time and motivation for some extra pampering each day!

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Bathroom Counter Organization

While you don’t want your bathroom counters to appear cluttered, it can be helpful to keep some frequently used items out for easy access. Try to limit any counter storage to the back 1/3rd of the counter space so you still have lots of counter room available.

Use a tray to corral items.

Using a tray to corral items keeps the majority of the counters free and makes for a less cluttered look. I like to reserve this space for items that I use on a daily basis along with one or two decor pieces to add a pretty touch. Look for bottles that coordinate or decant items in ugly packaging into glass bottles or jars. Just be sure to label everything well! Sometimes I’ll even keep old bottles that I love  the look of and dispense other products into them.

Make a pretty sink display.

Use a small cake stand, footed pedestal or other small tray to display hand soap, lotion, or face wash. This wood stand holds my hand soap and face wash along with a face brush that I use both morning and night.

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Ideally you want to have at least some closed cabinet storage in the bathroom to hide away personal items, beauty products, and other bathroom necessities. Just because they’re stored out of sight, doesn’t mean you want to throw it all in there though! There are lots of pretty and functional bathroom cabinet organizer ideas and storage tricks to keep all of your supplies organized and accessible.

Always make sure you take measurements of your cabinet space and have a good idea of what you need to store before purchasing bathroom cabinet organizers. And don’t forget about any pipes that you might have to work around!

Use the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage.

I love using the inside of cupboard doors for storage and apply this to almost any space I organize. You can use over the door organizers, Command hooks, or acrylic stick on bins. For our master bathroom, I used two acrylic toothbrush holders  on each end cabinet. One holds my make-up brushes {my make-up is stored in the drawer above} and the other holds my toothbrush and tooth paste. This organizer has a removeable insert so you can remove it for slightly larger items.

NOTE: Make sure you take into consideration the space needed on the inside of the cabinet for any door mounted storage as well as clearance for the items at the top of the cabinet!

Add bins within bins.

If you have larger bins that you’re using, you can always add a small bin or two inside to hold smaller items or items that you would like to easily remove. I used these small acrylic bins to hold cotton pads and shaving supplies so I can easily bring them up onto the counter or into the shower when needed.

Try a turn table.

Turn tables or lazy susans are a great way to easily access items towards the back of the cupboard. If you’re using it to store smaller items, look for dividers with high sides so you don’t have items falling over. Turntables also allow you to easily pull out the full bin to place on the counter if you’re using multiple items. This turn table even has a removeable bin that can be taken out without having to lift up the whole turntable.

Use stackable bins.

In order to use the full vertical space under those bathroom cabinets, look for stackable bins or drawers. Be sure to keep in mind what you want to store and how often you need to access them. Drawer units are typically a little more expensive than bins, but they have the advantage of being able to access supplies without removing the container above. They also make it much easier to reach items in the back since the drawer pulls out.

Having multiple stacking bins works well if you have items to store that you don’t use as often. Just place the lesser used items towards the bottom or rotate the bins around seasonally. Stacking bins can also be easily brought up to the counter if you have multiple smaller items that you want to access at the same time.

I find the main disadvantage with stacking containers is the height of the units can often limit what type of products you store. This combination of a stacking drawer and open bin storage, however, allows for both smaller items to be stored in the drawer on the bottom as well as open storage for taller items on top.

Use Two-Tiered Drawers.

Two-tiered drawers are another great option to utilize that vertical space. These units give a little more space between the drawers compared to stackable drawers so you can still fit taller items in the bottom drawer. They’re also a little narrower {but still have a lot of depth} so they work well around our pipes while still providing a lot of storage space.

Bathroom Drawer Organization

Drawer dividers of some type are a must to keep all of those little bathroom items in their place. These acrylic drawer  organizers are my favorite. They come in a variety of sizes, are stackable, and can be moved around in a variety of configurations. Even in our shallow drawers, I can still fit two layers of the bins.  I use them for pretty much all of our bathroom drawers including my make-up storage. {You can read more about my make-up organization here.}

If you don’t need the stackable option, there are other drawer divider bins, expandable drawer dividers, or adjustable organizers to choose from. Just make sure you know what items you’re storing and what space you will need available for them. If your storage needs will change over time, look for adjustable organizers that can easily be adapted.

I hope that’s given you lots of ideas to help organize your own bathroom cabinets. For more bathroom organization ideas, check out this post. Happy Organizing!

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