6 Items that Can be Used for Home Decoration As Well As Storage

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When it comes to the home decoration, we have to thing smart. Not only using items that be used to enhance the home decor but also can function as well as storage. It is called a functional thing. There are a lot of beautiful things that can be used for decoration and storage. There are even more things that can be used for decoration and storage. Here are some items that can be used for decoration and also storage.

Room Divider

In addition to enhance the interior design, a room divider also can be functioned as a storage space. It is very practical and functional for your home decor. There are many kinds of room divider that can make your home looks beautiful as well as neat at the same time. The room divider include built-in shelves can be your option. You can use the shelves to store your books, photos, indoor plants, and other decorative items.


Make the most of your room divider by using it as a display and storage unit. You can use it to separate the living room from other rooms so that your room looks more spacious and neat. It is very practical and functional for your home decoration. Use it to store various ornaments and book collections neatly. Dividers storage from decoist.


This modern famhouse style house is equipped with a room divider that can be used as a place to store some of your ornaments and book collections. You can use it as a divider between the living room and kitchen and kitchen space. It will look beautiful while giving a neat room. Storage room divider from decoist.


This white bookshelf is used as a room divider in this shabby chic house. You can use it to separate your living room and bedroom. Use it to store books and some other ornaments for an interesting display idea and grab the attention of many people. White bookshelf divider storage from decoist.


Maybe you think that a bar cart only serves as a storage place. But if you choose and use it properly it will make your home decor look stylish and practical. Choose a bar cart that has a touch of gold, brass, rustic, modern, or even old-fashioned. Try to find one that has a stylish shape and blends well with the rest of your room decor. You can style the bar cart with some decorative items. Placing the cart beside a sofa, chair, or at nook the you can see how it can make your home looks stylish and neat at the same time.


Black carts can be useful for moving your cookware around the kitchen. You can use it to store various spices and food ingredients easily. Place it next to the cabinet to spruce up your kitchen design. It can make your home look stylish and tidy at the same time. Kitchen storage cart from digsdigs.


It is the perfect organizer for small bathrooms. You can always move supplies of toilet paper and towels. Using bar cart storage will provide an attractive design and become the perfect focal point of the room. You can also add potted greenery to add a natural touch to the room. Bar cart storage from digsdigs.


The black IKEA bar cart is the perfect addition to your Rustic home office. This will provide extra storage in your workspace making it easier for you to store various items and ornaments with ease. This cart is equipped with wheels to make it easier for you to move at will. Black bar cart from digsdigs.

Standing Rack

You can find many different kinds of racks to choose from when you are looking for home decor ideas, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind that will help you to make a great home decor but neat and style as well. You can use standing racks. They comes in wood and metal materials. You can adjust it to your home decor style. If you like a classi and natural style, a wood standing rack is a good deal. But if you like a simple, modern, and industrial style, the metal one can be your choice. The height and width also vary depending on your needs and what you want to put there.


The floor-to-ceiling wall unit will clean any remaining clutter from your surfaces and desks that can be used throughout the living room. This is obviously great for functional reasons as its sleek design will save space in this living room. Use it to store various ornaments and book collections and will create the perfect focal point of a room. Floor-to-ceiling wall storage from housebeautiful.


This best book storage decoration uses a standing shelf to present a stylish room design that will steal the attention of many people. On this shelf you can easily store various ornaments and book collections and will tidy up your living room decor. You can also add a bar cart for an extra storage idea to your living room. Standing book rack from bhg.


Different and striking this corner shelf is a new take on the ladder bookshelf. This is a space-saving decoration because it uses a standing shelf and is placed in the corner of the room for the perfect room decor idea. You can use wood materials to make it look natural and look more sturdy. Place some ornaments on this shelf to make it the focal point of an interesting room. Wooden corner shelf from homebnc.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

This may have been widely used by home decor lovers. But it is undeniable, wall-mounted shelves can bring beauty into interior design as well as become a stylish and practical storage place. They usually come from wood, metal, or a combination of wood and metal. They also comes in different shapes that can be adjusted to your taste. You can put anything in there because they will look stylish in their way.


The next storage idea using a box-style wall shelf like this is very good because it looks neat and provides two surfaces to put things. Implementing storage like this will make your room more modern and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Pair it with a mirror equipped with LED lights for a sophisticated look. Book-style wall shelves from homedit.


There are many types of shelves to choose from. Like the picture above, using a wall shelf made of wood and iron looks more sturdy and lasts longer. This unique design makes it easy for you to store various ornaments, book collections, and some green plants in pots. Applying it to the living room will be the perfect focal point of the room. Wood and iron wall shelf from homedit.


This wall shelf is simple and has a graphic design and is quite attractive and will steal the attention of many people when entering your living room. Placing it on the sofa will give your floor space and will look more stylish. Combined with a dark gray color scheme, it gives a warm and calm impression to your living room. Metal wall shelf from homedit.


A pegboard is a simple yet functional addition to any home. This board serves as a perfect place to display pictures, curios, or knick knacks. The fact that pegboards are usually made of wood makes them ideal additions to any home because the wood blends perfectly with the rest of the decor in the room. Whether you choose to display antiques, or are looking for pegboards that can be used in your children’s rooms, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your home. Whether you use a pegboard to showcase your decor or use it to store your belongings, this storage idea is sure to make a room look more organized. They are very versatile. No matter what style of pegboard you choose, or where you purchase it from, you are sure to find a unique piece that will help you to enhance the look of your home.


For small bedrooms where you may be short on storage, consider pegboards to fit your necessities in style, such as alarm clocks, books, charging cables, and graphic prints. Placing it on the headboard This is the best decoration to create the perfect focal point of the room. Pegboard bedroom storage from  hgtv.


Using pegboards for walk-in closet storage ideas is a very important room decoration that you should try. You can use a pegboard to help store jewelry, hats, purses, scarves, or other accessories. This storage idea is sure to make any room look more organized. Pegboards walk-in closet from hgtv.


The home office is probably the most common place we think of when we imagine adding a pegboard to our space. Adding this storage will save space while making your room decor neater and less cluttered. You can use it to store work tools or greenery in a vase to add a natural touch to your room. Pegboard storage in the craft room from hgtv.

Determining the items you will use in your home is very important. It would be better if you use an item that not only enhances your home decor but also serves as a storage area. Looks stylish and functional, isn’t it?