31 Insanely Cute Dorm Decorations For 2020

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This post is all about the best dorm decorations for 2020.

dorm decorations

Using dorm decorations is such an important part in making your room feel like a home.

I would stalk website after website searching for dorm decorations the summer before I went to college.

Here are super cute ideas and products to give you ideas on how to decorate your college home!

This post is all about the best dorm decorations for 2020.

Best Dorm Decorations:

1. Plants And Cacti

dorm decorations

Using plants is super key to making your dorm feel more like home.

Greenery can light up the room and turn your dorm from a dungeon to a relaxing place to live!


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2. Make A Flower Wall

dorm decorations for girls

Recreate This Dorm Room:

If you're going for a girly styled dorm room, this is a perfect idea. This looks so chic and it really original!

I love how much dorm decor this adds and the fact that you can get them pre-made is even better.

3. Use Ivy Leaves For A Boho Look

dorm room wall decor

Picture from Urban Outfitters

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Hanging leaves and fairy lights is a great idea for a boho look.

This would look so cute on a blank wall or even behind your bed in place of a headboard!

4. Star Projector

dorm decorations

Source @Amazon

Star projectors are super popular right now and are SO cool. This can make your room look so pretty at night!

A really trendy thing to have especially if you are planning to have people over.

5. Vanity Mirror Lighting

I am going to tell you right now, dorm lighting is terrible. Doing your makeup in yellow tinted light is just not easy.

You will definitely want some kind of lit mirror and these stick on lights are perfect!

Functional and cute!

6. Buy A Storage Headboard

dorm decorations rustic

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Not only are these storage headboard super cute, but they allow you to store items for easy access and allow for even more cute decorations!

7. Fur Chair Cover

Fur chair cover can be used to cover ugly dorm chairs or can be used as an accent rug too! Small decorations like this can be such a game changer!

dorm room essentials

8. Neon Lights

These little babies are SO popular in dorm rooms right now and make your room look instantly more trendy.

Plus, you can find them on Amazon for less than $10!!

9. Use Shelves For Storage And Decoration

dorm decorations

Having little shelving like this is the perfect way to add cute dorm decorations while also being practical. If you're going for a rustic style dorm room, this is perfect for you!

10. DIY A Ribbon Garland

Run to your local craft store and pick up assorted ribbons. Tie them on to fairy lights and you have a super easy and cute DIY decoration!

11. Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This is going to sound stupid, but one of the hardest things to find space for in a dorm is your jewelry!

We are so obsessed with this wall hanging jewelry holder because it adds the perfect place to hold you jewelry and also looks super cute.

12. Three Tier Hanging Shelf

This would be really cute above your dorm fridge to hold mugs/other kitchen utensils!

13. Cover Desks With Table Cloths

Dorm Room Organization

Usually dorm furniture is pretty old and unattractive. Use table clothes to cover them! This also allow for extra storage under the desk.

14. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are one of the most popular forms of decoration for beds, couches, and chairs. They make things more cozy and who doesn't love a good blanket. These are a couple of my favorites!

15. Storage Unit

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Basically anything with greenery, we're obsessed with right now. The perfect way to make your cold dorm room feel a little cozier!

16. Make A Photo Wall

dorm decorations

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Photo collages are a really easy way to decorate wall space in a dorm room. Putting all the photos in frames will give it a more cohesive look!

Also, a plug in hanging lamp is a cute and functional way of giving yourself more light!

17. Blush And White Theme

dorm decorations

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Having a theme with specific colors chosen makes decorating a dorm room SO much easier. I am a neutral girl at heart but adding a light pink is such a fun way to add some color into a dorm room.

19. Cork Board Tiles

These are a fun and different way to decorate your walls and then also allow the perfect place to add photos too!

20. Crate Shelf

Stack two of these together and you have the perfect piece of cheap furniture that you can fill with cute decor.

21. Three Tier Rolling Cart

Think about it this way...use this cart in your dorm room for everyday essentials and turn it into a bar cart when you move into an apartment. It's a win-win.

22. DIY a Wood Headboard

dorm decor

instagram: @laurshaf

Recreate This Dorm Room:

With a quick trip to Home Depot for wood and stain, and you can have yourself a headboard that looks like this!

Would be a really fun activity to do with your mom/dad :).

23. Star Hanging Photo Display

When I went to college, I had so many photos that I wanted to display of my friends and family back home.

And guys!!! This is cheap (under $11!).

24. Have A Basket By Each Bed

dorm room decorations

Recreate This Dorm Room:

First, how cute is this dorm room?!

Second, we are loving how they have a basket positioned next to each bed. What an excellent way to decorate while being smart about it!!

25. Metal Grid

These metal grids make hanging picture and other mementos super easy! Add polaroids, lights, flowers, reminders or anything else!

26. Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame is a great idea for dorm wall decor. If you want a boho inspired room macrame is always the way to go.

27. Use A Bean Bag

dorm room decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Bean bags are a great seating option for dorms because they are easy to move around and don't take up too much space.

28. Use An Area Rug

dorm decorations

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Area rugs can make a HUGE difference in your dorm space. Make sure to check your rooms dimensions. The more ugly tiles you can cover, the better.


Tapestries are a cheap and great option for covering a large wall space. They are perfect for wall decor behind or beside your bed. There are tons to choose from too!

I added SUCH cute tapestries to this post: The Ultimate List of Dorm Room Essentials for 2020

30. Color Changing Lights

Color changing lights are a hot item to use in dorms for both guys are girls. These come with a remote to change the colors! String these on the walls or any space you want to add a fun pop of color to.

31. Use Rustic Elements

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

If you want a rustic themed dorm room, this is a perfect example! Wood accents, lights, and neutral colors will give your room that rustic feel.

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This post was all about the best dorm decorations.

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