3 Freezer Organizing Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

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Two packages of tortellini, a bag of blueberries, and a pint of chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream: These are just some of the contents of Ina Garten’s freezer. 

And while the humble three-shelf system might look like your average refrigerator (give or take a few jars of homemade soup), there’s a method to her madness. Garten shared a few tips for organizing the cramped space on her Instagram—and contrary to what one might expect, it didn’t always look this tidy. 


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After admitting that she only used to keep chicken stock, vanilla ice cream, and vodka in there (relatable), Garten explained the tricks she used to revamp the compartment. For example, did you know that you’re not supposed to stack containers until they’re fully frozen, to help them chill faster? Or that it’s best to leave some room in tupperware, because liquids expand when they freeze? We also love that she seems to mostly use leftover takeout or catering containers to store food—a great tip for anyone leaning heavily on restaurant delivery right now. 

For anyone feeling inspired to rejigger their freezer, we tapped professional organizer Shira Gill for her expertise. A couple ideas from Gill to kick your decluttering up a notch: Keep dairy and meat on the lower shelves (where they’ll last longer) and group everything else by category. That way, you’ll best be able to see exactly what you have when it comes time to whip up dinner with your freezer finds. In the words of the prophet Ina, “How easy is that?” 

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