12 Awesome Desk Storage Ideas On Low Budget

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A desk full of stationery, scattered papers, and a printer lying on the floor often messes up our work. Unfortunately, many people ignore the neatness of their desks and focus only on the work in front of their eyes. Whether you realize it or not, an organized workbench helps you be more creative and productive, makes it easier when you want to find what you need, and keeps you energized with a variety of awesome storage spaces on your desk.

Choose the one that fits the character and theme of your workspace. You can start by tidying up your desk, adding storage space instantly and easy to set up. Amazingly, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. Does that sound good? Here are 12 desk storage ideas that will blow your mind!

1. This minimalist storage design is suitable for small items such as smartphones and stationery. You also place small computer speakers on higher shelves.


2. This desk storage uses acrylic material which is safe and strong. Besides looking elegant, there are many table storage sets that you can use.


3. This desk rack is absolutely adorable to be on the table. There are two storage units in minimalist gold and white colors.


4. Small items and notepads are often hard to find when needed. This storage idea might be the right solution because it is located between the monitor screen and keyboard.


5. Use the corner of your desk as an aesthetic storage area with a wooden shelving unit like this one!


6. This desk features a feminine storage shelf. Combine with classic and modern shelves with adorable shades of pink.


7. Need a bigger storage area? This wooden shelf is specially designed according to the size of the table, although large but still looks good with a functional design.


8. If you often use books as reference material at work. Then you should not miss this bookcase design!


9. Not only as a bookshelf, this table storage idea can also be a decoration on the table by placing several mini-sized plant pots.


10. The impression of luxury and elegance can be seen from this magazine rack. Using a simple gold color and will not take up much space on your desk.


11. Have a large collection of stationery and want to display it in style? This translucent stationery option can be used as a collection.


12. Triangular bookshelves and magazines are a classic design that makes your desk look more aesthetic.


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