10 Dorm Desk Organization Ideas And Products You Need To Stay Organized

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This post is all about dorm desk organization ideas and products.

dorm desk organization

I know for me, my productivity level totally depends on my environment. I can never get work done when my surroundings are messy. 

You are going to be spending a lot of time at your desk this school year (don't worry there will be plenty of time away from it too) and you don't want a messy desk in your way!

 I am going to show you how to optimize your desk space and all the best products to use when organizing your desk.

This post is all about dorm desk organization ideas and products.

Best Dorm Desk Organization Ideas And Products:

1. Rose Gold Wall Grid

Having a grid organizer not only looks super cute to hang pictures on, but will help you stay organized and keep papers and reminders off your desk!

2. Rose Gold Desk Organizers

I absolutely love this desk organizer set! This rose gold is adorable, plus this will help you keep all your school supplies and important papers organized and in one place.

3. Makeup Organizer

dorm desk organization ideas

Your dorm desk is definitely going to be used for more than just school work. I did my hair and makeup there as well.

Having makeup lying around definitely will clutter up your desk really fast. School supplies organizers are a must but don't forget to buy makeup organizers as well!

I had my makeup organized in a desk drawer but you could definitely have it on top of your desk too!


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4. Cork Board Tiles

If you want something a little cuter than a standard cork board, these hexagon cork tiles are perfect for pinning up reminders and photos. Plus they are sticky on the back which makes them easy to put up!

5. Use Drawer Organizers

Here is one of the most important parts to dorm desk organization. Your drawers will get SO messy if you don't have containers to organize everything in. Definitely invest in some plastic drawer organizers for your dorm desk.

6. Hang Baskets With Command Strips For Extra Storage

I did this in my dorm and loved it! You can easily use command strips to hang these baskets. This will make for some extra storage space in a cheap and easy way.

7. Use A Rolling Cart For Extra Storage

Dorm desks are usually pretty small. If you just can't find a way to fit everything, I would recommend a rolling cart. Not only does this have three levels of extra storage, it's also a super cute decor piece for your dorm. 

8. Jewelry Organizer

Nothing is more frustrating then coming back to your desk the next morning after a night out and seeing all your jewelry in a tangled mess. Buy a jewelry organizer for your dorm desk to prevent your things from getting tangled or lost!

9. Dorm Desk Book Shelf

Buying one of these desk book shelves will give you so much extra storage above your desk so that you have plenty of work space! These are about $75 which is a little pricey but it will seriously give you so much extra desk room.

Plus, incoming freshman WILL buy these from you at the end of the year so you can get your money back!

10. Lamp With Extra Power Outlets

One thing I remember about living in my dorm is that I was always running out of places to plug things in. I would suggest a desk lamp this this one with USB ports to avoid having extra power strips all over your desk.

This post was all about the best dorm desk organization products.

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