10 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas For The Perfect Entryway Makeover

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A proper shoe storage system is a must for every home, whether you have a big collection or just a few pairs. It’s surprising that even with all the different options to choose from it’s still difficult to find the one that makes sense for you and your home. That being said, we believe that a DIY shoe rack can solve a lot of problems, whether you prefer a shoe cabinet or something small and inconspicuous. Check out the ideas below if you need a bit of inspiration.

One idea is to build the shoe rack in a cabinet-like style, with narrow shelves for regular shoes and tall compartments for boots. You can give it a wooden top slightly wider than the actual cabinet so you can also use this piece as a console table for the entryway. This stylish DIY shoe rack is actually pretty versatile and you can place it in pretty much any room.

If you’re not too particular about the design you can build something out of leftover material from previous projects. Check out these shoe storage shelves that are just perfect for the garage. The design is definitely pretty rugged but that’s what the intention was from the start. Of course, it’s all easily customizable so you can make yours look a lot fancier if you want to.

This plywood shoe cabinet from shanty-2-chic definitely has what it takes to make a home feel more complete. The design is simple and putting together the cabinet is easy once all the cuts are made. You can actually also customize the cabinet with your choice of colors or even paint a cool geometric pattern on it using tape.

If you feel like a cabinet is too much for you and you’d prefer something smaller, check out this cute DIY shoe rack which doubles as a bench. You can find the plans for it on craftingintherain. It’s actually perfect for the entryway because it lets you sit down while you put on your shoes. It’s great if you have small kids or if you like comfort in general.

A vertical shoe rack is an optimal solution for small entryways or if you simply don’t want to waste any floor space with this accessory. Check out the tutorial on instructables to find out how you can build such a shoe storage system yourself from scratch. It’s easier and more space-efficient than you think.

An industrial-style shoe rack is also an option. In fact, this is the type of project that gives you a lot of freedom of flexibility because you can customize it in all sorts of interesting and ingenious ways. You can make these shelves as big or as small as you want or leave as much space as you want to between them. You can also spray paint the pipes and fittings in your favorite color. Check out the details of the project on twofeetfirst.

Speaking of industrial DIY shoe rack designs, check out this idea from project instructables which shows how you can build a custom storage and display system for a large collection of shoes, whether it’s for the entryway, dressing room, walk-in closet or some other space. Once again, the combination of metal pipes and wood looks amazing.

If you don’t want to put all your shoes on display, a hidden shoe rack is also an option, a very valid one in fact. You could build a cabinet with vertical pull-out modules and shelves for different pairs of shoes so you can organize them. This also makes it easy to assign each family member a different compartment. You can find all the details of this project on handmade-haven.

Building a shoe rack is pretty similar to building a bookcase except the shelves are a bit angled. The nice thing is that you can customize it so it fits perfectly on your entryway. You can make it as tall as you need to, depending on how many pairs of shoes you have. You can later add all sorts of little details such as labels on each shelf or paint the shelves in different colors. Check out jenwoodhouse to find how to build this shoe rack.

It’s possible to want a temporary shoe rack, one that is not meant to be used for too long and doesn’t have to be very sturdy and durable. In that case, try building a shoe rack out of cardboard boxes. It’s an excellent idea and a very simple project too. All you need boxes and tape. Don’t worry if the boxes have different shapes and sizes. You can definitely make it work. Have a look at this tutorial from instructables to get an idea of how this whole project goes and also to find some inspiration for your own DIY shoe rack.

Shopping for the right shoe rack can be quite the challenge as there are lots of different styles, types and models to choose from. We’ll try to cover some of the ones that we find more interesting and relevant, starting with this one which has a very simple design. It’s a rack that keeps the shoes in plain sight, arranged on three tiers, each able to hold 3 to 4 pairs. It has a simple and modern look and can easily fit into almost any entryway. It’s made from solid wood with the tiers/ shelves being made of matte black steel bars. It’s designed to sit flush with the wall behind it and to be space-efficient and versatile.

This is also a really nice design, one which combines influences from several different styles. It’s a bit rustic, modern and a bit industrial as well and it looks beautiful. This shoe rack is made from engineered wood and metal and has a strong and sturdy construction. The wooden surface at the top allows it to double as a small entryway bench so you can sit down while putting your shoes on. In total this rack has two metal mesh shelves which can accommodate between 6 to 8 pairs of shoes.

Metal shoe racks such as this one are great because they’re super versatile and they’re also slender-looking and space-efficient which is great if you have a small entryway or if you want to add the rack to your dressing room or walk-in closet. This model features a two-tier storage system and has hold up to 6 pairs of shoes in total with extra storage at the bottom for a few more pairs in case you have more guests. It has a strong and sturdy iron frame with two metal shelves that are attached to it. You can get this with several different finishes and there’s also a 3-tier model with a similar design.

We also really like this particular shoe rack which is also made of metal and has a slender design. In addition to being strong, sturdy and versatile, this shoe rack is also expandable and stackable. That means you can easily reconfigure your shoe storage system and even expand it as needed over time by adding more shelves, either on top or besides the existing one. The rack has a bronze finish which gives it a really elegant and classic look and measures 26.3″W x 19″H x 11″D when assembled. Each one has three shelves, each with a capacity of 30 lbs.

Sometimes entryways have awkward layouts and in order to make the most of every bit of space in there you need to be creative. For example, instead of a typical tiered shoe rack like the ones previously mentioned you might find something like this better suited. It’s a tower-style shoe rack with a tall and narrow design which allows it to fit in tight nooks and spaces. It has 7 shelves in total and each one can hold one pair of shoes. It’s made of wood and has a simple design. Also, it’s not just a shoe rack as you can also use it to store and display other things such as books, bags and so on. The overall dimensions of this piece are 11’’L x 10.5’’W x 43.5’’H.

This is a simple, practical and lightweight shoe rack, with four shelves that you can use for storage and organization. It can also be used as a more general type of storage unit for various other things such as planters, boxes, baskets and so on and you can also add it to your closet, bathroom or even take it out on the balcony. It’s made from bamboo and it’s sturdy and durable without being heavy and it also has a slim figure which allows it to fit in small spaces. The overall dimensions of this shoe rack are 26. 6″L x 10. 3″W x 29. 4″H. The frame has two handles at the top for easy carrying.

Here’s a somewhat similar kind of shoe rack, also made of bamboo. It has a simple and versatile design which allows it to fit in a variety of different spaces and decors and features three shelves in total which can hold between 9 to 12 pairs of shoes. The slatted shelves are slightly angled, dropping down towards the front so you can more easily reach and see all the pairs of shoes that are being stored on each one.

If you want something that’s not just a shoe rack but can serve as a more versatile and general storage system fr your entryway, consider something like this, especially if the umbrella stand is something that you’re interested in. This bamboo organizer is great for shoes, bags and various other accessories and it’s also compact and can fit in small entryways and hallways. The overall dimensions of this rack are 28.37 L x 10.62 W x 25.25 W. It has four slatted shelves and a stand on one side for umbrellas and other potentially tall and narrow items.

Sometimes shoe racks are a part of more complex storage systems for the entryways which also include things like coat racks, key holders, shelves, mail sorters and so on. There are lots and lots of different combinations, styles and designs to choose from and this is one of the options. It’s an elegant laminate wood piece that measures 38″ W x 68″ H x 15. 5″ in total when assembled. It’s not particularly big but it does take advantage of the vertical space. It has 15 small shoe cubbies at the bottom each able to hold a single pair of shoes and there are also 4 coat hooks at the top attached to a back panel and a small shelf ledge above where you can also keep a few things or display a few items.

If you’d rather not have all your pairs of shoes exposed and visible at all times for everyone to see, this storage rack gives you the option to hide them. It’s a simple and versatile piece made from engineered plastic and fabric which allows it to be lightweight and easy to move around but also makes it quite sturdy and durable. It has 8 storage shelves which can hold up to 21 pairs of shoes in total. Whenever you want to hide the contents you can close the fabric shutter which simply rolls down. You can add something like this to your entryway but also to a variety of other spaces such as hallways, bedrooms or the laundry room and use the shelves to store whatever is necessary.

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