10 Creative DIY Shoe Rack Design To Try At Home

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Are you someone who likes to collect shoes? Or just need an extra storage shelf to hold all the shoes in the house? Surely you’ve also encountered problems, namely confused about how to save it. If you ignore it too much. all your shoe collections often make the house look messy, especially if you store them carelessly.

Even if you are creative enough, there are lots of cheap and easy shoe rack designs to make yourself at home. Even though there are currently many shoe racks being sold online, if you are one of those people who pay attention to aesthetic values, there is nothing wrong with making DIY projects with a variety of ideas that are no less interesting. Instead of having to spend a lot of money to buy a new shoe cabinet, why don’t you try these 10 shoe rack designs? Maybe one of them is your favorite!

1. Minimalist shoe rack in the form of a ladder


The simple staircase design is ideal as a place to store shoes. You can make your own wooden ladder or reuse an old ladder and cut it as needed. To make it even more attractive, repaint or coat it with wood protectors.

2. Beautiful triangular shoe rack


Bring a unique impression to the room with a triangular shoe rack. In addition to looking beautiful in the room, this triangular shape can accommodate a larger collection of shoes. The geometric accents created on each step of this staircase give the impression of a minimalist, but elegant.

3. Functional bench with shoe storage


Currently, this type of multifunctional furniture is the choice of many people, especially for those who live in small dwellings. Like this wooden bench which also serves as a place to store shoes. Utilizing the empty area under the bench, there is a shoe rack large enough to accommodate several shoes.

4. Shoe rack made of PVC pipe


Utilizing used goods is indeed an important part of DIY projects. Including making a shoe rack from this PVC pipe! You can make it from PVC pipe and paint and arrange it in such a way, it can be regular, triangular or symmetrical. You can store each pair of shoes in a pipe that you have arranged.

5. Wall-mounted shoe rack


Shoe racks can also be made as part of a wall decor! This shelf design looks like floating, while the beautiful shoe collection actually makes the room look aesthetic. Make a DIY shoe rack using slots that have been applied to the wall.

6. Wire grid model shoe rack


Do you like the simple look of a shoe rack? Besides being cheap and easy, this wire grid shoe rack is also very light so it’s easy to move. Your favorite shoe collection will look even more beautiful stored here, you can even put it in front of the entrance to make it easy to find it when needed.

7. Unique tree-shaped shoe rack


As the name suggests, this shoe rack design has the shape of a tree that soars upward. However, this shoe rack does not have leaves, twigs, or fruit, but a shoe rack with one vertical trunk with several branches to store shoes.

8. Shoe rack from used crates


Reuse unused used crates into an attractive shoe rack design. Usually, shoe racks are used to store large amounts of goods. To make it more beautiful, decorate or repaint the used crate with various colors, then stick it on the wall to saving-space.

9. Wall mounted shoe rack


Shoe racks made of wood are the easiest choice for beginners. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can arrange it on the wall with several shelving units. Wall mounted shoe rack is an interesting idea, especially for teenage rooms or dorm rooms with limited area.

10. Industrial pipe shoe rack


Even though they are both pipes, this shoe rack uses a type of iron pipe that emphasizes industrial style. Made like floating on the wall, the iron pipe material is stronger and has an elegant style as an alternative to a shoe rack.

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