10 Beginner DIY Projects You Can Do From Home Using Basic Items

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Small DIY projects are the best way to pass the time with. There are a lot of cool and beautiful things that you can do using only basic everyday items and supplies that you probably already have in your home so there’s really no reason not to try some of them for yourself. A lot of these crafts are based on the idea of repurposing and teach you how to use basic items in new and interesting ways. They nourish your creativity and they’re also fun to make. Without further ado, let’s have a look at 10 DIY projects that you can do right now. These video tutorials will guide you through each one.

Twigs are something you should be able to get quite easily, especially if you have a garden or a backyard. You don’t need a lot of them for this project so a small bunch would do. Look for thin and slender twigs and try to get the ones that are more or less straight so they’re easier to glue onto the glass. You can turn this into a makeover project if you already have a simple candle or votive that you’d like to transform but you can also make something new from scratch if you want to go the extra mile. Either way, a rustic twig candle holder would look lovely in any home.

Wooden clothespins are a lot of fun to work with. You probably remember playing with them as a kid and connecting them together to make funky-looking robots and other things. Now you can re-experience that joy and also make something useful in the process. A bag of clothespins should be enough to make a cool-looking lampshade. You just have to glue them together to make four rectangular sets and then to combine them into a lampshade. You can leave the top open and use a piece of wood as a base. This could also fit over an existing table lamp base. Your new clothespin table lamp can also be customized and decorated if you want to put in some extra effort. Perhaps you’d like to spray paint it or add a few little ornaments to it.

You may happen to have an old picture frame in the house that you no longer use or like. If that’s the case, you could turn the frame into a serving tray. The transformation would be easy and when you’re done you’ll have a new tray that you can make good use of. The easiest and quickest option would be to just attach two handles to the sides of the frame and call it a tray but we actually want to show how you can add a little bit of extra charm to your design by decorating the glass with lace fabric and staining the frame before putting the pieces back together.

In case you don’t already have a bed table, check out how easy it is to make one out of four wooden hangers and a board. The hangers will become the legs of the table and they’ll be combined into two sets of two before attaching them to the board. The very first step is to remove the metal hanger pieces and arranging the hangers so they overlap, as shows in the video. Drill a hole through both hangers and then secure them with a bolt. Do the same thing for the other two and there you have it, the base for your new bed table. Breakfast in bed will be a lot more enjoyable from now on.

Plastic bottles are everywhere and you probably even have a few in the house right now. Once emptied, there’s not much you can do with them, or so it would seem. With a bit of creativity a ton of cool ideas pop up, like turning a plastic bottle into an organizer/ pencil case. You actually need two bottles for this project since you’ll only be using the bottom section from each one. You’ll also need a zipper long enough to reach all the way around the bottle. You can match the color of the zipper to that of the bottle if you want to and you can also play around with all sorts of other ideas if you want to personalize your design more.

If you have a table in need of a new case, there’s actually a really cool way to make one yourself. It involves a book and some elastic. Actually, you only need the cover so all the pages need to be removed. It would be easier to use a notebook with a rigid cover but you can also pick a book that you like or that has a cool-looking cover. Glue some bits of elastic to the inside of the cover to make these folded corner pieces that will hold the tablet in place. Make sure they fits snugly. Also glue a piece of felt to the inside of the opposite cover to protect the tablet screen. This is a really quick and easy tablet case that you can make either for yourself or as a gift.

Sisal rope is very versatile and you have some you can make a bunch of beautiful accessories with it, including this trendy sisal rope bowl. All you need is the rope, a hot glue gun and an actual bowl or container that has the size and shape that you want your own sisal bowl to mimic. The idea is to wind the rope around the bowl and to glue the layers together as you go so once you’re done you can remove the guide bowl and have a standalone sisal bowl that you can use.

You may have already seen these tiny cork planters around since they’re so adorable. Yes, they’re made from wine corks and they’re really easy to make. You just need to carve out a tiny little pot into the cork and put a tiny seedling inside along with a bit of soil. If you want to you can also glue a small magnet to one side of the cork and have your tiny planter displayed on the fridge or on a metal board, cabinet, and so on. You can also use faux plants if you want them to last longer and to be maintenance-free.

Glass bottles are super easy to repurpose and you can turn one into a vase at any time without actually changing anything about it. However, it would be really nice to give the bottle a makeover. One option is to decorate it with rope or twine. starting from the bottom, glue the rope end to the bottle and start winding it around, adding bits of glue as you go until you cover the entire surface. you can then cut off the excess rope and secure the other end with more glue, then decorate the bottle with some ribbon or lace and add a cute flower as well.

You can even make your own accent furniture pieces by repurposing a few basic items. For example, this is a wooden crate side table. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a wooden crate turned into a table. All you need to do is add a shelf with supports and four small caster wheels. There you have it: a chic side table with a shelf and wheels so you can easily roll it around. Add it to your reading nook, place it by the sofa or even use it as a bedside table.

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