Your Single Female Friends Don’t Need Your Sympathy

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I recently had a rift with a married female friend of mine. She thinks I’m missing out on something or lack something because I’m financially secure, single, and lonely.

According to her, these are dangerous combinations that mean doom which drives away potential suitors.

On several occasions, she said, “guys are trippin’ all over you, just pick one.” Huh! I should…? “you are wasting a rare opportunity, gal.” “They won’t hang onto you forever.”

For pit’s sake, get off my case, b*tch!

When you’re in a circle of married folks, you never miss a day without them hitting on your marital status. As if marriage is a do-or-die affair for every living soul.
Some of them can barely keep a straight face when talking to their spouses, yet in their twisted minds, they think it is their damn business to tell you what happiness is in marriage.

Are you kidding me?

Dear Mrs, you need to check yourself first before butting into my business.

It is my life! My choice!

Do you know what being single at 30 feels like?

Yes, we are bored, horny, and lonely, but we will choose this life over those shitty boys you have as husbands.

And when you think about it, most of you married folks are lonely, bored, and horny too, so why bug your single friends for doing the same?

Sorry, I’m being harsh. I just feel the need to set your head straight because you won’t stop pairing me with losers who do nothing but sit their ass at home playing video games with f**ked up dudes online day-in-day-out.

I’m sick and tired of my married friends tell me how much I’m wasting my life because I’m not kissing some niggas ass.

Do you think I’m desperate to pick a low lifer? Or you think my time and space are so cheap that any whore can simply butt in and crash my peace of mind?

I love when I’m lonely. Do you know why?

Because that’s when I can think clearly about how to make a difference in the world.

That’s when I have more time to focus on my career, do internal audits for my business, draw out project plans, write proposals for new investors, and other non-delegable duties to move my company forward.

When I’m lonely, I feel more energetic doing some technical chores like cleaning the storage room, fixing broken wooden furniture, weeding my garden, and washing my car.

That is when I feel motivated to do some yoga, which takes full on concentration.

I reconnect with lost contacts, relatives, or long-time buddies I miss at my lonesome.

By the way, have you tried salsa dance? When last did you do some knitting or maybe take a music class?

That’s what my loneliness is for. I challenge myself to be more than I already am.

The fact that I’m lonely doesn’t mean that I’m needy. My mind is in a full-blown work mood every other day, so loneliness is my escape from shutting my brain down and doing some pampering to my body and mind.

Being 30 and singles gives me the time to build an empire without consuming my energy on a committed relationship.

If you actually care about my happiness, then stop linking me up with limbos who have no dreams and aspirations.

I’m not a fifteen-year-old looking for a shoulder to weep on. Neither are my your everyday woman who lacks a sense of worth and direction.

Listen to me, dear Mrs, there’s more to life than marriage. You can hide your tears and fake your smile as long as you want, but don’t make me another model of you.

I deserve what I deserve, and you don’t know what I deserve to have.

Did you get that?

If I ever feel depressed in my loneliness, I’ll go adopt a baby who will take up my world.

Well, I may not have to adopt since my daughter is all grown up now. We can both drown ourselves in each other’s lonesome. Who knows what we will find, right?

However, women like me will rather have a boy toy who keeps our oil flowing than a legally binding partner who will keep us emotionally bound to their waist.

I don’t envy my married friends. In fact, I celebrate their lives, whether it be pain or love. I’m the one they go to when they need a nanny to watch their kids. I’m the friend they wake up at 2 am to dump their emotional burden on.

Oh! When they need to know if their husband is hitting on a certain woman, I’m the spy they send.

I’m the one who tells them what’s white or black but still accepts their life choices even if they make me uncomfortable. I just wish they could do the same for me.

Since you won’t let me have my peace in my lonesome, I will start blocking you all. Life is too short to keep petty people under my wings. I’ll keep pushing forward regardless.

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