The Rock Shares Why His Little Girls’ Valentines Made Him Emotional

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The Rock may be as buff as a boulder but his heart is absolutely melting in a new Instagram post.

After an exhilarating WWE-style opener to the Super Bowl, Dwayne Johnson spent Monday (aka Valentine’s Day) with his favorite girls sharing the love at home. Daughters Jazzy and Tia shared sweet Valentines with all the things they love about their dad, with a few extra special comments that took Johnson’s breath away.

Amid the many things they love, like that he “Lifts things with his muscles,” “Gives me frozen bananas 🍌😂” and “Plays toys with me,” the girls also love that he is a friend. Johnson shared a series of photos that include the sweet gifts that include a wooden heart with handprints and a tree with all their “loves.”

“I never really had that feeling growing up with my old man. He loved his kids and we loved him. He raised me with tough love and very tough discipline ~ but I never considered him a friend…So being a friend is a new one for me – I love it – and makes me realize I’m giving my children some pretty strong anchors. Love, discipline, kindness.. and friendship.”

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Ok can someone pass the tissues already?

Johnson finished by sharing “A day will come when these little tornadoes will no longer be running in my office giving me stuff like this, so I’ll cherish these moments while I can get ‘em. And when they grow up ~ I hope they still consider their father, their friend 😊🙏🏾

––Karly Wood



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