snowy blowy Friday!

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 ...but we aren't staying home, safe and sound.  We have to go out and about...the three youngest kids are going to a concert on Sunday, South Korean pop music,  TWICE, is the group.  Don't ask me, because it's not nice to say that it hurts my ears, but then I find myself singing some of it...blah.  But they're going with friends of ours, who are graciously driving down to New York City with them, and their three kids.  They have to show proof of a negative C test, so that's where we're going today.  Important stuff, to them. 

When they first started yammering about this concert, I let it go in one ear and out the other, because in my book, nope, wasn't even happening.  But then Paul remembered what it was like to want to go to a concert, and said he'd take them.  It turned out that our friends are taking them, but I still can't believe they're going.  They have earned the money themselves, and paid for their tickets.  They have been counting the days.  

There is also a huge church youth conference this weekend, so I'll be helping Emily a bit this afternoon, meals for 400!  Then tomorrow, little Wulf and Tennyson will be coming here for the rest of the weekend. I have to go vacuum the room they'll be in, and I still have to see if my stuff will fit in my backpack, as we're leaving Monday morning for Florida.

Yesterday, Sonja had the day off from school, so we went to a few places, then she had an appointment, so I went to a few MORE places, all by my lonesome.  The thrift store, where I got some grandkid clothes, a bin of wooden blocks, and a nice toy garbage truck.  It was so nice to just wander around in no particular hurry.  Then, to the dollar store!  It's all $1.25 now, but still, here's what I got:

The rich get their ice in the summertime, but the poor get theirs in the winter,  Laura Ingalls Wilder in Farmer Boy...  I always think of that when I buy nice sweaters, slippers, or Christmas items when springtime is encroaching (or swimsuits and sandals in the autumn).  These were marked $12.99, each has cocoa and coffee in it.  Since it's still really cold and wintery, why not?  (I also got a huge plastic canister of Halloween pretzels, and two bags of Reeese's Peanut butter cups with glow-in-the-dark wrappers...)

I cheated and didn't have to make dinner:  I bought the in-store fried chicken, then cut up some veggies and strawberries, and there's dinner, kids.  There's this disgustingly yummy lunchmeat that I had as a child, and bought occasionally through the years, and the kids really like, olive loaf.  It's like a bologna with sliced green olives in it, sounds awful, but it's actually good.  I bought that and a pound of store baked Italian bread (99 cents, can't go wrong!), so those kids ate sandwiches, too.  

We are leaving Monday morning, and I've just tried stuffing things in my backpack, it might work.  If I take a few things out, will I sorely regret it?  Should I leave the laptop home this time?  We aren't going to a remote island where there are no stores, so it's not like the end of the world, but for me to find something that fit me, well...

Anyhoo....things to do around here...and the girls are chatting goodbye for now.