Looking For Any Sort Of Resolution In Outlander’s Season 6 Finale? Too Bad!

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Prepare to be disappointed if you were expecting any resolution at the end of this season of "Outlander." Season 6's eighth and final episode, "I Am Not Alone," doesn't tie up, well, anything. The good news though is that season 7 is already greenlit, so we'll at least get some answers then (hopefully!) — although we'll likely have to wait a year to get it.

Read on for a full spoiler breakdown of what happened in the "Outlander" season 6 finale, "I Am Not Alone."

Fraser's Ridge Faces A Shootout

After the opening song, we start out the episode with a weird call back (call forward?) to a diner in the 1960s. We see some cheeseburgers and some hands, and that's it. (Don't worry, the inclusion of this scene gets resolved in this episode. It's pretty much the only thing that does.)

This episode doesn't have time for burgers though, and we quickly find ourselves back at Fraser's Ridge, where Jamie is facing off against Brown's so-called Committee of Safety. Lizzie and Mrs. Bug run off for help, but things get into shootout mode rather quickly, with Claire shooting one man in the stomach in her effort to get Jamie back inside the house. 

Once inside their home, Jamie and Claire exchange a lot of gunfire with Brown's goons. During a brief ceasefire, Brown pleads with Jamie, saying he just wants to take Claire to Salisbury for trial. Jamie knows that's bologna, however — Brown will kill Claire the first chance he gets — and he tells Brown to stuff it. (Did they have bologna in the 1700s? Google tells me yes — it was invented in Bologna, Italy in the 1400s. There's another piece of closure for you, since this episode has zero. None.)

It starts to get dark at Fraser's Ridge, and Jamie and Claire hunker down and debate whether the Browns would set the house on fire to smoke them out. They also wonder if this is the moment Bree saw in the history book in the future that portends their death. They decide it's not and then talk about their last meal, and Claire's is cheeseburger and fries at the diner she used to take Bree to back in the future (see, told you that you'd get resolution on that cold open).

Ultimately, the Frasers and the mob outside come to an impasse and Claire and Jamie agree to be taken to Salisbury for Claire to face trial. Tom Christie also said he will accompany them to make sure Claire isn't "accidentally" killed on the way.

Bree And Roger Are On A Journey, Oblivious Of Claire And Jamie's Fate

Before we get to Claire and Jamie's road trip, let's talk about the time we spent this episode with Bree and Roger. The two, along with their son, Jemmy, are making their way to Edenton where Roger can attend seminary school. They talk about whether they should tell Jemmy about how they're from the future (when he's old enough to know to keep it a secret), read Fergus' new newspaper, and also cut Jemmy's hair because he has lice.

When they cut Jemmy's hair, Bree notices a nevus on his head. Roger tells her not to worry — he has one too and it's benign, and getting them is hereditary. The fact the nevus is hereditary is a bit of likely proof that Roger is the biological father of Jemmy, something the two were uncertain about given Bree was also raped by the now-dead Bonnet during a time period when she got pregnant. The two are moved by the realization, and Roger cuts his hair too in lice solidarity with his son.

Claire And Jamie Are On The Road, Whether They Like It Or Not

The next day Claire and Jamie head out with the Brown posse and Mr. Christie to Salisbury. They find out, however, that Salisbury doesn't really have a court anymore since there's this whole revolution thing is going on. They move on to Wilmington, 200 miles away, and get stoned by folks they pass by who heard about Claire's murderous witching ways and wanted to get Biblical about it. 

We also see that Ian finally comes back to Fraser's Ridge and finds out what has happened to his Aunt and Uncle. He meets up with Jamie when the Brown posse stops at a meat camp one night and Jamie tells him to stay close. Jamie doesn't want to run right away, you see, because running would be an admission of guilt, and they're innocent!

Brown has plans for Claire and Jamie, however. When the group stops to drink at a well later on, some of the men seize Jamie while the others take off in the wagon with Claire. Mr. Christie follows Claire and promises to keep her safe. He's been very clearly troubled this whole trip and it seems likely that he knows who really killed Malva, which is why he's working so hard to protect Claire.

When they do finally get to Wilmington near the end of the episode, he even gives Claire some money so she can get some comforts like food while imprisoned. He also says he's going to stay in town and that Claire should trust in God.

Jamie, meanwhile, finds himself tied to a pole on the beach. Brown has apparently booked him a one-way trip to Scotland but Ian, along with the Cherokee Jamie befriended when he was an Indian Agent, kill Jamie's captors and set him free. Jamie, Ian, and the Cherokee ride off along the seashore to season 7, where they will presumably try to save Claire and hopefully give us some resolution to season 6's eight episodes.

Other Thoughts

  • Viewers will be glad to know that season 7 is already shooting, though I suppose you could also read the next "Outlander" book, "An Echo in the Bone," to find out what happens.
  • Remember that guy from the future who stole the jewel from Flora MacDonald? I guess we'll see more of him next season since he didn't show up again this one.
  • We get two sexy times this episode. A very sad, bittersweet one with Claire and Jamie and a cringe-y one with Bree and Roger involving a wooden toy car. That first one was sweet, I personally could have done without the second one but I admit I'm not a huge Roger fan so take my take with a grain of salt. 
  • We also get a season 2 reference here when Jamie talks about the French fortune-teller implying he had nine lives. How many lives has he used already? More than a couple, I'd wager.
  • So who killed Malva? My bet is probably Tom Christie's son, Allan. If Tom knows who did it, Allan is the only one he would potentially protect. And if Tom did it himself, I don't think he'd lie about it. 

The entire sixth season of "Outlander" is now available on Starz. No news yet on when the seventh season, which will be a full-season order with 16 episodes, will premiere on the streaming platform.

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