Hey Pandas, What Worthless Bit Of Trivia Or Knowledge Is Forever Stuck In Your Head?

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Mine, there is an inside and outside of a tortilla. And it makes a difference when rolling a burrito!


Gary Oldman is 13 days younger than Gary Numan.


Polar bears have black skin. Their fur is actually clear, not white, and each strand of fur is a hollow tube made of keratin (the same stuff as our fingernails) to trap heat and keep them warm.


The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


I've got vast numbers of useless facts in my head.

Since we're all worried about Ukraine etc., here's a bunch of relevant geography-related facts. There's a small "country" between ukraine and moldova called transnistria/trans-dniester. It used to be the soviet/western border. It's occupied by yes, the russians. But technically a province of moldova. Moldova speaks Romanian (they deny it though), which is descended from latin (Roman, get it?). But they write in cyrillic (russian script).

The old name for Romania was Wallachia. The term appears in Dracula. Famous celeb from that area. May have heard of him. Anyway. Bottom of Moldova is an area called Bessarabia. It has nothing to do with Arabs. Also Russian and others. This was basically the boundary between the Ottoman (Turkish) empire and the west. Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes) aka Dracula apparently fought them and impaled them.

Wallachia comes from an old Germanic word "Vlach" meaning foreigner. We see it in the word "Welsh" (Wealisc in Saxon). Apparently anyone non-Germanic was a vlach. In modern Greek apparently Vlachos means something like hillbilly. Apparently that's the stereotype about Romanians from the Greeks.

Romanian itself is mostly Latin but has funny borrowings from Slavic, like the word for friend/love can be iubi or dragoste, similar to Russian liuba and druga. Latin for these are amicus/amore etc.

Ukrainian is very similar to Russian but not identical. The relationship is similar to the German/Dutch/Frisian relationship, with about 62% words similar or the same.

OK done.


Iceland is much less icy and much more green than Greenland.


That wombats poop cubes. It has something to do with their intestines being really good at removing water and compacting waste and it comes out in cubes.


I am 40 yrs old and to this day can name all 50 states in alphabetical order. Thanks to Mrs Hamilton, one of my 7th grade teachers. She taught us "The Fifty Nifty United States" song and I dont think I could forget it if I tried! I actually even taught it to my own children a few years ago, so they too shall always have it stuck in their heads!


The distance to the nearest public restroom is proportional to how badly you have to go, cubed.


A city in California has the Goodyear Blimp as its official bird.


Because of the rotation of the earth, an object can be thrown farther if it is thrown west.


Remember Mike Nesmith from the Monkees? His Mom invented Liquid Paper. (only those of a certain age will understand)


The word for thinking about your thinking is metacognition. It only comes in handy when you're trying to impress teachers.


A proper one this time. Pineapple 'eats' you as you eat it. Pineapple contains a chemical called Bromelain that deconstructs (and will eventually dissolve) proteins, including human tissue. So if you're wondering why it tingles on your tongue now you know (thankfully our stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve concrete so takes care of Mr Pineapple)


Thanks to a Christmas geography quiz, in my first year of high school, I learned that the capital of Upper Volta is Ouagadougou.
Three years later, they tried to confuse me by changing the name of the country to Burkina Faso, which was just mean, but I adapted.
I don't think this knowledge has been useful even once in the last 40+ years, but if you ask me the capital of Burkins Faso, I'll tell you after only a very brief pause. I'm even quicker if you ask for the capital of Upper Volta.


Stuck in my head word for word since I don't know when (or why)...
"Crest has been shown to be an effective decay preventative dentifrice when used in a consciously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care"


Without mucus your stomach would digest itself.


That giraffes mostly sleep standing up and only for like 30 minutes a day.


I read a book that had a “how to” on making a shrunken head. Can never unknow that.


Teeth pop like popcorn when heated.


The tip of your elbow is called your wenis.


Many people (especially language teachers) say that English doesn't have an equivalent to French "vous" / Spanish "usted," but that's incorrect. The opposite is true. "You" is "vous/usted," but English doesn't have an equivalent to "tu." The informal "you" is "thou/thee," but it fell out of usage in the 1600s.


I was reading a book and I decided that I hated the book but had to get SOMETHING from it (since I finished the book) so I learned that
Laser is an acronym for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.”


I cannot forget the first verse of Twinkle Twinkle little Star.
Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
When the blazing sun is gone
When he nothing shines upon
Then you show your little light
Twinkle Twinkle all the night.

There are more versus but that one is stuck in my head. Closely followed by the Gilligan's island theme songs.


Rockets/spaceships are launched from positions near the equator to the east because the Earth's rotation makes a start more fuel efficient that way.


A day on venus is longer than a year on venus


Nipple piercings were a thing in Victorian times

Hamsters eat their babies when stressed

Koalas have chlamydia

Sand is little bits of seashells and is used to make glass


Daryl Hannah is a vegetarian, so during the restaurant scene in the movie SPLASH when she totally devours a lobster, the shell was actually filled with baked potato.


That the angels do not naturally have a human form. When you actually read in depth about them, they are said to be both beautiful and yet among the most terrifying beings in the universe. When they say "Be not afraid" there is a reason for it, and it's not because they popped out of nowhere in front of your face.


2 is the only even prime number.


I remember the fist four lines of the Canterbury Tales prologue in Middle English from high school. I'm 53.


Giraffes use their necks to generate momentum with their heads when they fight.


“All forms of the verbs to be, become, feel, see, appear, taste, look or smell take the subjective compliment. Predicate nominative ; predicate adjective”. Forced to memoize in 1955. No clue what it means. Never did. Got an A.


That DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. I've known it since the 4th grade. I'm 57


It’s possible to put a lightbulb inside your mouth, but you can’t get it out without breaking either the glass or your jaw. And no, I don’t know why.


Messages from your brain travel along your nerves at up to 200 miles per hour.


That the wooden part where the air goes into a recorder (in the mouthpiece) is called a fipple.


Pigs can actually run faster than people. As prey animals, they evolved to run away a lot.


Giraffes and humans both have the the same number of vertebrae in their necks: 7.


Not trivia, just a Spanish word my nutty, Mexican friend from college made me learn, for some weird reason. It's the word for "ear, nose and throat" - otorrinolaringologo. I've found myself repeating it over and over in my head whenever I'm in a lot of pain, especially with migraines. I don't do it intentionally, it just happens. Thanks for the subconscious coping mechanism, Hermès!


"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "A B C D E F G" sound the same


When I was in 5th grade I ran around telling everyone that 161÷7 is 23 and I still remember that till this day.


The average person has four to six dreams a night.


A photon created in the Sun's core takes an average of 100,000 years to make it to the Sun's photosphere. After that it takes eight minutes to reach Earth.


"Juusst sit right back and you'll hear a tale, at tale of a fateful trip..."


5882300 EMPIRE!
My bologna has a first name, it O S C A R my bologna has a second name it's M A Y E R
oh I love to eat it every day if you ask me why ill sayyyyy,
Cause Oscar Meyer has a way with


Mercury is the planet that is closest to all the others in the solar system.


A journalist in 1950 predicted that women in the year 2000 would be amazons like Wonder Woman.


aardwolves, a type of hyena, are one of the few insect-eating canine-appearing mammals. (hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs). I have all the facts I can find about aardwolves living inside my head


Numbers can always get larger therefore they are infinite.
Number can always get smaller therefore they are infinite as well. Both infinitely large and small.


Cellino and Barnes, injury attorneys, 100-888-8888


katy pours cream on fresh-grown s'berries = kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, speci


1)There is a type of planet called "eyeball planet" which is so close to its star that its rotation takes the same amount of time for it to orbit the star.
2)There is a theory out there that while the moon was forming it merged with another moon that also formed from the cloud of debris left over from when a Mars size object crashed into the Earth.
3) One day the only thing around will be blackholes.
4) The hottest temperature scientists are trying to achieve is the Planck temperature where nothing makes sense.
And 5) the universe can end right now due to something called quantum tunnelling.


Cats can't taste sweet things because of a genetic defect.


that squids brains are doughnut shaped, and their esophagus goes through the middle of their brain before going to their stomach. so food passes through a squids brain before it gets to their stomach.


For a photon traveling the speed of light, time does not pass. Looking up at a star that is millions of light years away, when the photon strikes our eyeball, from the photon's perspective it JUST left the star.


Making out burns 2calories for every minute you kiss-snapple lid


If you burn dust it smells like burning flesh and you can get rid of your roommate really fast this way. A professor told my mom's friend that a long time ago and I tell almost everyone I meet.


Americans spend around 2.5 days each year in total looking for their lost things.


They found 7 tons of human hair when they liberated Auschwitz.


Some words are contranyms, meaning a word that has two different meanings that are the opposite of each other.

The three examples I know are:
Cleave (can mean either to cling to or to separate from)
Left (can be used to refer to the part of a group that departed or the part that stayed. "Three sheep left the flock, how many were left?")
Off (can mean either to activate or to deactivate. "The alarm went off, so I turned it off.")


An Incom T-65 is an X-wing fighter, Incom T-47 is a snowspeeder, and the Millennium Falcon is a modified YT-1300 Corellian Cruiser. So. Utterly. Useless. It’s just trivia I learned as a nerdy little kid in the early 1980s, taking up space in my head forty years later.


Australia is the only country which eats its National animals. And they’re delicious!


The opposite sides on a six sided die will always add up to seven


The sun is 93 million miles away


The word "buffalo" can be noun (bison), proper noun (the city in New York), or verb (to bully), so you can make complete sentences by repeating the same word, for example:
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

This can be re-written as:
"Bison from New York that are bullied by bison from New York, also bully bison from New York."

I don't know if that statement about bison is true, just that the word buffalo can be used in that way.

Another word this is true for is "police" (both noun and verb). Who police's the police? Police-police police police. Who police's the police-police? Police-police-police police police-police.


Squirrels don’t remember where they buried their acorns. They just bury so many that it’s easy to find one wherever they dig.


I took a class on the Bible. In a discussion about the Good Samaritan, the prof told us that the road from Jerusalem to Jericho is seventeen miles. This has no relevance to the parable at all. I remember it as an example of useless information I learned in college.


The bits at the end of shoe laces (metal or plastic or whatever) that make it easier to lace up your shoes are called aglets.


I can still sing all the lyrics to the opening theme of All in the Family. My kids cringe at me


The Beatles’ first band name was the Quarrymen and their original drummer was Pete Best, soon to be replaced by Ringo Starr (sorry I’m a Beatles nerd)


That a narwhal horn is actually a tooth ._.


It's 60'6" from the pitcher's rubber to home plate


The longest word in German translates to English to "Danube steamship company captain" It has 42 letters.


There are 142 staircases in hogwarts according to book 1 chpter 8 line 13 words 3-5. The more specific things could be off slightly, but the count is 142.

and before anyone asks, ive read all the HP book 20 times each (i counted :) )


I can name all the States in alphabetical order because of a song I learned in 4th grade music class. It's stuck with me this whole time.


The okay ? hand symbol means "pay me" in Japan. Thanks Nat geographic!


Numbers divisible by 9 have digits adding up to nine. I don't know how long it holds true, but 9,18,27,36,54,72 and 81 all do. My fourth grade teacher taught us that.


Two wrongs do not make a right but three lefts do.


Dr. Seuss invented the word "nerd."


Tyrannosaurus Rex is closer to us in time than they were to stegosaurus.


Woodpeckers have a special membrane between their beak and skull that act as a shock absorbent.


Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny


Jennys number is 8675309

The hairs on your body are lifted by the arrector pili muscle when you are cold or scared.

The nursery rhyme ring around the rosie originally referred to the black death.


Roy G. Biv = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The color hues that make up a rainbow.


I remember my phone number from 60 years ago, and my first boyfriend's number too. I remember that the TE8 area code stood for "Terrace 8'. Unfortunately I also remember the lyrics to every pop song that I absolutely detest. This is taking up valuable bandwidth in my brain.


Turtles can ACTUALLY breathe through their butts - learned that watching frozen lol.


That Darth Vader is Luke's father.


If you translate from Arabic to English, the word hamster translates as Mr Saddlebags.
Hamsters might eat their babies if they know it wouldn't survive or Mum's seriously lacking protein.


Ketchup used to be sold as medicine.


Rudy Huxtable’s goldfish was named Lamont.


Finland is home to the most metal bands per capital, with around 53.5 metal bands per 100,000 people.


Heteropaternalsuperfecumdation is the term for when a woman has twins with different fathers. It's very rare.


You can sing the lyrics of Amazing Grace to the tune of:
The House of the Rising Sun
Yankee Doodle
Gilligan's Island theme music

You can't unhear it.


In the sentence: "She liked him" You can add the word "only" at any point and it will still make sense


Cats cant taste spicy or sweet things


"The temperature inside your mouth is a steamy 98.6 degrees. The same as a sweltering jungle. But inside a Winterfresh mouth, it tastes much, much cooooooler!" Thanks Channel One!


How far is Minsk from Pinsk you ask? About 300 km.


I can name every F1 WDC since the beginning and I also know the US constitution preamble from 3rd grade


This is probably helpful to someone:
You can't plant breed by planting 2 seeds side by side in the ground.. you have to let the original plant grow a bit, take a chunk off of it then take plant parent 2 chunk and put it where the missing piece was and tape/pin it and boom you will get a new type of plant


Angelica didn't like Alexander Hamilton


Hippopotamus milk is pink.


You may think you are standing still but you are moving at nearly 1000 miles per hour as the earth spins on its axis. You are moving 66,000 mph as the earth orbits the sun. (If you time travel for more than a few seconds and come back to the same spot you will find yourself in space, miles from the earth). You are moving as something like a million mph as the galaxy spins. The Milky Way galaxy is also moving through the universe on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy.


I have the whole Globgloglablab song memorized for no reason..


Honestly, 99.9% of all my knowledge is trivial._.


Carpenters do have 9½ fingers on average...


Many years ago, when wood was in short supply it was a common practice to dig up and reuse coffins.

Quite often the grave diggers would see scratch marks on the underside of the coffin lid, left there by someone who was buried but still alive!

This happened so often, in fact, that all newly buried people had a length of string tied to their finger, leading all the way aboveground where it was tied to a bell.

When someone buried alive would move their hand trying to desperately claw their way out, the bell would ring aboveground.

Those people were called "Dead Ringers".

The men hired to listen for the bells during the night were known to be working the "graveyard shift".


18436572 small block Chevy firing order


The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan


"Drink Mountain Dew and you'll discover a taste that quenches like no other. A blend of citrus just for you, So smooth it goes down easy too." Heard once on rock n roll jeopardy in the late 90s (or whenever that show was on) Been stuck since...


The theme tune for the UK TV quiz program is called 'Approaching Menace' and it was written by a guy called Neil Grant Richardson.

When me and my missus got together bout 3 and a half years ago i was on a couple of local pub quiz teams.... and she said didn't want to come because she wasn't very good at remembering stuff and Mastermind was on the TV at the time and I didn't know who wrote the theme music so i looked it up on google as an example of 'well if we make a deal out of this now... i think you'll remember it and that's kinda how remembering stuff works.. if you can link it to another easier remembered moment.. then you'll remember it'...... so it's an in-joke between us now where one of us will out of the blue ask of the other....... so then babe....... what's the theme tune to mastermind called? who wrote it... where were they raised? what did his dad do?


That Charlton Athletic won the FA Cup in 1947.
For context, for non Brits, they're a really obscure, London based, football team. They've not won anything in the last 40 years.


The average Brit male says 'sorry' eight times a day. The average lifetime of a Brit male is 79.0 years. The average age at learning to speak is 12 months. The average time to say 'sorry' is 500 milliseconds. Factoring these all together means that over his lifetime, the average Brit male will have spent 3 hours, 57 minutes, and 24.75 seconds saying 'sorry' and, by Jove, he means it.


Yensid, the wizard from fantasia, is actually Disney spelled backwards


That the theme song to M*A*S*H is Suicide is painless. How weird is that?


I'm Popeye the Sailor Man,
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.
I'm strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach.
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

also: Nebraska 4-7950: my grandparents phone number from the 60's.


Outer space smells like static electricity.


Mine is that did you know that dogs don't give kisses when they like you they are actually tasting you


Cats have 38 muscles in each ear


The night club in the opening scene of Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom is named Obi Wan's.


I can sing the full original Hamilton soundtrack


Some teacher at some school made his students memorize this. To this day I can't tell you the name of teacher or whether I was in middle school or high school but I can still recite the preamble...

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


The high school I graduated from was called the Astros because Jimmy Wynn from the Houston Astros hit a home run onto a nearby interstate.


“Big Mac, mcDLT, a quarter pounder with some cheese, filet-o-fish, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a happy meal - McNuggets, tasty golden French fries, regular or larger size, a salad, chef or garden, or a chicken salad, oriental, a big big breakfast, egg McMuffin, hot hot cakes, and sausage, maybe biscuits, bacon, egg and cheese….” That was where my record ended. It’s been stuck in my head for 34 years. And I don’t even like McDonald’s. ;D


Gluteus maximus is the largest of three muscles in your butt. Learned this when I was 15 and everytime someone asks me to name a muscle this is my answer


LEGO is the number producer of wheels in the entire world.


"M-A-double S-A-C-H-U-S-E-double T-S
Now that's how you spell a state that's really swell!"


The great lakes in North America: HOMES - Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior.
Learned that in elementary school.


A pigs orgasm lasts for 30 minutes


The actor Van Johnson had a plate in his head from an injury in WWII.


I still know the launch code for the nukes in War Games.... CPE1704TKS WHY!?!!


The secretary to Miss Jane, the assistant to Mr. Drysdale on the Beverly Hillbillies, was none other than Sharon Tate who was later murdered by Charles Manson.


(USA) President Grover Cleveland is the only one to have served two nonconsecutive terms.


A platypus doesn't have nipples. They basically sweat out the milk when nursing their young.


The word 'news' actually stands for something. Notable Events, Weather, and Sports.


If Vampires existed now, they wouldn't be invisible in mirrors because mirrors don't use silver anymore, a kryptonite to Werewolves and Vampire.


There is a locker in my school that girls are using to put in menstrual products between classes because the girls bathroom is a 60 second walk from where most classes are, and there’s only 2 min in the passing period.


snails can sleep for 3 years
the amount of Legos in the moon landing is the same year as it was launched
longbottom could have been the chosen one
yeah that's about it. sorry for being late!


That the smell of rain is called petrichor. We get it. Read it a few thousand times from people thinking their smart.


We are all made of star stuff. Thanks for putting that in my head Carl Sagan..


I know about one piece of trivia for almost every AKC registered breed of dog; at least every breed that was registered at the time when I was in fifth grade and had a hyper fixation in dogs, because I really wanted a dog. For example, I could tell you that the mascot of the University of TN (Go Vols!) should be a Black and Tan Coonhound, instead of a Bluetick, because Black and Tans were chiefly bred in Tennessee, whereas the Bluetick was primarily bred in Georgia.

Also, coonhounds were bred for more than hunting racoons; they were also bred to hunt deer, possum, squirrel, and even more ferocious game such as wild boar, bears and even mountain lions! My own Black and Tan, Crockett, would only chase boar, deer and bear. Small game could waltz before him and he didn't care.

Name a dog breed and I can probably tell you one trivia fact about it.


Hippos are the second deadliest mammal after humans. They kill around 500 people a year.


I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle ? by Gene Autry



mit, nach, zu, bei, seit, von, aus

an, auf, hinter, neben, in, unter, über, zwischen, vor

durch, für, ohne, um, bis, gegen, entlang

These have been occupying real estate in my brain since high school and I only know they have something to do with the german language.


Before abortion was legalized crime rates were up and after it was legalized they went down. It’s because when kids aren’t wanted they act out


Honey bees, the most common bees, are actually invasive species


There were 75000 lbs of ham on The Tiranic when it sunk


Sharks don't pee normally. To use osmosis efficiently, sharks store their pee in their bloodstream to maintain a higher salinity than the water they live in. This way, sharks are able to stay hydrated as water moves to the area with higher salinity. Excess is excreted through their skin.


Small single-engine aircraft only need to go about 68-75 mph to get off the ground. They Cruse at an average of 130 mph.


Pineapples eat you from the inside that why you can get a tingling sensation on the roof of your mouth. After you swallow it kills it.


"I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart."


photons act differently when they're watched, as opposed to when they are merely recorded...


Back before people understood chemistry widely, people used to think tomatoes were poisonous.

That's because they'd serve the tomatoes in copper dishes that didn't have any type of sealer or coating on them, so the acid in the tomato would react with the copper and become poisonous.

So yeah thanks for paying attention to today's chemistry lesson!


91% of all deaths in national parks are men


A black hole with mass of the Earth would be the size of a marble, or about 17.7 mm in diameter.


Sharks eat their babies if hungry

Baby dolphins when born have to go and breath air but if they don't... Well-




An ad I heard on the radio ONCE when I was 4.....over 25 years later and I still remember it. Sing to the tune of William Tells' Overture....

648-8888, 648-8888
Kansas City 913
For pizza hut delivery!
For pizza hut delivery or carryout,
First you must dial 913
Then 648-8888!

I live halfway across the continent, but if I'm ever passing thru, I guess I could order pizza, lol.


Hippos have pink milk


Koalas feed their babies their own poop for the first 2 months of their lives to build up their immune system since their diet consists of nothing but eucalyptus leaves which are highly toxic.


I have one-
There was a legendary Indian musician named R D Burman who had a Daak naam- Pancham. Reason for naming him Pancham was when he was an infant his father (S D Burman, another legendary musician) said that he sounds like the fifth note of Sur (sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni, sa) and Pancham means fifth, hence the Daak naam Pancham.
Note: Daak naam is western equivalent of pet name, a name with which one's family and close friends call them. It is found mainly in Bengali community in India
(Pardon me if there is any mistake as I am not a Bengali)


A, ab, e, ex und de, cum und sine, pro und prae, stehen mit dem Ablativ. Lol.
It only rhymes in German but it is basically a phrase to remember a grammar rule in Latin. Haven't used it in 20 years but I don't think I will ever forget it.


Nearly every model of Commodore Amiga computer has a B52''s song title printed on the motherboard. The A500 was "Rock lobster", A600 was"Junebug", A1200 was "Channel Z" A590 was "Party mix" The B52's theme ended on the CD32 which had "Spellbound", a song by Siouxie and the Banshees.


On the 21 of April 1975 ABBA released the single SOS. It was a single from their self titled album ABBA making it the only chart hit in music where the single (SOS) the album ABBA and the group (ABBA) were all palindromes.


Everyone is talking about the square poop... But did you know koalas poop roughly 360 times a day? Little green pellets. Even while they're sleeping!


Zebras are actually black with white stripes.


Honi soit qui mal y pense

I've held onto that phrase since encountering it in a "twist-a-plot" book when I was about 10. I had to go look it up now, to remember what it means, "shamed be whoever thinks ill of it", and is the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter




The song hotel California says creepy things if you listen to it backwars


Blob fish are ugly because a blob fish doesn't really have a skeleton, and it doesn't really have any muscle. So, up here, it's saggy and droopy.


1. Adult teeth come in because the gaps above them are slowly filled with bone.
2. Your body likely has thousands of cancerous cells, but these are killed by your immune system before they become a problem.
3. Every cell in your body is replaced every 10 years.
4. The child mortality rate under 5 has decreased by over 98% since 1800.
5. The polio vaccine, HPV vaccine, certain chemotherapies and understanding of the effects of radiation, zero gravity were all made possible by a woman named Henrietta Lacks who had part of a cancerous tumor removed from her without her permission.


?Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun ?-Big Mac jingle from the early 1970s


If you reach the flags, you’ve gone too far


Cats DO NOT always land on their feet


If Hitler's father hadn't changed his name, it would have been Heil Schicklgruber.


The company that produced the most tires is Lego.


A decapitated head takes twelve seconds to lose consciousness


What the F?

Read this sentence OUT LOUD to yourself:

Finished files are the
result of years of scientific
study combined with the
experience of years.

Now look at the sentence.

How many times can you find the letter F?

9 out of 10 people will get it wrong.

Try this on your friends & family by writing the sentence on a piece of paper, then ask them to read it out loud. (IT'S VITAL they read it out loud or it doesn't work as well.) Then they need to look through it and count the number of times they find the letter "F". (It's 6)


You breathe out of one nostril at a time. It goes in a cycle and is why you only really have one clogged nostril when you are sick and/or have terrible allergies.


Stack 16 UsA pennies together: the height of the stack equals one (1) inch. Lay the same amount of pennies side to side: the length of the row equals one (1) foot/12 inches.

I call it useless because how often do you think I would be carrying around 16 pennies to measure something. Pennies belong in the change jar at home!


The car manufacturer that sells the most cars in a single year?

Matchbox (toy cars)


Giraffes only have seven vertebrae, same as you and me.


For all WWE fans, The good guys or faces are on the side of the ring where you can see them. And also, the area behind the entrance is called Gorilla Position

If you listen to DDP's WCW theme, you'll find a interesting tune


Michael Jackson was going to buy Marvel because he wanted to play Spider-Man

O.J. Simpson was almost the Terminator, but the producers feared he was too nice to be taken seriously as a cold-blooded killer.

The Lion King series are based on plays:
The Lion King is Hamlet
Simba's Pride is Romeo and Juliet
1 1/2 is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead


The full title of Don Quixote is....

Las Adventuras del Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha

I remember this from 10th grade Spanish.....25 years ago :)


There are 23 stars in the paramount logo. Bonus points if you know why (I do!)


Koalas can survive most snake bites because they literally eat poison


I don't have any proof so this could be fake, but I heard wombats poop cubes.


Wombats poop cubes


At one point, the United Arab Emirates were the only country to have more females enrolled at university than males.


The largest organ in the human body is the skin.


A pig's a**e is made out of pork.


penguins propose to eachother with their favourite rocks :))


this part the poem "John Maynard"

Die "Schwalbe" fliegt über den Erie-See,
Gischt schäumt um den Bug wie Flocken von Schnee
von Detroit fliegt sie nach Buffalo....

Had to learn it 40 years ago....


Freddy Mercury’s last words were “Pee pee”


There, They're, Their, A, An, Then, Than.... apparently ?


The word "buffalo" can be noun (bison), proper noun (the city in New York), or verb (to bully), so you can make complete sentences by repeating the same word, for example:
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

This can be re-written as:
"Bison from New York that are bullied by bison from New York, also bully bison from New York."

I don't know if that statement about bison is true, just that the word buffalo can be used in that way.

Another word this is true for is "police" (both noun and verb). Who police's the police? Police-police police police. Who police's the police-police? Police-police-police police police-police.


The word "buffalo" can be a noun (bison), a proper noun (a city in New York), or a verb (to bully). So whole sentences can be made by repeating the word. For example:
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

This can be re-written as:
Bison from New York that are bullied by other bison from New York, also bully other bison from New York.

The word "police" can also be either noun or verb, so the same is possible.

Who police's the police?
Police-police police police.

Who police's the police-police?
Police-police-police police police-police.


"Drink Mountain Dew and you'll discover a taste that quenches like no other. A blend of citrus just for you, So smooth it goes down easy too." Heard once on rock n roll jeopardy in the late 90s (or whenever that show was on) Been stuck since...


Wombats have square poop.


If superglue gets stuck on your fingers you need to go get surgery. And if you get kicked in the privates, you cant pee for the next couple of hours


Whale poop is turned into perfume. Same goes for other animal feces as something to smell nice


Like cats (& other animals) PEOPLE can get butt worms too! TY very much Bob's Burgers!


The left part of your brain controls the right side of your body, and vice-versa.


Wombats poop squares.


The ends of shoelaces are called aglets. There the counterpart to the eyelet.


Small single-engine aircraft only need to go about 68-75 mph to get off the ground. They Cruse at an average of 130 mph.


Oh, so many.

"Natural Flavor", especially raspberry can come from beaver a**l glands

In America, putting your thumb between the index and second finger and telling a child you've got his nose is a game. In Japan, it's an insult


Separate= sep A rat (e)

I've never misspelled the word since


I was watching a DC superhero show with my sister and now I have some amazingly random knowlege:
Wonder Women likes her toilet paper over. I repeat - over. As it should be.


Mike Nesmith's (of the Monkees) mother invented WhiteOut, the typewriter correction fluid.


Castoreum is a flavoring agent used in some high end flavorings and perfumes, often in vanilla or raspberry type scents/flavors.

It is extracted from the a**l glands of beavers.

Makes me think every time I see "natural flavors" in ingredients lists.*

*Castoreum is rarely used now as there much cheaper still-natural alternatives, such as vanillin.


"The Lion King" is based on "Hamlet"


Peppers have sexes. I believe they are able self pollinate but am unsure (this made even more confusing for me). There are male and female peppers determined by the number of chambers in the pepper. Either 3 or 4.


When memorizing the world map. Oman and Yemen are right next to each other. So I came up with a little thing to remember which is which: does Yemen have an island? Yeah man!


I know all the words to Yellow Submarine, not just the refrain. I can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Cats technically walk on their tiptoes.


If you know what a spermologist is then you likely are one.


Quokkas eat their babies, the length between the wrist and elbow is the length of your foot, cupping your hands together over your mouth and saying the words "more rum" in a deep gutteral voice will sound like a toad, the world's largest gold nugget called the Holtermann Nugget and "The Welcome Stranger" was as tall as a man and as wide as a door, hair is dead once it breaches the scalp surface, lice also like clean hair as well as dirty hair, L/R shoes were invented by a shoe cobbler In Philadelphia named William Young in 1818 before that shoes were made mirrored to be straight, bird's nest soup is made of sea swift bird saliva, animals were once given human advantage of trial by peers in which they were dealt with for crimes against their peers or other humans the last known case of this occuring in Libya in 1974.


That humans share a lot of DNA with bananas.


The minimum dynamic hydroplaning speed, in knots, of a tire to be 8.6 times the square root of the tire pressure in pounds. If it's pouring out, assume your tire pressure if you don't know it, to be 25 (square root 5), so 5x9 (8.6 rounded up) is 45, which is about 51 mph. Better to err on the side of caution, and slow down. I think of this every darn time it rains


I know that the second album of Imagine Dragons was called Thunder and was released on the 27th of April 2017.

I also know that to remember SOHCAHTOA in maths I remember "Some old hippy, caught another hippy, tripping on acid."


I also know how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from memory because you just break it down into small words that are easy to spell.


Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13


"75% of car accidents occur within a 25-mile radius of where you live", remembered from my driving course almost 40 years ago. Probably advice to not be lulled into a false sense of security when driving close to home.

So... avoided contributing to that statistic by driving really fast when was out of range LMAO


Rats don't have a gallbladder.


There's more time between the Stegosaurus and the T-Rex than between the T-Rex and you


The vowels in Ancient Egyptian? We don't know them for certain. They are estimated based upon Coptic - its descendant languages and dialects. Vowels are not something that you see in a lot of ancient written languages, Ancient Egyptian included. It's why there are multiple names for the Gods - is his name Seth, Set, Sutekh, Setekh? It's not really any of them, it's what is written, which is none of those; but unless he pops down and goes "Oi, get it right! It's pronounced ...", we give our best guess.


That there are 365 days in a regular year

That bathings aren't healthy

that the water is attracted to the moon by gravity and that that causes ebb and flow

that chocolate milk comes from browncows and strawberry milk from pink cows

That life isn't fair

And that yellow snow is Citroen flavoured


"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed to a different type." I was forced to memorise this at twelve. At fourteen, I gave up physics.


That my Spanish teacher is an idiot.


The word "buffalo" can be noun (bison), proper noun (the city in New York), or verb (to bully), so you can make complete sentences by repeating the same word, for example:
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

This can be re-written as:
"Bison from New York that are bullied by bison from New York, also bully bison from New York."

I don't know if that statement about bison is true, just that the word buffalo can be used in that way.

Another word this is true for is "police" (both noun and verb). Who police's the police? Police-police police police. Who police's the police-police? Police-police-police police police-police.


All opposite sides of a die add up to seven