Fun and Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

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Woodworking is a great activity for kids.

It’s a fun way to be creative and make something useful at the same time. These easy woodworking projects for kids are the perfect place to start.

They’re simple enough for even the youngest woodworker to try, and they’ll help your child develop important skills like following instructions and using basic tools.

So grab some wood and get ready to build something amazing.

Simple Wood Project for Kids

Check out these 12 ideas.! From building a simple birdhouse to creating their own wooden toys, your kids will love getting creative with wood. And you’ll love the pride you feel when they show off their finished projects.

1. Wooden Address Sign

This is one of the easiest projects your kid can engage in. All they’ll need is to choose a piece of wood and cut it to their preferred size. Jigsaw is the safest cutting tool for this project. It would be best to supervise your kid during the DIY woodworking activities.

After cutting the address sign, you can also help your kid apply a coat of paint to the address sign; polyacrylic is a safer paint option to use than polyurethane.

2. Wind Chimes

Making wind chimes is a simple woodwork project that your kid can try. A simple wind chime doesn’t have to be made of high-end or costly material. All you need is a piece of wood (for each chime), hooks, bells, and string.

In the end, you can either paint, decorate with ribbons, or stain the pieces. Because the chimes are an outdoor decor piece, you’ll need a perfect finish to enable it to last for years.

​3. Rustic Picture Frame

Making picture frames is among the most straightforward yet fulfilling wood carving projects for kids. Although there are various methods of making picture frames, some are complicated.

However, there are easy-to-make picture frames that will be educational and enjoyable for your kid to learn.

Moreover, picture frame projects for children don’t take too much time to complete, reducing the chances of your kid getting bored halfway through the project.

4. Simple Wooden Coasters

While a scroll saw is excellent for elaborate designs, a basic coaster can be fun and straightforward for kids.

To create a wooden coaster, use a guide to sketch a circle on a piece of wood. Although premium scroll saws are excellent and more accurate for this project than a jigsaw, kids may find it challenging to use.

For complicated coaster projects, it’s recommended to use a scroll saw. However, a jigsaw is excellent for simple tasks, but the crafts won’t be precise or accurate.

5. Crayon Holder Box

Making crayon holder boxes is among the best wood carving projects for little ones. This project is simple, and your kid will be done in no time. After assembling the pieces, you may choose to spray a coat of paint on it or sand it to make it smooth.

Besides keeping the kids busy and improving their creativity, such projects also teach them the value of being organized and putting things in their proper place after use.

6. DIY Wooden Tops

Easy woodwork projects are excellent for teaching kids hand-eye coordination, and spinning tops toys are popular toys that can accomplish the same goal. This quick and easy project can be completed in 15 minutes or less and needs only a few materials.

A few dowels, a set of wooden toy wheels, a sharpener, and sandpaper are all you’ll require.

While this toy is among the easiest starter woodworking projects for children on this list, it may be the best art piece you’ll help your kid make at such a young age.

​7. Modest Storage Boxes

Simple storage boxes are also examples of excellent woodwork projects for little ones. Your kids can make wooden boxes for storing anything they like; toys, school supplies, snacks, etcetera.

Since this project will need light woods, a jigsaw would be the best cutting tool to use.

Any paint, stain, or finish will look great on these boxes. Painting crafts is often as fun for youngsters as finishing a basic carpentry project, and it may help them love woodworking even more.

​8. Wood Caddy

While caddy is similar to the storage box project above, it has additional design complexities. You may create the caddy in various ways by using the same process of making a storage box.

This collection of blueprints is a good starting point, and we recommend simplifying them to help your kids enjoy the process.

​9. Simple DIY Birdhouse

While making a birdhouse may sound complicated for kids, it can be made simple for any kid to complete. Moreover, a birdhouse can be a fantastic DIY project that can last for years, making it worth trying.

You’ll require four boards for the four sides of the birdhouse and plywood for roof. It’s recommended to use a miter saw to build an arched top or go with simple plywood for roofs.

10. Lego Coat Rack

Typically, coat hangers are woodblock with two hooks hammered side by side. On the other hand, a lego coat rack adds a fun twist to an otherwise traditional one! It can also encourage a child to hang their coat as they enter the house.

This is a simple project that will be a lot of fun for youngsters, especially those fascinated with legos. They may satisfy their desire without having to worry about strewn bits all over the floor!

11. Wooden Circular Shelf

Shelves are lovely pieces of furniture, and the circular shelf can be a unique take on the conventional design.

This circular shelf is simply a circle framework with three parallel-to-the-ground wooden boards providing shelf space.

If you want to paint the entire shelf, do so, but remember to use primer paint first.

It should now be ready to be hung on the wall. But, since a DIY wooden shelf is light and can easily fall off, you should hang it higher, where your child can’t reach. Alternatively, opt for a professionally done product, and you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

12. Wooden Stamps

Wooden stamps are a fun activity for children, and the result is a valuable item.

Just be aware that these kid-friendly projects might put your hands and fingers at risk.

You can get the wood you’ll use from a relatively dense tree branch. Then use a tiny hand saw to cut them into four to five-inch slices. Use sandpaper to smooth all sides and edges of the freshly cut branch.

Final Thoughts

These DIY projects for children are excellent, especially when little ones spend too much time in front of a screen, harming their health morale and significantly reducing their creativity.

They’re a perfect way for you to spend quality one-on-one time with your kids while simultaneously encouraging their creativity, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it can improve your relationship with your child.

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