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Vendor: Project Genius
Price: 12.79

Chroma Cube
Place Black next to Magenta and Coral next to White then arrange the rest of the rainbow of cubes in the wooden tray using the additional clues on each card. Sudoku-like Chroma Cube is a logic puzzle game that employs attractive wooden cubes and a variety of deductive skills to solve. Just select a Chroma Cube card, set up the board to match the starting pattern, and use the rest of the clues to decipher the completed design.

Clues cover a broad spectrum of difficulty but fear not, the answers are provided on the back of each card. As your teen works his way through the Chroma Cube deck of challenging cards, he will encounter a variety of brain-stretching clues that range from knowing the colors of the Irish flag to discerning which one of the clues provided is actually false. Advanced cards’ clues are so cryptic that players must first unravel the clues to solve the puzzle. Not for the faint of heart, but just what your confident teen needs to jumpstart his brain. Fair warning: with 12 different positions on the tray, the blocks can be arranged in 479,001,600 different combinations, so while the back side of the Chroma Cube card shows a possible solution, there may be more ways to solve each puzzle.

The Chroma Cube puzzle includes 12 multi-colored solid wood blocks and a plywood tray with a slot for storing the 25 cardstock puzzle cards. Chroma Cube makes a lovely addition to any home or office decor.

12 multi-colored solid wood blocks
Plywood tray with a slot for card storage
25 cardstock puzzle cards

Recommended Age: 13+
Number of Players: Single-Player
Manufactured By: Project Genius
Publication Date: 07/30/2018
Faith-based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
Academics' Choice Award™ Winner!

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Chroma Cube Review by Heather O'Steen Photography

review by Heather O'Steen Photography

”Chroma Cube is a great way to keep those critical thinking skills sharp and can also be the perfect boredom buster.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Homeschooling Happenings

review by Homeschool Happenings

”Chroma Cube is definitely not your average game. Your brain will be stretched and challenged in ways that will make you feel absolutely befuddled.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

”You can tell when something is a hit in our house when you always find it sitting out on the counter, and always on TOP of the other games. Chroma Cube is that kind of hit.”

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Chroma Cube Review by My Penned Heart

review by My Penned Heart

”Our family has enjoyed many games of fun, working alone to compete against one another and working as a team to solve the harder cards.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Jump Into Genius

review by Jump Into Genius

”Chroma Cube is a deductive reasoning puzzle. This means you have certain clues and rules and you use that information to solve the puzzle.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Joyful Wife Life

review by Joyful Wife Life

”This game truly is fantastic. My friend and I solved some puzzles with each other and had so much fun.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Cummins Life

review by Cummins Life

”This unique game is super fun and would make a great addition to any homeschool or home game collection.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Roads to Everywhere

review by Roads to Everywhere

”ChromaCube is an attractive game, being made of wood, and is self-contained enough to leave sitting on a coffee table or desk in invitation for friends of all ages to pick up and try.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Oaxacaborn

review by Oaxacaborn

”Each of the twenty-five challenge cards begins with just a handful of cubes in place, and ends once you’ve worked through the given clues to place each of the remaining blocks in their correct positions on the board.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Homework and Horseplay

review by Homework and Horseplay

”The first few cards are fairly easy puzzles that even younger children could help solve quickly. However, each puzzle does get slightly more difficult and may even stump some adults!”

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Chroma Cube Review by Cosmic Montessori School

review by Cosmic Montessori School

”It’s a logic puzzle that’s perfect for older kids; it’d even make a great adult gift. I’m not one to stick around and play with my kids’ toys after they’ve got the hang of something.”

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Chroma Cube Review by Rachel Easley Going

review by Rachel Easley Going

”Chroma cube is a game you can play in a group or alone. It is a game of logic. Since our family enjoys puzzles and games of logic, I knew it would be a great fit to have in our home. As an added plus, it is pretty sitting out on the end table.”

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