Corner Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Awkward Space

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There are many corner storage ideas available to make the most of your storage space. Your storage needs will depend on your needs and the amount of space you have available. If you have the room in your home, then you can go crazy and get a corner storage cabinet, bench, or even shelves that will provide extra space in awkward space for organizing items. Aesthetics will come into play with the design as well. Let’s look at some corner storage ideas to make the most of your awkward space.

Corner Shelves

If you are looking for a great way to add some storage space and function to your home, then adding some corner shelves for home decor is the answer. A corner shelf is usually placed in the corner of a room and features a sturdy, flat back piece with two horizontal pieces to which a hanging strip of wood or metal attaches. The shelves are usually made out of solid wood, but depending on the style of home decor you have chosen, you might also be able to find them made out of delicate woods, glass, or even metal.


Do you have a rustic style living room decor? If so, then you can use the corner tree trunk bookshelf to make one corner of this room more useful. There is no need to repaint this bookshelf for a more natural look and of course it looks more DIY and vintage. These corner shelves have several vertical shelves that can be used entirely to store your favorite books neatly and orderly. DIY corner tree trunk bookshelf from homedit.


Take advantage of the corner of your living room as a storage idea by using several plywood shelves that have lighter colors. You can use this shelf as a book storage idea or some decorative items such as canvas paintings and green plants with clay pot containers. This decorative item will instantly beautify your modern living room, the wire chair covered with a faux fur blanket becomes a more comfortable sitting area to use throughout the day. Plywood corner shelves from homedit.


To teach your child to be responsible, you can also add special storage for your child’s books with corner shelves. This study book corner shelf is so slim that it won’t take up much space in a small room. Arrange books in a portrait position so that your corner shelf can store a lot of books so that it will make the room look neater because your children’s books are no longer messy in all corners of the room. White corner bookshelf from homedit.


You can use a small corner shelf for additional decoration in a narrow room. This corner shelf is only used as a wall decoration that can beautify the appearance of your small room. This corner shelf from a combination of wood and iron plate is perfect for industrial-style room decoration. You can also put green plants in pots to make your room will always get a natural freshness every time. Industrial corner shelves from homedit.

Corner Benches with Storage Underneath

To add storage as well as extra seating area in your home, you can place a corner storage bench. This bench has space to put a pull out basket. You can use the storage space to store your toys, books, blankets, and many other.


If you have a home decor with limited space, then you can use the corner of the room as a small dining room decoration which is perfected with simple furniture such as a modern corner bench equipped with a built-in drawer underneath. The flower painting hanging in this area of the room adds a cheerful color that gives a pleasant impression, you can also put an original flower vase with a white ceramic pot in the corner of the bench so as not to disturb your space. Corner bench dining room from decoist.

To make the most of the room, you should use multi functional furniture. For example, by using a corner bench with additional storage underneath. The white stool with the blue foam on top is the right color combination. This additional storage uses a pull-out drawer to make it easier for you to store or find the items you need. Minimalist bench with built-in pull-out drawer from decoist.


Take advantage of the rest of the kitchen corner room as a small dining room which is equipped with a dining bench as well as a minimalist dining table with a shiny wooden surface and iron legs that will stand firmly. This bench in the dining room area is equipped with a pull-out storage drawer underneath which you can use as a closed storage idea in small or large quantities. Repaint this storage bench blue for a brighter look. Corner bench with pull-out drawer underneath from decoist.


There is nothing wrong with using the corner of your home room area to put a melamine wooden bench corner which is equipped with empty space underneath and can be used as storage by adding a wooden box that can be removed easily when it is used. Don’t forget to coat the surface of this bench using some throw pillows for a softer and warmer sitting surface. White corner bench with wooden boxes underneath from decoist.

China Cabinets

This cabinet works well for living room and dining room. Its classic design makes this cabinet add aesthetics to your room. Placing a corner china cabinet will fill your awkward corner space without make it full. You will have decent space to store and display your collections while making the most of your awkward space.


You can use these standing china cabinets in the corner of the dining room as a room decoration idea that seems simpler and vintage. This China cabinet is equipped with a glass door design that allows you to put some antique ceramic cutlery that can be used for different room views, this cabinet also has a neutral color that is easier to match with the dining table set in front of it. Standing corner china cabinet from homedit.


When you have a room decor with a splash of beige and white, the furniture that you can use is wood that has been re-polished so that it looks cleaner and shiny. A wooden china cabinet that is placed in the corner of the room is one of the furniture ideas that you can try, this cabinet is also used to put some beautiful china plates with a unique touch that has a blend of blue and white. You can try this furniture easily. Sleek wood china cabinet from homestratosphere.


Not only used as an idea for storing your antique plates, you can use the corner china cabinet that is placed in the living room decoration to store some of your favorite books to make it safer and not scattered everywhere. This China cabinet also makes it easier for you to find the books you need in a more effective and efficient manner. China cabinet as book storage from homestratosphere.


Do you have a beautiful and unique coffee cup? If you have it then you can display it as a room decoration in your dining room decoration. In order to avoid children, you can put this antique cup in a china cabinet with teak wood as the main material. The design of this china cabinet is also enhanced with a transparent glass door that allows you to see it without having to open the door. The advantage of using a glass door is that it prevents your antique cup from being exposed to dust and dirt. Corner china cabinet with transparent glass door from homestratosphere.

Standing Corner Racks

One of the most popular styles of bookshelves is a simple bookshelf that sits against two walls in a room. These corner shelves give a unique look to the room and they are an easy way to add some personality to the room. If you have a corner in your wall that is perfectly suited for this type of bookshelf ideas for home decor, you can use this corner as the foundation for the rest of your bookshelf ideas.


You can repaint the L shape corner shelf in this modern minimalist living room area with white to make it more in line with the style of the room you currently have. In addition, this corner shelf is also equipped with several storage shelves with a large enough number so that you can also store more of your favorite books. The faux fur rug lining makes you feel more comfortable while reading in this room. L shape corner shelf from deavita.


This floor to ceiling corner shelf made of wood is suitable when applied to colorful modern living room decorations with limited floor space. Take advantage of this corner shelf as a book storage area so that it can be well organized without spoiling the view of a neat and orderly room. This shelf can be made easily without having to spend a lot of money. DIY corner bookshelf from deavita.


The molding wall design in this living room decoration has a more attractive appearance because it is equipped with a built-in open shelf right in the corner of the room. You can use this shelf as an idea for storing some of your favorite books that you often read while relaxing in this living room. Splashes of pastel colors on the wall molding as well as this bookshelf make the room feel more colorful. Molding wall with built-in open bookcase from deavita.


You can use the open shelf standing in this minimalist living room as a storage area for decorative items that beautify your living room to the maximum. Decorative items include photo frames, favorite books and various types of statues with different shapes. Do repaint according to the color theme of the room so that it can blend in more perfectly. Standing corner open shelf from deavita.

Making the most of your awkward corner space by placing corner storage will give benefits for your home. Not only more organized it is also make your home looks more interesting. Those corner storage ideas hopefully will help to fill your awkward corner space.