Cluck, Cluck! The Fox! - cooperation game

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Vendor: Londji
Type: Game
Price: 40.00

This playful cooperation game will get all the family playing. It's up to you to save the eggs and chickens before the fox arrives!

Suitable for humans between about 3-8 years old, this game helps to develop counting and cooperation skills. We love the lively graphics and illustrations and it's fun and unique design.

The maker of Cluck, CLuck! The Fox! is Londji a, Barcelona-based, toy company created in 2004 that combines art and games, resulting in truly remarkable, imaginative and innovative toys for kids.

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How does it come?                                                                                                          

1x game board, 1 x dice, 1 x foxy wooden counter, 24 x wooden egg, 4 x egg cardboard boxes plus instructions.

Box Size 24 x 24 x  8cm approx. Suitable for 3 to 8 year olds. perfect for 2-8 players. Takes approx. 15 mins to play