Be The Life of The Barbecue With These Paddle Ball Games

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Backyard games are a sunny day staple. As the weather warms up, you and your family can let your competitive sides out through these classic activities. And few backyard games are quite as classic as paddle ball.

The concept of paddle ball is simple. Players hold wooden paddles and volley a small ball. While traditional paddle ball is played off a wall, you can play in a circle and keep the ball from hitting the ground. Most people play this way at the beach, park or yard.

Paddle ball kits are great to have on hand, since they’re easy to stash in a car or beach bag. Most of these sets come with two paddles and a few balls. Some might include a carrying bag as well.

When browsing the best paddle ball games, look for features like water resistance and durability. You’ll want the paddles to last through seasonal wear and tear.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite paddle ball games for you to add to your game collection.

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