All the Best Labor Day Sales You Need to Know About

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Labor Day takes place on the first Monday of September, but there are a ton of Labor Day sales leading up to the holiday. This being America, any excuse to shop is, well, an excuse to shop. So we’ve rounded up the best Labor Day sales and Labor Day deals on everything from baby gear and baby monitors, kids electric toothbrushes, play kitchen sets, and Lego sets, plus headphones, kitchen knives, and tech sales for the parents.

Strollers, Baby Monitors, Thermometers, and Parenting Gear

Normally $699, the Joolz stroller is perfect for urban parents because of its compact size and compact fold with carry strap and transport lock.

This incredible travel stroller is self standing when folded, and has six seat positions.

This play mat, normally $85, has activities including musical sheep, light-up star, cloud squeaker, bird rattle and baby-safe sunshine mirror.

The developmental play mat helps with tummy time, and is soft, cushy, and just plain cute. Plus, it has a sheep that plays a happy song.

If you're looking for an audio baby monitor, you can't go wrong with this set, down from $49.95.

Audio monitors are a fantastic choice for parents, and this set includes two parent units and one baby unit. There’s no white noise and a five-level sound indicator.

Get this baby monitor now. We mean now. It used to run you a cool $200. And it's especially ideal if you have two or more kids.

This solid baby monitor is totally plug and play. One parent unit monitor can be paired with four child unit cameras, so it’s especially great for parents with multiples. It has two-way talk, temperature monitoring, and night vision. 

Kodak is making inroads into the baby monitor biz with this popular full-service video and audio set. It's down from $179.99.

Kodak’s video and audio baby monitor has a five inch HD screen, a camera with remote tilt, pan, and zoom, two-way audio, night-vision, and an indoor WiFi-powered camera. You get motion, sound, temperature, and humidity notifications instantly delivered via Kodak’s app.

For much less than $36.99, you get a top baby thermometer that measures the temperature of the baby's ear and forehead, and can also detect room and milk temps.

This all-in-one thermometer scans your kid’s temperature within one second and keeps previous temps stored so you can keep track of fevers.

Does your thermometer need an upgrade? Normally this top-rated one is $30.This infrared sensing gizmo gives you the temperature instantly and can be used either in the ear or over the forehead, which is great for middle-of-the-night spot checks.

The bright display can be easily checked in the dark, and it’s color coded either green (normal), yellow (getting warm) or red (fever zone). There’s a voice feature that can be shut off (you know, when your kiddo is sleeping), and the thermometer will store the last 32 readings, so you can easily update your doctor on how your child is faring.

Normally $49.99, this kids' alarm clock and sleep trainer slowly lights up when it's time for kids to wake up.

This sleep clock has a digital thermometer built-in, touch controls, and gradual light changes when it’s time to get out of bed.

You can't do better than this beautiful wood toddler table and chair set, which is regularly $129.99.

Perfect for kids ages three and up, this solid wood table and chairs set is great for crafting, playing, and eating meals. Bonus: It’s easy to assemble.

Biking, Hiking, and Outdoor Gear

An attachment that turns your bike into a tandem with a kid-sized seat and pedals for $80 off.

This one-wheeled wonder helps your kid learn how to ride a bike even before they’re riding on their own. It comes with a rack and a hitch, a splash guard, and a seven-speed shifter to get them used to changing gears.

This two-person, three-season tent is great for outdoor getaways. It can be had for $70 off as part of REI's Labor Day sale.

Don’t sleep on REI’s store brand, as their gear is generally well-made and less expensive than comparable items. This tent, for instance, weighs less than five pounds and has a 4.1-star average review.

This hiking pack has a suspended mesh back panel to keep you cool and a 25 percent discount to keep you from going broke

This backpack is really two bags in one: a harness-equipped hiking bag and a daypack that easily detaches. It’s even compatible with hydration packs, because drinking enough water is the key to having a good time on the trail.

Play Kitchens

This burner on this play kitchen makes a clicking sound, and the refrigerator door opens and has room inside to store food. Plus it's normally $89.99.

This kitchen is compact, sturdy, modern, and stylish. Plus, it comes with a slew of kitchen accessories for some serious imaginary dinners.

Normally $89.99, this super-cool play kitchen has a frying pan and boiling pot that make cooking sounds on the burner.

Plus, the microwave has an electronic keypad and kids also get 30 pieces of kitchen gear, including dishes, bowls, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers.

We especially dig the backsplash on the this play kitchen, which normally goes for $179.99.

Kids even get an ice cube dispenser, and dials that turn plus a microwave in which the plate spins.

Legos, Nerf Guns, and Other Toys

Normally $199.99, Nerf's colossal Prometheus MXVIII-20k Rival blaster features an advanced ccceleration system that fires up to eight rounds per second.

Holy Nerf, everyone. This blaster is fully motorized and comes with a rechargeable NiMh battery and a wall charger. It holds up to 200 Nerf Rival rounds.

If you're looking for something slightly less daunting, grab this Nerf Fortnite gun, down from $49.99.

This motorized Fornite Nerf blaster shoots 10 darts and has an acceleration button to power up the motor.

Now's the time to score this Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Starship Lego building set, which is normally $69.99.

Not only do you get the Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Starship, but you also get a Thanos figure with an Infinity Gauntlet, collectable Infinity Stones and a sword. Yeah!

Your Marvel-loving kid will jump at the chance to assemble these 1,004 pieces into the Sanctum Sanctorum showdown from 'Infinity War.' You'll jump at the chance to pay $80 instead of $100.

This set has three levels and tons of detail, from an Infnity Stone to a pizzeria to Peter Parker’s apartment. It also comes with plenty of great minifgures, including Iron Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Another killer Lego set, this time from the Harry Potter series and featuring the iconic Whomping Willow, for way less than $69.99.

Kids builds the iconic Whomping Willow with spinning branches, the magical flying Ford Anglia toy car, and the Hogwarts magic castle model. You’ll recognize this magical set from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Kids love kitchens, and the like, but quality kitchens and store cost money. Lost of money. Like this set, which used to be $199.99.

Kids learn to count, to share, to run a business through cooperation, with this high-quality grocery store set. It’s designed to inspire customers three and older to browse the shelves and pay for purchases on one side, while on the other side, the grocer rings up items they’re buying. Meaning, kids work together to achieve a common goal.

Normally $45, you can pick up this functioning metal detector for just a hair over $38 today. Tf your kid is lucky enough to find some buried treasure, it'll be that much easier for it to pay for itself.

This metal detector really works. It will beep and flash a light when there are coins up to six inches deep and larger pieces of metal up to a foot deep. It’s lightweight, at 1.4 pounds, and a kid-friendly length that can be adjusted from 24 to 39 inches. And because it’s Nat Geo, there’s also a full-color learning guide.

Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV

This Echo Dot-Fire TV combo is great for folks who want to start a smart home theater setup, and want to do it for $25 off its normal $90 price tag.

The Echo Dot gives you decent sounds with Alexa, while the Fire TV is a compact smart TV solution that gives you access to Amazon Prime Video and tons of other streaming content.

Make your existing stereo setup way smarter with this device, which adds Alexa to basically any speaker. It's normally $35, but you can get it for a cool $20 now.

This svelte black disk connects to any speaker using a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth, and its mic is built to pick up your voice from across the room even when the music is playing.

Headphones, Apple Watches, Fitbits, Speakers, and Earbuds

What a sweet deal on the Apple Watch 4, which is normally $399.

Get the great Apple Watch 4 for a truly great price. It comes with GPS, a display that’s 30 percent larger, electrical and optical heart sensors and a 50 percent louder speaker.

The brand new Fitbit tracks all day activity, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned, and also automatically tracks sleep -- and it's down from $99.95.

You get up to five days of battery life with this new Fitbit, and plus much more precise tracking of calories burned than its predecessors.

The Muse headband helps you stay focused and on track with your guided meditation, and it's down from its regular price of $249.99.

The genius Muse gives you realtime feedback when you’re meditating, to make sure you’re getting the full benefits of it.

Oh yeah, we were waiting for these to come down from the original $199 price and here we are! These weather-proof earbuds have an IPX4 rating and come with three different pairs of StayHear+ Sport tips for a perfect fit.

You’ll never lose your earbuds thanks to Bose’s ‘find my buds’ feature on its app. You get up to five hours of play time with each charge and an additional 10 hours with the included charging case.

Life's too short to use the speakers on your TV, so upgrade your sound with this Samsung soundbar-subwoofer combo, available for $52 off its normal price.

This soundbar is great for TV sound, but it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from a phone or tablet. And because the subwoofer is wireless, you won’t ruin your pristine home theater setup with a pesky cord.

This Bluetooth 3.0 headset used to cost $99.99, and not only do you get supremely clear sound, but a full charge in 90 minutes.

This wireless Bluetooth headset is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It does the thinking for you: It can automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear or redirect audio to your phone when you set down your headset. Like your own personal phone butler.

Normally $79.99, these killer earbuds have advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides a more stable connection to anything you need, and they weigh about as much as a sheet of paper.

These wireless earbuds have mic and volume control, of course. But they’re also waterproof and the audio quality is top notch. They pair easily and each earbud is magnetized.

Anker's sweat-proof, noise-cancelling earbuds, fully Bluetooth, sure sound sweeter when they're not $59.99.

With these Bluetooth earbuds, can you work out, take calls, and truly feel the bass. They’re both tougher and lighter than other comparable earbuds, and have an insanely high clarity of sound.

Complete your Anker duo with this Soundcore speaker, a beloved (4.6-star on 855 reviews) portable speaker that's dropped substantially from its normal $25 price tag.

The battery on this thing lasts over 12 hours, enough for the all but the longest of parties. It’s also waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it if your picnic is interrupted by rain.

Sony's earbuds would regularly cost $50. You get an integrated microphone and smartphone playback control, and the earbuds are made of silicone, so they're comfortable and secure.

Not only do you get deep, throbbing bass with these earbuds. But you can choose the specific earbud size to fit your ears.

These Beats headphones would regularly cost you $299.95. You get three hours of playback after five minutes of charging and up to 40 hours of battery life.

These are great on-ear Bluetooth headphones, at an equally great price. You can take calls, control your music and activate Siri.

On an average day, you'd pay $99 for these Bose in-ear headphones.

These Bose in-ear headphones give you crystal-clear sound thanks to the brand’s TriPort technology and conform to your ear’s shape to stay comfortably in place all day while you get on the treadmill or go for a run.

Holy cannoli, these top-rated Bluetooth earbuds used to cost $99.99.

These Bluetooth earbuds have a 20 hour playtime, a built-in mic, and a charging case. They instantly pair when you take them out of the case.

These fantastic waterproof headphones are normally $110. You get a wrap-around band and 3.5 mm headphone jack. But the kicker is, you get clear sound, while also being fully immersed in water. That's how watertight these are.

You can use these waterproof headphones for swimming laps, kayaking, and anything else waterborne.


This smaller TV would be perfect for a guest or kid's room, and it's $40 its normal $190 right now.

You probably don’t want to build your main home theater around this display, but its small size, easy-to-use Roku software, and great value make it an easy pick for smaller spaces.

The thing that sets this TV apart: art mode. It looks like a work of art when you're not watching TV, which is a lot better than a black slab of glass. It's down to $1,398, $400 less than usual.

In addition to art mode, this thing comes with a no-gap wall mount and Amazon Alexa so it’s easy to play whatever you want on its gourgeous 4K QLED display.

Save $2,000 (!) on this top-of-the-line 75-inch 8K TV. It's for those who want the best of the best.

All we can say is wow. Be careful with this one. Once you see what 8K looks like on this huge display 4K might never look good again. Samsung’s Smarthome software is compatible with Alexa and Google Home to boot.

Vacuum Cleaners

This high-end Roomba is so smart it can empty itself, and it's significantly marked down from its normal eye-popping $1,099 price tag.

This model features ten times more suction than lesser Roombas, smart mapping to learn and adapt to your home’s layout, and a high efficiency filter that takes care of 99 perent of dog and cat allergens.

Kids’ Electric Toothbrushes and Electric Toothbrushes

The KidTimer on this kids' electric toothbrush gradually increase to two minutes to help train kids to brush for the recommended time and alerts them when it's time to move to the next quadrant. Plus, it's usually $49.99.

As one Fatherly editor can attest, this toothbrush is not only effective at making sure kids brush for the correct amount of time, but it also makes brushing fun. Seriously.

Get the benefits of flossing from this ADA-accepted water flosser, down from $89.99.

The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser gets rid of up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50 percent more effective than regular floss. It’s especially great for folks with braces.

Why pay $89.99 for this popular electric toothbrush with three intensity settings?

Electric toothbrushes, at this point, are so tricked out they basically do your laundry for you. This one is basic. It’s reliable. And it gets your teeth six times cleaner than using a regular manual brush thanks to sonic technology that delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute.

This electric toothbrush, formerly $43.99, oscillates and rotates to break up and remove plaque and has a two minute timer to remind you to switch quadrants every 30 seconds to clean every part of your mouth.

This Fatherly editor has tried every electric toothbrush on the market (perks of the job, what can we say), and this tried but true one is still one of the best. At the best price.

Any dentist will tell you that an ultrasonic electric toothbrush should be a key part of your dental arsenal. This top one from Philips used to cost $69.99.

If you don’t want to spring for a super-fancy electric toothbrush, then just get this Sonicare. It has a pressure sensor that protects teeth and gums from over-brushing and reminds you when it’s time to replace your brush head. Plus, it makes sure you brush your chompers for the recommended two minutes. 

But if you did want the Ferrari of toothbrushes, the Sonicare DiamondClean is down from its $269.99 list price.

This electric toothbrush is Bluetooth-enabled, and has four different brush heads that automatically pair with the right brushing mode to give you the optimal clean, and provide you with realtime feedback.

Nespresso Machines

Normally $249.95, this Nespresso coffee maker turns you into a master barista, allowing you to brew perfect coffee at home.

Plus, it comes with its own milk frother, so you can brew flawless single-size coffees and choose between five different varieties.

One of the most dope coffee makers we've ever seen, this flashy Nespresso smart coffee machine is normally $199.

Not only does this Nespresso look smart, it is smart. It reads the bar code on your capsule so you get a dreamy cup of coffee every time.

Instant Pots

The six quart Instant Pot was $99.95 but is still reduced.

Instant Pots! What person doesn’t love them? This six-quart Instant Pot also serves as an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, steamer, food warmer, and sauté powerhouse. It’s seven gadgets in one

You need this new Instant Pot Ultra, formerly $149.95, because it has altitude adjustment, a cooking indicator, and a steam release reset button.

It’s like the BMW of Instant Pots. You get a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, saute/searing powerhouse, a steamer, warmer, and sterilizer. Plus, it has an embedded microprocessor that monitors the pressure and temperature of your food. 

Sous Vide

The best-in-class Nano connected lab-grade sous vide precision cooker is down from $99.

You will get perfect results, every time, with this sous vide. Thanks to consistent control and precision, your meats and veggies taste like something a professional chef whipped up. Best of all, this device can be controlled from your phone.

Aicok's $179.99 sous vide is way discounted, which is good news for fans of this outstanding sous vide double immersion circulator.

How easy is this sous vide to use? So very easy. This particular sous vide cooker has a temperature control accuracy of ±0.1 degrees Farhenheit. Meaning, it’s very, very accurate.


This set of 4.5 inch steak knives has a full-tang triple-rivet handle, which is pretty insane quality for the price, which was $35.

This set of four steak knives has a serrated edge, and doesn’t need much in the way of sharpening. Filet mignon, you’ve been warned.

When buying knives, you want to make sure they're full-tang, like this fantastic set by Zwilling featuring the knives every home cook needs. It used to cost $188.

Full-tang knives are of superior quality. And this set includes the basics you need:  A four inch paring knife, a six inch utility knife, and an eight inch chef’s knife. Everyone, and we do mean everyone, needs these in their kitchen.

Henkels makes some of the world's best knives. Used by top chefs. Everywhere. And this set used to cost a mind-boggling $467.

This Henkels knife set includes self-sharpening slots. And you get a three inch paring knife, a five inch serrated knife, a boning knife, a santoku knife, and even a bread knife. Because how else would you slice a baguette?

This ruthlessly sharp Shogun knife set of three paring knives used to cost $179.99.

Dear god, these knives are amazing. They’re made using the three-step Honbazuke method. You get a super-sharp AUS-10V Japanese steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness. The G-10 handle is military grade and meant to last a lifetime. You can use these knives to slice through fish, or finely chop up garlic.

If you want to cook like a world class chef (Thomas Keller, in this case), you need a world class knife. Like this Cangshan, which used to cost $49.95.

The five-inch handle lets you get a solid grip. The eight-inch blade is made from X50Cr15MoV German steel with HRC 58 +/- 2 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. It’s most likely one of the best knives you’ll ever own. 

Until you've had superior knives, you won't know what you're missing. Get this Cuisinart set, normally $99.99.

These are some very sleek knives. Thank you, Cuisinart. They’re made from stainless steel blade for precision cutting and have a handle designed for total control. And they come with a lifetime warranty. 

If you know knives, you know that ZWILLING J.A. Henckels knives are some of the best out there. Now this knife set is $80, down from $160.

No more sawing through steaks. With these glorious knives, your filet mignon will be eaten as it should be. These steak knives feature carbon stainless steel blades that seamlessly slice through meat and chicken. And yes folks, they’re only $80, down from $160.

This German steel knife set used to run you $259.99.

This nine-piece knife set is made from forged steel with hand-polished edges and precise tempering. In short, they’re sharp as hell, and get the job done.

Some of the world's top chefs, including Thomas Keller, use Cangshan knives. This set is normally $195.95.

These fantastic knives are made from high-alloy German steel that has a hardness rating of 58 ±2 on the Rockwell Hardness Rating Scale. These knives have ultra-sharp edges and top-tier edge retention.

This 8-inch chef's knife from Wusthof is normally $165.

If you’re looking for a classic chef’s knife, Wusthof is an excellent choice. The high-carbon steel knife is well balanced and sharp, with a handle that feels great in-hand.

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