7 Minimalist Wooden Furniture Ideas For Kids Room

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Choosing safe and cozy furniture for kids is certainly not an easy thing. The selected furniture must not only be in accordance with the child’s wishes, but also must be environmentally friendly and safe to use for a long time.

Minimalist kids room style that is becoming a trend today may be your dream. Not without reason, a minimalist kids room offers beauty while still looking simple while optimally utilizing the functions of each furniture. There are many choices of kids furniture designs to achieve a minimalist room style, ranging from chairs, tables, cabinets, bookshelves, and much more.

Apart from the function of each piece of furniture, material is an important consideration when you decide to buy furniture for children. Wooden furniture may be familiar as the best material for creating a minimalist interior style. In addition, wood is also an environmentally friendly material so it is safe for your child to use every day. Here we have collected some inspirational wooden furniture suitable for all the needs of your little one!

1. Mini Wooden Chair


Wooden chairs with a small or mini size are one of the most favorite pieces of furniture for children. This chair design is not too high so it is easy for your little one to reach. In addition to all parts made of wood, there are rainbow accents that make this chair design even more adorable.

2. Wooden Bookshelves


Kids are usually happy with their collection of books. So, don’t leave a mess in the room because you neglect the storage area. Choose a bookshelves made of wood that is light but very sturdy to accommodate all of their collections of books. Hang it up or just put it on the floor

3. Wooden Kids Bed


Multifunctional bedroom designs can be a solution for twins or shared rooms. Choose a wooden bed that comes with a pull-out extra bed. Besides being strong, wooden beds also feel comfortable to sleep on.

4. Wooden Kids Desk


In addition to chairs, of course the table is a mandatory piece of furniture that must be in kids room. Not just a place to play, you can even make a table as a fun study area. Choose a wooden table design with a unique shape that your little one likes.

5. Wooden Stool


Want to have simple, practical, but functional furniture? Maybe you can consider choosing a wooden bench for a kids room. This wooden stool is very small and easy to move, consists of several beautiful color choices. You can place one or all collections of benches to complete kids playroom.

6. Wooden Wardrobe


Many parents think plastic cupboards are better for storing clothes. However, wooden wardrobe designs will work more than you expect. Even though they are more expensive than plastic cabinets, wooden cabinets can give a minimalist impression to a child’s room. It has strong durability and gives a natural look to any room.

7. Wooden Toy Storage


It’s no secret that kids room will always be a mess. No matter how often you clean it, everything will return to the way it was. So, you need a storage area to accommodate all your little one’s toy collection and stuff. Wooden toy storage provide children with an accent that makes it easy to find and store their toys.

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