50 Awesome Christmas Topper Ideas For Your Tree This Year

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If you’re looking for Christmas toppers to try out this year, you’ve come to the right place. We handpicked a list of the best tree topper ideas so that you can easily explore multiple options and choose the one that works best for you and your family.

Best christamas tree toppers
Photo by Alexander Sergienko on Unsplash

The Christmas tree is a classic decoration for any home at this time of year, but it’s crucial that you have the proper ornaments on your tree, or it just won’t look quite right.

The best way to decorate your Christmas tree is with accessories such as toppers and garlands. These add character and make the room inviting, especially to guests who want to know the theme in each corner of their living room!

Best Christmas Topper Ideas to Try in 2021

If you want some inspiration for your Christmas tree this year, check out these toppers and get decorating!

1. DIY Yarn Letters – Christmas Tree Topper 

Diy yarn wrapped letters mother christmas gifts

Making a Christmas tree topper from yarn letters is a simple way to add a personal touch to your tree for friends and family who will be visiting you during Christmas. Plus, it’s a great way to add some cheer and personality to your tree, which is something you’ll love all year long.

You can make the letters for Merry Christmas out of yarn, or you can also do names if you have people visiting your home over the festive period. Either way, a DIY Christmas tree topper is a fantastic way to start this year’s celebrations.

When it comes to supplies, you need a pencil, yarn, hemp, cardboard, a glue gun, a ruler, twine, jute ribbon, silk ribbon, and scissors.

Check out the full tutorial on our website to learn how to make a single yarn letter!

2. DIY Origami Star – Christmas Tree Star Topper 

Diy origami star christmas tree star topper 

If you’re looking for a simple and easy Christmas tree star topper idea, then look no further than a paper star made using the origami technique. It’s a cute and inexpensive way to top off your tree!

You need to follow the full tutorial on Pretty and Cozy if you want some help making these beautiful stars. As far as materials go, you need cardstock paper, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a color printer. Glitter spray is optional.

It’s also possible to download the templates from their website so that you can print them on cardstock paper. Once you’ve made a star, all that’s left is to hang it from the top of your Christmas tree! It also makes a great DIY decoration for presents and other special occasions throughout the year.

3. DIY Simple Angel Christmas Tree Topper 

Diy simple angel christmas tree topper 

Another adorable and straightforward idea is an angel Christmas tree topper. It’s not difficult to make or to find supplies for, so it’s perfect for everyone!

To create the angel, you need a styrofoam cone, silver wire, a burlap ribbon, straight pins, a hot glue gun, hemmed material like fabric napkins, a knife, a ball ornament, a spoon, and scissors. These materials are all inexpensive and readily available from most stores.

Check out the full tutorial on Crafting with Court for step-by-step instructions on how to make this beautiful angel Christmas tree topper!

4. DIY Elf Hat – Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Diy elf hat christmas tree topper ideas  

Everyone knows how much Santa’s little helpers love Christmas, so what better way to celebrate than with a festive elf hat? An elf fat makes an excellent Christmas tree topper idea since it’s a perfect way to add some cheer to your holidays.

For this particular project, you will need an elf hat pattern print-out, red and green cardstock, sparkly pom-poms, and a hot glue gun.

The best thing about making an elf hat tree topper is that it’s reusable. You can turn it into a toy for your children or just use it as a decoration during the holidays every year because elves are so adorable!

Discover the complete instructions for this DIY elf hat idea at Rain on a Tin Roof!

5. DIY Disco Ball – Tree Topper Ideas 

Diy disco ball tree topper ideas 

Using a disco ball as a Christmas tree topper is an excellent way to add some sparkle and glitz to your holidays, especially if you’re hosting a massive party for family and friends.

Besides, it’s a straightforward project since you need only two materials: a disco ball made out of styrofoam core and a drill with a Forstner drill bit.

The full tutorial on Queen’s Vein gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can make your very own disco ball for the top of your Christmas tree!

6. DIY Reindeer Head – Unique Christmas Tree Toppers 

Diy reindeer head unique christmas tree toppers 

A DIY reindeer head adds some dimension and fun to your Christmas tree. Besides the fact that you can use it as a unique Christmas tree topper, it’s possible to use it as a sculptural piece, on top of a vase, or on top of the lid of a glass jar.

The key materials for this project include about 8 to 10 floral picks of different sizes, a scrap ribbon, a ribbon that matches the tree decor, a hot glue gun, and dry green foam blocks/

You need to follow the full tutorial on Design Dazzle if you want help with making your own deer Christmas tree topper like the one displayed in the picture.

7. Multicolored Mini Pom-Poms – DIY Tree Topper 

Multicolored mini pom poms diy tree topper 

If you’re looking for a colorful DIY tree topper for Christmas, you can try this simple idea that involves multicolored mini pom-poms. Besides, it’s easy and completely inexpensive, so you can quickly whip up a Christmas tree topper when you’re in a hurry and on a tight budget.

When it comes to materials, make sure you have a bag of tiny and assorted pom-poms, a hot glue gun with a low heat setting, extra glue sticks, a foam cone, and scissors.

Don’t forget to check out the full instructions over at Mom Spark!

8. DIY Vampire Gnome – Funny Tree Topper 

Diy vampire gnome funny tree topper

Although you can turn a standard garden gnome into a Christmas tree topper, we think it’s funnier when you add a spooky twist – the vampire gnome. Besides being a great decoration for Halloween, this little guy makes a beautiful Christmas tree topper, too.

Vampire gnomes are super easy and inexpensive to make. For materials, you need a floral cone, black felt, wide red ribbon, fake fur, and red fabric or a small red pom-pom to make a nose, black tulle, and red paint or nail polish.

Take a look at the full instructions on Light Yellow Wheelbarrow for this funny tree topper!

9. DIY Birch Bark Star – Rustic Tree Topper 

Diy birch bark star rustic tree topper 

When it comes to DIY Christmas tree toppers, you might fall in love with this rustic star made out of birch bark. Besides being easy and inexpensive, you can create your own unique vintage look by choosing the paint color that best suits your interior design.

The materials for this project include a sheet of birch bark, a bunch of wood slices, a pencil, a piece of paper, a ruler, a hot glue gun, and a wire hanger.

Don’t forget to visit Vintage Mellie for detailed instructions on making your very own rustic tree topper!

10. Candy Cane Star – Funny Christmas Tree Toppers 

Candy cane star funny christmas tree toppers

If you need a funny Christmas tree topper, you can try just about anything related to candy. For instance, this cute star-shaped candy cane is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Besides, you don’t need many materials for this project: 10 candy canes, a ribbon, 10 mints, and hot glue.

Adventures of a DIY Mom has the full tutorial on creating your own adorable candy cane star as a fun decoration!

11. DIY Himmeli-Style Christmas Star – Modern Tree Topper 

Diy himmeli style christmas star modern tree topper 

If you want a modern-looking Christmas tree topper, you can use this elegant star design inspired by traditional Finnish decorations called himmeli. Not only is it stylish and easy to make, but it also uses just a few basic materials and items.

To get started on this project, you will need the following items: round metal brass tubing, a ruler, a tube cutter, a permanent marker, wire cutters, and coiled brass wire. You should be able to track these down in most hardware stores.

To learn how to effortlessly make this modern tree topper just in time for Christmas, feel free to check out the in-depth tutorial created by Our Everyday Life!

12. Owl DIY Christmas Tree Topper 

Owl diy christmas tree topper 

For an adorable Christmas tree topper, you can make an owl out of felt and use it as a stand-in for your favorite woodland creature. The great thing about this cute decoration is that you can keep adding on little accessories to change the look every year.

Alternatively, you can use an owl decoration that you already have! You can also use an empty candle holder and tree clippings to create the owl’s nest and firmly place it on top of your Christmas tree. If you feel that something’s missing, try throwing in a couple of pinecones in the next.

For more inspiration, explore this neat tutorial made by Four Generations One Roof!

13. DIY Safety Cone Angel – Christmas Tree Topper 

Diy safety cone angel christmas tree topper 

If you’re looking for a more elegant Christmas tree topper, you can make a safety cone angel. It’s a great way to recycle a safety cone and make a statement as a new decoration on your Christmas tree.

For this project, you need the following items: a safety cone, metal angel wings, brown shipping paper, a paintbrush, cream paint, hot glue, a silver tinsel, and a grapevine ball. You can also throw in some warm caramel-colored spray paint.

Check out this excellent guide made by The Shabby Tree to find out how to make a DIY safety cone angel!

14. DIY Moravian Star – Christmas Tree Star Topper

Diy moravian star christmas tree star topper

If you want to make a unique Christmas tree star topper, why not try this Moravian star? Completing it will be simple, especially if you have an old book that you’re willing to tear apart.

To get started on this project, you will need the following items: sheets of paper or cardstock from an old book, two pieces of wire, a styrofoam ball, a pair of scissors, double-sided tape, and regular tape.

To learn how to quickly put together a Moravian star just in time for Christmas, be sure to follow the instructions provided by Living Well on the Cheap!

15. DIY Beaded Star – Christmas Tree Topper Ideas 

Diy beaded star christmas tree topper ideas 

For a gorgeous Christmas tree topper idea, you can use beads out of white clay to create this star. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also inexpensive and convenient – you probably have many of these items in your home already!

To get started on this project, you will need air dry clay, pliers, and 1.5 mm wire. IIf you want to glam it up, you can also add some silver beads and a few Swarovski crystals to the mix.

For more inspiration and helpful tips and tricks on making this stylish Christmas tree topper, explore the full tutorial made by Fall for DIY!

16. DIY Burlap Bow – Tree Topper Ideas 

Diy burlap bow tree topper ideas 

If you’re looking for a more rustic Christmas tree topper idea, then burlap is the way to go. For example, you can quickly put together a burlap bow to top off your Christmas tree and obtain that farmhouse look.

To get started on this project, you need a piece of burlap that’s approximately 12 x 18 inches, scissors, hot glue, twine or ribbon, and gold spray paint if desired.

To learn how to make this gorgeous rustic Christmas tree decoration, check out the instructions on Shanty 2Chic!

17. DIY Chicken Weathervane – Unique Christmas Tree Toppers 

Diy chicken weathervane unique christmas tree toppers 

For a unique Christmas tree topper, you can use this chicken weathervane decoration. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and totally works if you’re into the farmhouse style!

All you need are some craft supplies that you’re probably already having at home! To get started, you have to draw the chicken on a piece of paper. If you don’t have any drawing skills, don’t hesitate to download a photo from the Internet, print it, and use it as a template.

Then, you can use a small jigsaw to cut the shape out of a thin sheet of plywood, together with the remaining weathervane elements. Attach everything using hot glue and then spray the weathervane with a glossy gray color to make a faux metal finish. Black works, too.

To make the weathervane stand out, you can also add a few coats of silver paste using a paintbrush. Then, darken the edges by spraying bronze metallic paint. Don’t forget to wipe off the spray paint with a rag to create an aged look.

For more details, check out the complete tutorial provided by Ashley Hacksaw on Lil Blue Boo!

18. Personalized Message – DIY Tree Topper 

Personalized message diy tree topper 

These DIY tree toppers with personalized messages are really easy to make, fun for kids and adults alike, look beautiful on the tree, and they personalize your holiday decor.

You will need some wooden craft letters, a yard or so of ribbon, and foam board. Trim up the edges because these are going to be tree toppers, after all! Just print out your favorite fonts from the web, trace them to the board with a pencil, and cut away.

Then take a hole punch and make a hole in each corner – this will help secure these adorable DIY Christmas tree toppers later on. Thread your ribbon through one end and knot it securely at the other end. This will hold up their weight when you hang them on the tree, so don’t skimp on quality here – it’s better to use thicker ribbon than usual if you can find it.

Attach each letter next using additional pieces of ribbon tied into a bow. You can prepare these ahead of time and just store them until the holidays, too!

It’s such a simple idea to spruce up those plain wooden letters. For more inspiration, feel free to check out the instructions provided by A Beautiful Mess!

19. DIY Knitted Santa Hat – Funny Tree Topper 

Diy knitted santa hat funny tree topper 

Another innovative Christmas ornament idea is this DIY knitted Santa hat! It’s a funny tree topper since it’s a small hat made for kids, which gets repurposed into a tree decoration element.

All you need for this project are yarn (red, white, and black), a crochet hook or knitting needles depending on your personal preference, an embroidery needle or tapestry needle, stuffing of some sort (wool yarn works best, but polyester fiberfill would do just fine as well), and scissors.

Start by creating one large pom-pom in red, followed by two smaller ones that are half the size in white and then another one (half-size) in black. It’s okay if they’re not perfectly round, as long as they all look like Santa’s hat! Then, thread your needle with red yarn and sew a running stitch from the top of your white pom-pom to its middle section.

After that, create another running stitch from where you started on the side of your white pom-pom until it reaches about 3/4 of the way down. Repeat this step for the black and red poms, and make additional stitches on top to make them look like stripes. Finally, stuff each color according to their designated sections; you can use either wool yarn or polyester fiberfill but make sure not to overstuff them!

Once everything is complete, tie off every end securely since you don’t want anything falling apart before reaching its final destination! Then, attach a loop or a string (if it’s small enough) to the top of each pom-pom before threading it through your crocheted hat.

If you want the hat to look like the one shown in the picture, you can buy the knitting pattern from Etsy.

20. DIY Sunburst Mirror – Christmas Tree Topper

Diy sunburst mirror christmas tree topper

For a really fun and unique Christmas tree topper, you can actually use an old mirror! It’s super easy to craft this sunburst mirror arrangement – all you have to do is spray-paint your mirror with gold or silver acrylic.

Then, arrange the pieces of glass however you want in any formation that you desire. You can turn them so that they go outward instead of inward if you want, too! Use hot glue to secure the shapes firmly in place.

Finally, add some decorative embellishments to complete your DIY Christmas tree top. Whether it’s just a simple bow or garland, finishing off the edges will help cover up any unsightly glues visible from the front.

You can find out more about making a DIY sunburst mirror on Tatertots and Jello.

21. DIY 3D Wooden Star – Christmas Tree Star Topper 

Diy 3d wooden star christmas tree star topper 

Here’s another simple Christmas tree star topper idea! Just grab some scrap wood and paint it any color that you like. Then, apply your favorite stencils (or freehand designs) onto the surface, spray it with gold or silver paint, and finish things off by brushing on some clear acrylic.

Once the paint dries completely, attach a loop at the top of each star using hot glue so that they can easily hang from the tree branches. You could even use this as a gift tag or make several of these to display around your home all year round if you want!

Or, if you’re skilled with a handsaw, you can make a minimal 3D wooden star like the one shown in this photo we found on Pinterest, courtesy of Jonathan Mahorney.

22. Lighted Angel Christmas Tree Topper 

Lighted angel christmas tree topper 

If you don’t want the hassle of making your own Christmas ornaments, you can always turn to online shops like Amazon to buy your Christmas tree topper. For instance, if you’re looking for something innocent that perfectly embodies the Christmas spirit, you can get this digital angel.

Made of high-quality PVC material, the angel is equipped with LED lights, so you just have to plug it into a power source since it’s not operated by batteries. The lights project rotating snowflakes on the ceiling to create a festive and intimate atmosphere.

You can buy this angel Christmas tree topper from Amazon.

23. DIY Felt Dove – Christmas Tree Topper Ideas 

Diy felt dove christmas tree topper ideas 

To make a beautiful and festive Christmas tree topper, you can use this simple DIY felt dove that’s shown in the photo above. It only requires a little bit of felt, some ribbon, and some thread – everything else is optional!

You can choose any color that you like for your bird, but if you want it to look similar to the one displayed on this blog, try using ivory white or light gray fabric. Embellishments are really up to you, so get creative here! It might be nice to add some sparkle with foil strips or cut out the shape of tiny Christmas trees.

Moreover, sewing doesn’t have to be perfect either – just do your best and remember that these will all be covered up by an embellished Christmas tree topper anyway. Use your imagination and make this DIY felt dove look as unique as you can!

If you’re feeling up for a more elaborate project to create a felt dove, check out the full instructions on Life, Love, and Sugar!

24. DIY Pinecones – Tree Topper Ideas 

Diy pinecones tree topper ideas 

Instead of using a Christmas tree topper, you can make something out of natural elements if you want! In this case, grab a bag or two of pinecones from your backyard and paint them in bright festive colors. It’s an excellent tree topper idea!

You will also need a cone-shaped object. For example, you can get some cardstock, make a cone out of it, and glue the edges to hold it together. Then you can glue the pinecones to cover the entire cone.

You can also add some ribbon, string, twine – anything else that you can think of – to attach each one to the top of your tree! Just get creative here and decorate it however you want until it meets your satisfaction.

Best yet – let the kids help with this part! It’s a great project for older children or parents and younger children who don’t mind getting messy.  

For more inspiration, feel free to explore this fabulous tutorial made by Vintage Home Designs!

25. Seahorse – Unique Christmas Tree Toppers

Seahorse unique christmas tree toppers

If you want something you’ve never seen before, maybe this topper by Kurt S. Adler will suit your fancy. After all, it’s different than your usual Christmas tree toppers because of its seahorse design. And it goes particularly well with a beach house!

Made out of capiz, metal, and paint/mica, the ornament measures 11.4 inches in height and features a star that’s prelit with 10 lights. No batteries are required. An adorable blue sea horse is attached to the star so that it brightens any room and cheers up even the grumpiest visitors.

This unique Christmas tree topper comes with 4 spare bulbs and 2 spare fuses. You can get it from Amazon.

26. Top Hat – Funny Tree Topper 

Top hat funny tree topper 

Looking for a funny Christmas topper? Check out this stunning top hat! It’s perfect if you’re looking for an unexpected Christmas ornament that’s weirdly elegant for some reason.

It features a gentleman’s black top hat made of soft velvet material, which sits on a built-in strong spring. Besides attaching the hat to the top of the tree, the role of the spring is also to maintain the hat’s shape.

The hat measures 7.87 inches in height and 11.8 inches in diameter. It’s decorated with artificial pine picks, a plaid bow, pinecones, and berries. Additionally, it has a silvery pattern with Santa Claus on the sleigh, wishing you Merry Christmas.

You can get this unique topper from Amazon.

27. Snowman – Funny Christmas Tree Toppers 

Snowman funny christmas tree toppers

Another funny Christmas tree topper idea you should check out is the snowman hugger. It’s what you expect: a snowman that has been caught in the middle of hugging itself!

Made from polyester and metal, this ornament features a white snowman with black eyes, a carrot nose, a simple smile, a snowman’s hat, white arms, red mittens, and a red, green and white scarf. The face measures 14.5 inches in height, the arms are 21.6 inches long, and the scarf is 23.6 inches long.

Worth mentioning is that the arms have an iron wire, which means that you can change them to anything you want. For example, the snowman could have one arm up and one arm down to greet visitors instead of hugging the Christmas tree. Furthermore, if the tree branch is not long enough to keep the head up, it’s best to stuff it.

You can buy the snowman hugger from Amazon.

28. DIY Grinch – Tree Topper Ideas 

Diy grinch tree topper ideas 

A grinch is a great tree topper idea if you’re looking for something that’s not just your average star. Prepare for some serious laughs when you display this on top of your tree!

To get started on this project, gather the following materials: a Sharpie marker, a tube of glue, pins, a sewing machine, a zipper, light pressure, green vinyl, foam stuffing or an old pillow, felt sheets (black, red, white), a lead pencil, a knife, a Santa hat, and a pair of scissors.

We suggest exploring this in-depth tutorial we found on Instructables to learn how to use grinch as a Christmas tree topper.

29. Nightmare Before Christmas – Christmas Tree Topper

Nightmare before christmas christmas tree topper

If you’re a fan of Walt Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, why not get this stunning ornament to decorate your Christmas tree? It’s perfect for Halloween and all winter long!

Covered in glitter gold and black, the topper is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It’s made of thin wood and glitter foam. Meanwhile, the back is painted black and features adjustable straps that firmly hold it onto the tree branch.

You can find this Nightmare Before Christmas tree topper on Etsy. And, if you feel that the glittering gold and black colors don’t go well with your party theme, don’t hesitate to contact the seller and request different colors!

30. Popsicle Stick Star – Christmas Tree Star Topper 

Popsicle stick star christmas tree star topper 

If you want a star for your Christmas tree but don’t want to spend a lot of money on metal stars, then try making this popsicle stick star! It’s not only easy and fast to make, but this Christmas tree star topper is also cheap – just grab some wooden sticks from the craft store and start gluing!

The size of your star is completely up to you, so feel free to experiment with different shapes and sizes. Besides using popsicle sticks, you could also use toothpicks or other wooden sticks that are relatively flat.

Once you’re done creating your masterpiece, let it dry overnight before attaching it as a Christmas tree topper. You might even want to throw in some glitter or paint for added flair! Make sure that whatever you use to attach it is strong enough to support the weight of your star in case you’re using heavier sticks.

For more inspiration, feel free to check out the full tutorial on Just That Perfect Piece!

31. DIY Silver Angel Christmas Tree Topper 

Diy silver angel christmas tree topper

If you want to go for something angelic when searching for the perfect Christmas tree topper, then check out this DIY silver angel! It’s easy to make and will look gorgeous on top of your Christmas tree.

The materials needed for this project include a styrofoam ball, paintbrush, glue gun, glue sticks, reflective spray paint (silver), ornaments with hooks, scissors or wire snippers, and a sticky tack or pins.

You can also use some cotton balls to give the angel an even more realistic design. Just cut them into small pieces and apply hot glue around the head area before attaching them horizontally to the headpiece.

Besides, it’s much easier than sewing real wings! You can also take a look at this tutorial we found on Martha Stewart.

32. DIY Twine Star – Rustic Tree Topper

Diy twine star rustic tree topper

If you’re interested in a piece that’s less traditional but still fits the bill, then your best bet is this DIY twine star. It looks rustic yet cute at the same time, which makes it perfect if you’re going for something unique!

To make this rustic tree topper, use brown jute string, white felt sheets, scissors or embroidery scissors, paper glue or double-sided tape to secure each sheet on the back of the jute string, a marker, a small and a large paintbrush, wooden dowel rods, wood stain in walnut color, and a cork stopper or a styrofoam ball cut in half to serve as the base.

First, measure and cut out your white felt sheets to the same size. Make sure that you place them under the jute string before tracing so that the pencil mark stays on the back of the string! After that, simply cut them out and apply some glue or double-sided tape to secure them on the back of the jute string.

It’s time to create the actual star template! Trace a quarter and cut out the shape with scissors before drawing several straight lines that connect each quarter together. You can also use your original star as a guide for this part.

Once you’re done, apply some wood stain on top of the twine string along with the felt sheets to make it darker and more natural-looking. If you want something even darker, then wait for it to dry and apply a second coat before letting it cure overnight.

The next day, attach the styrofoam ball or cork stopper to the twine star using a hot glue gun or some double-sided tape. Finally, attach the twine star to your Christmas tree by poking a hole through one side of the star and threading the wooden dowel rod through it before securing the other end to the base.

For more inspiration, check out this tutorial made by Leap of Faith Crafting!

33. DIY Plastic Cup with Mesh Ribbons – Christmas Tree Topper

Diy plastic cup with mesh ribbons christmas tree topper

A simple yet beautiful piece that can be effortlessly created by anyone, this DIY plastic cup with mesh ribbons is truly a creative Christmas tree topper!

All you need for this project are six plastic cups (three in white and three in red), mesh ribbon or tulle in your desired color, scissors, strong glue such as hot glue gun or E-6000 Glue, and a spray paint primer.

Start by painting all the cups white and letting them dry overnight for best results. After that, use your marker to draw several diagonal lines on each cup where you’ll cut into so that the lines look like netting when finished. Make sure they are evenly distributed across each cup before you start cutting!

Then, cut along the marker lines and remove the top section to create a net-like cup. Repeat this step for the other cups as well. Next, cut your mesh ribbon or tulle into long strips measuring about two inches each.

Attach the strips to each cup by applying glue on the rim and bottom of the mesh ribbon and then sticking it to the plastic cup. To experiment with ruining your project, you can stick it to a paper towel first. Keep using your glue gun until every mesh ribbon is securely attached to each cup.

After that’s done, attach all six plastic cups together using stronger glue like E-6000 Glue to make an inverted pyramid. Let them dry overnight before placing your new Christmas ornament on top of the tree!

For additional information, check out this tutorial at Lamberts Lately!

34. Gnome Tree Topper – Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Gnome tree topper christmas tree topper ideas

Want a funny Christmas topper? Check out this adorable gnome represented by a Swedish Tomte! It’s an excellent Christmas tree topper idea that goes with any party theme.

When the hat stands up straight, the gnome measures 25.5 inches in height and 13.7 inches in width. However, when the hat falls sideways, the gnome’s height is reduced to 17.5 inches.

Meanwhile, the cap has a red and black plaid design, together with built-in padding cotton. It perfectly complements the long white beard and bulbous nose. Furthermore, thanks to an iron wire placed inside the hat and hands, you can make cute poses to surprise your family!

You can buy this cute gnome tree topper from Amazon.

35. Multicolored Christmas Tree Star Topper

Multicolored christmas tree star topper

You can never go wrong with a Christmas tree star topper. But that doesn’t mean you should stick to a traditional star. Instead, you can get an electronic version like this one created by Willcrew, which features multicolored lights that you can operate from a remote control.

The lights make sure to light up your living room. Besides, this Christmas ornament is waterproof, which means that you can also use it to decorate a tree from your garden without having to worry about rain or snow.

Made from plastic and crystal, the topper measures 9 inches and has a cone design to ensure that it easily fits on the top of the tree. Although it’s powered by three AA batteries (not included with the purchase), you can also connect it to a power source through a USB cable. But the battery version is better because you can hide its case in the branches, ensuring that no wires are sticking out to make the tree ugly.

You can buy this multicolored Christmas tree star topper from Amazon.

More Christmas Topper Ideas for Your Tree

36. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Topper

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Topper

We’ve been using pipe cleaners for our art projects since we were little but this idea took them to an entirely new level.

Thanks to Love, Maegan you can learn how to make one of these sparkling Christmas tree toppers in an easy afternoon. Take the leap now and see how you can recreate it at home, and maybe even use some color if you’d like!

37. Seashell Christmas Tree Star Topper

Seashell Christmas Tree Star Topper

If you’re living beachside or have a nautical infusion when it comes to holiday decor, add some seashells to the tree. You can see how they made these seashell star toppers over at Sea Things Ventura. All you need is a nice helping of shells in your collection and a glue gun to get started.

38. Starburst Christmas Tree Topper Idea

Starburst Christmas Tree Topper Idea

We’re really loving this contemporary starburst topper from Dwellings by Devore. Perfect for more traditional trees or those with modern vision, you’ll love how refined the finished look it. We also think it’d be just as good looking in metallic silver too!

39. Polka Dots Christmas Tree Star Topper

Polka Dots Christmas Tree Star Topper

The Happy Homebodies went with a polka-dot paper star and we love it too! You can use this tutorial to create your very own version, with any color paper or pattern you’d like. You could even make a brand new one every year if your heart desired.

40. Monogram Christmas Tree Topper

Monogram Christmas Tree Topper

The family name could always be added to the tree as well. And if you like the way this “M” wrapped in a peppermint style looks, then head on over to BHG and find out how to top your own tree off with something similar. Mini versions would be great on personal trees in different rooms as well.

41. Large Rosette Christmas Tree Topper Idea

Large Rosette Christmas Tree Topper Idea

Martha Stewart whipped up these large rosettes and we felt like they’d also work perfectly as a fun topper to our Christmas tree as well. Coming in a variety of colors and shapes, these work for all kinds (sizes, shapes, etc) of trees – from flocked to thin. Check out the tutorial after the jump.

42. Popsicle Sticks Unique Christmas Tree Topper

Popsicle Sticks Unique Christmas Tree Topper

Popsicle sticks are classic arts and crafts supplies as well. And if you catch this DIY at BHG, you’ll be swooning over what they can be turned into. With a bit of glitter and snow “flocking” you can turn the top of your tree into a snowflake dream.

43. Sweater Christmas Tree Star Topper

Sweater Christmas Tree Star Topper

Don’t throw out that old sweater. Instead, turn it into something cozy and warm for the tree. Over at Chatelaine, you’ll find this sweater star that we’ve fallen in love with – and so will you traditional, farmhouse-styled tree.

44. Pom Pom Tree Topper Idea

Pom Pom Tree Topper Idea

Sugar & Cloth may hold our favorite Christmas tree topper on the list. For an extra bout of fun and color, use pom poms! These extra-large bits are super easy to work with and will end up creating a look that kid-friendly and festive too!

45. Balloon Christmas Tree Topper

Balloon Christmas Tree Topper

Then again, a balloon could always do the trick too. Just check out this look from Everything Emily! It’s innovative, it’s fun, it’s certainly festive, and we be the kiddos will get a major kick out of it. Follow along and the jump and see how to make it happen for your own tree.

46. Glitter Tree Topper Idea

Glitter Tree Topper Idea

A classic, glitter start is always nice too. Hello Lidy took some paper and created this timeless tree topper that can be used on all kinds of trees – and look great overtime. From contemporary visions to ones that are more traditional, it’s perfect!

47. Rustic Loops DIY Tree Topper

Rustic Loops DIY Tree Topper

Love, Maegan also made this beautiful, rustic star that we’re loving as well. And it’s quite easy to make – so just take the leap and take a look! It’s got a subtle, rustic vibe that’s great for homes with a more country flavoring to them.

48. Glitter Crown Christmas Tree Topper

Glitter Crown Christmas Tree Topper

BHG topped this tree off with a crown. If you’re looking for a more glam way to dress the Christmas tree this year, then this topper will certainly do it for you. Bouts of glitter, you could even make one that looks a bit more like a tiara instead.

49. Woven Paper Christmas Tree Topper

Woven Paper Christmas Tree Topper

Happiness is Homemade went with some sparkle too. Using glitter paper they created a woven star that fit perfectly atop their tree. If this one strikes your fancy, take the leap and start the project tonight!

50. Textured DIY Tree Topper

Textured DIY Tree Topper

And finally, if you’re looking for something both simple and traditional, this textured piece from Pretty & Cozy is just for you. Top your Christmas tree with a star and use any kind of print or pattern that fits your vision. We love this neutral piece just as much as we’ve love one with a bit of cranberry too.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Topper Ideas

The Christmas tree topper is the final touch for your holiday decorations. It’s an essential piece that completes the entire look. So, if you want to make sure your decorations are complete, you can go with a traditional or unconventional Christmas topper idea.

We can only hope that this article has managed to inspire you. So go ahead and get started with decorating your Christmas tree! No matter the design, you will get a beautiful effect that’s sure to surprise your visitors.

Then, return to this page and let us know how everything turned out. Also, feel free to share more Christmas tree topper ideas with us by leaving us a comment in the section below!

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