30 of the best diy christmas gift-a catalogue of our best ideas!

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     In our family, we love handmade gifts.  I actually peruse and search throughout the year for things that I can make that my family members and friends will love.  We have shared a bunch of ideas over the years of our blogging lifetime.  I've gone back and found 30 of my favorites to put on this list at your fingertips so that with a click you can find great idea after great idea to gift to your own family and friends. 
     I've divided these gifts into 6 categories:   wood, sewing, crafts, food, home & personal, and computer generated.  There is something for anyone at any skill level to make!  
  • Clip Picture Frames: Simple painted plaques with clips attached to hold photos.  Check out our ideas! 
  • Wood Burned Garden Markers: Perfect for the gardener in your life!  Maybe add the seeds to go with the markers! 
  • Scrabble Tile Crafts:  There are so many awesome ideas to make with wooden scrabble tiles! 
  • Magnetic Poster Frame:  Include your kids pictures on a printed poster.  It can be changed out easily as they grow. 
  • Stuff 'em Sticks:  Perfect for the family that loves to gather around the firepit!
​Home and Personal:
  • Lavender Oatmeal Soap:  Such a simple, sweet gift. 
  • Bottle Cap Trivets: These are a little time consuming to make, but so cool and fun to personalize.
  • Dry Shampoo:  I made these for girl's camp, but it would be a great gift, packaged differently and perhaps given with the above mentioned soap.
  • Wool Dryer Balls:  People love these and they are a practical gift! 
  • Agate Coasters:  Maddy make these for me a number of years ago now, and we still use them! 
  • 7+ Projects From Old Jeans:  Here are the 7 links to these very low cost projects.                                    1-Basket from the leg of the jeans
             2-A Reading Pillow to hold your Kindle, snacks and tissue!
             3-Comfy Jeans and Tee Shirt Pillow.  This one is a great way to save a memory.
             4-Quilted Patchwork Hot Pad.  You could turn this patch into a quilt if you have enough jeans!
             5-Jeans Pocket Purse/giftbag.  I love this one! 
             6-Embroidery on Denim.  I did this little bird, and I did a rainbow later for my granddaughter.
             7-Zipper Pouch and Gnome Ornament, both easy and cute.  The Gnome is actually no-sew!
  • Felt Play Cake, easy and my granddaughter loves hers.
  • Kitchen Scarf, one of our most popular posts! 
  • Table Runner, you could make one that would work for Christmas, or year round. 
  • Pillowcases, these are great for kids and you can personalize them in so many ways! 
Gifts to Make on the Computer:
  • How to Make a Bookmark on Canva:  This comes with a video to explain the process! Such a cute way to personalize a bookmark for a booklover.
  • Grandparents Experience Gifts Poster or Booklet!  If you are a grandparent and love giving experience gifts to your grandchildren, this poster or booklet will help them record those special memories.  All you do is print it and give them the coloring pencils to go along with it.  Then, follow through with the memory making! 
Bread and Bread Cozy
Food Gifts:
There you go!  Hope you found something that you want to gift!  Happy Crafting!