2021 Christmas Gift Guide

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This complete 2021 Christmas gift guide includes gifts for the whole family, ideas for each person in the family on your list. It covers everyone from grandparent to baby and all ages in between, including things that the entire family can enjoy together. We’ve got some small, family-owned business favorites and as well as items from your favorite online retailers. And even better, you can buy them all online to help take the stress out of holiday shopping with our 2021 Christmas gift guide!
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A little confession…I (Erin) am not a shopper; I don’t like shopping. There I said it. 😉

On the other hand, Will is more of a natural gift giver. He tries to think about each person and find a specific gift that matches.

For me (Erin), gift giving often results in decision fatigue or paralysis because of all the options.

Shopping can be stressful for me, especially during the holidays and when you are trying to find just the right gift for that special someone or hard-to-buy-for family member.

So, Will and I worked together again this year to create a list of suggestions for the whole family, including some classic gifts as well as some of the hottest items of this year.

The gift ideas are divided into groups, but some of the ideas could work for more than one group. The gifts can cross into different categories. We just split them up this way for the sake of organization.

We also tried to include some things from some of our favorite small businesses. For other handmade items, you can always check out Etsy or your local artisans. Some of our favorite items that we use every day always find a spot on our list.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, and it could be so much longer, But Hopefully, it will give you some ideas. If you don’t see anything specific, then maybe it will spark some other ideas for you to explore. Be sure to check out our previous lists for other ideas.

There are varying price points on this list, so we would also encourage you to make sure you are staying within your budget and select gifts accordingly.

We kept a “non-toy/subscription service” page again this year for those who want to consider other options. You can also check out other non-toy gifts for your children such as experiences. Or make sure to think about non-junk stocking stuffers as well.

Like last year, we included a page with retro toys making a comeback and a page for natural/green ideas for the whole family. 

Top Pick: Pinwheel Smartphone for Kids

One of our favorite items on our list this year is the Pinwheel Smartphone for Kids. We were very hesitant about giving our oldest daughter a phone, but that’s when we discovered Pinwheel.

Introducing technology to kids can be a difficult and confusing journey. It was really important for us to pick a device that mirrored our family’s values and boundaries. As we searched and researched (and searched and researched some more) for a phone, we discovered the Pinwheel phone.

Pinwheel is a real smartphone that gives kids everything they need, without all of the features that worry you. There’s no web browser, no social media, and no app store. We have been using Pinwheel for a few months, and something amazing has happened…our 13-year-old daughter and I agree on something. It is amazing! I highly recommend Pinwheel as a safe smartphone option that you can trust this holiday season! Be sure to check out the new Pinwheel Plus before they run out.

Use code THH10 to get 10% off your Pinwheel purchase! 

2021 Christmas Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Below you will find a list of gifts. Click on any of the links for more details*.

(*Note: The images will enlarge to offer a better view, but they do not contain links {per Amazon’s policy}. Links are in the table below.)

Our Favorite Things
1) Pinwheel Smartphone 2) Magnesium Lotion 3) Plant Therapy Oils
4) Free Reign Farms 5) Dollar Shave Club ($5 set) 6) Personalized Wallet
7) Redmond Products 8) BeautyCounter 9) PhotoBarn
10) Personalized Phone Case 11) Berkey Filters (Amazon) 12) Convertible Backpack Purse

For the Whole Family
1) Circle Filterting (Amazon) 2) Ring Doorbell 3) Fun Family Games
4) Roku or Roku TV 5) Family Trips, Experiences, etc. 6) Air Popcorn Popper
7) Saucer Swing 8) S'more Skewers 9) Gaming System
10) Little Box of Family Activities 11) Family Night Out 12) Mini Projector or Amazon Video

For the Couples
1) Personalized Tumblers 2) Relationship Books 3) Personal Map
4) Wooden World Map 5) Plant Therapy Massage Oil (Amazon) 6) This Is Us Sign
7) Chimenea 8) Picnic Cooler 9) Home Chef Date Night
10) Our Adventures or UP Ornament (Amazon) 11) Tortilla or Pizza Blanket 12) Shower Speaker

For the Ladies
1) Custom Word Pendant
(Use THH2020 for 10% off)
2) CWM Pouch 3) Jane Discount Boutique
4) Fit2B Fitness 5) Cents of Style Fashion 6) Trim Healthy Mama
(Use code EO3570 for $10 off)
7) Tea Kettle 8) Women's Winter Boots 9) BeautyCounter Gloss Trio
10) Jewelry Cabinet Mirror 11) Audiobooks.com 12) Trim Healthy Cookbook

For the Gents
1) Every Man Jack Marvel, Pen or Survival Kit 1) Wallet Tool , Pen or Survival Kit 3) Fun Kitchen Gadgets
4) Favorite Book 5) Mandalorian Tumbler 6) Men's Skincare
7) Noise Canceling Headphones 8) Bluetooth Speaker 9) Theory 11 Playing Cards
10) Redmond Seasonings
(Get 15% off with link)
11) Wooden Watch 12) Universal Socket

For the Grandparents
1) Digital Frame or Family Tree 2) Drawing Necklace 3) What I Love About Grand
4) Robot Vacuum 5) Personal Cookbook or Calendar 6) Hammock Chair
7) Retro Candy 8) Neck and Back Massager 9) Weighted Blanket
10) Letters to My Grandchild 11) Weather Station or Galileo Station 12) Roku Stick
13) Hummingbird or Bird Feeder 14) Herb Garden 15) AncestryDNA (Amazon)

For the Tweens/Teens
1) Wireless Earbuds 2) Echo Dot for Kids 3) LEGO sets (Amazon)
4) Big Joe Bean Bag Chair (Amazon) 5) Book Series 6) LED Light Strip
7) Mini Fridge (Amazon) 8) XBox, PS5, Oculus (Amazon) 9) Weighted Blanket
3) Beanie or Hat (Amazon) 11) Flipside Game 12) Smart Soccer

For the Kids
1) Board Games 2) Kindle Paperwhite 3) LEGO (Amazon)
4) furReal Snow Dragon 5) Push Pop Purse, etc. . (Zulily) 6) Nerf Blaster & Vest
7) STEAM Kit 8) Magic Mixie 9) Kumi Creator
10) Squishmallow 11) HP Magical Minis 12) MegaConstrux

For the Boys
1) The Child Animatronic (shopDisney) 2) Kindle Paperwhite 3) LEGO (Amazon) or Megaconstrux
4) Robot Balloon Dog 5) Classic or New Games 6) Goo Jit Zu
7) Mario Anti-Gravity Racer 8) 3D Pen 9) Nintendo Switch Lite (Amazon)
10) Nerf Blaster and Vest 11) Fornite Squad or Mando Figures 12) BittyBoomer Speaker

For the Little Ones
1) Little Tikes Truck 2) Fisher Price Learning Bot 3) Imaginext
4) Cocomelon Playset 5) M&D Dump Truck Sorter 6) Warmie
7) Jurassic World Plush 8) Grogu Fuzzy Plush 9) Disney Play Sets
10) Duplo (Amazon) 11) Rescue Bots 12) Magna Tiles (Zulily)

Non-Toy/Subscription Ideas
1) Kiwi Crate 2) Butcher Box 3) GreenLIght Card
4) Build a Menu 5) Kids Cook Real Food 6) Kid or Adult Art Class
7) StitchFix for Women, Men & Kids 8) Prime Video 9) MEL Science Kit
10) FamZoo for Kids 11) CreativeBug Crafts or Annie's Club 12) Adventure Academy or abcMouse

Retro Toy Ideas
1) LEGO Ideas 2) Transformers or He-Man 3) Care Bears
1) Lite Brite 5) Classic Cash Register 6) Magna Doodle
7) Classic Tonka 8) Lincoln Logs 9) Pound Puppy
10) Vintage Cabbage Patch 11) Classic Record Player 12) Classic See 'n Say
13) Lisa Frank Stickers 14) Retro Strawberry Shortcake 15) Retro My Little Pony

Natural/Green Ideas
1) Wooden Blocks 2) Natural Play Dough 3) Green Toys
4) Green Mr. Potato Head 5) Recycled State Necklace 6) Bamboo Side Table
7) Stainless Steel Cups 8) Wooden Food or Puzzles 9) Glass Bottle Bamboo Top
10) Stainless Steel Bento or Plates 11) Wooden Dock or Charger 12) Bamboo Razor
We sincerely hope this gift guide will help take a load off of the Christmas shopping decision fatigue this year!

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