15 People Reveal What Unexpected Gifts Have Been the Best of Their Lives

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As it turns out, the best gifts are those which are necessary at a given moment. They do not have to be original or expensive. It is important that they are practical and really necessary for life. Ordinary hot-water bottle or shoe inserts are able to sweeten everyday life.

#1 The Clock

“I got a clock. It’s small and cute, so I hung it in my bathroom. It works perfectly for my morning showers when I want to keep track of the time and know how long I’ve been pouring water. It gives me peace of mind to get ready for work.”

Jonny Caspari/unsplash

#2 Container

“An smart container that protects the bananas. It keeps the fruit from getting bruised and prevents it from getting crushed at the bottom of the bag.”


#3 Sports T-shirt

My mom accidentally bought me a running shirt. At the time, I was an unhealthy, fat little kid. She wanted to encourage me to play sports. I started running. After a few months of training, I finally managed to run 10 km and lost a lot of weight. Later, I started weightlifting. Today, I’m a gym manager and I no longer look like a sickly child. And all because of the T-shirt I still have today.”

Greg Rosenke/unsplash

#4 Fish

I was furious with my husband when I realized that money had started disappearing from our bank account. I confronted him in April. He lied to my face and told me he had to spend part of his paycheck on scaffolding. I didn’t believe him. In November, I celebrated my birthday. I unwrapped presents and there were 25 different fish (cat toys, glass fish, wooden fish, sugar fish). It turned out my family had funded a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico, for me to learn to scuba dive.”


#5 Humidifier

My best friend bought me a humidifier. I was sick a lot at the time and it was the best gift.”

Yomex Owo/unsplash

#6 Shoe insoles

I got insoles for my shoes from my mom. I had never used those before, but they turned out to be fantastic. My feet have stopped hurting. It’s the best gift ever.”


#7 Vitamins

“My partner at the time bought me vitamin D on a date. At the time I wasn’t feeling well, cancelled one appointment and had a blood test done. It turned out I was vitamin D deficient, and my partner knew this beforehand. ;)”

Michele Blackwell/unsplash

#8 The Bathrobe

My parents bought me a bathrobe that was too big when I was younger. I was a little disappointed with the gift until I saw a gift card in his pocket. I still have the bathrobe to this day.”

Arun Sharma/unsplash 

#9 Dinosaur

“I am a huge dinosaur fan. A few years ago, for my 30th birthday, I got the Dino Riders (animated series) torosaurus that I always wanted (as a kid). I was completely stunned by the gift, but it’s a fantastic feeling when you get a toy as an adult.”

Joyce Adams/unsplash

#10 Drawing

“When I first became a police officer, I was amazed at what I had to deal with. There were a lot of shootings, fear, and death. I also had a lot of stress in my personal life. One day I was working at a school. There, a girl handed me a drawing of a cat that she had made for me. Literally tears came to my eyes. I was really touched. It had been years since anyone had thanked me for anything at work or made such a nice gesture.”


#11 Fountain Pen

My boss bought me, as a Teacher’s Day gift, a fountain pen with my name on it. It wasn’t a quality gift (although it’s actually my first fountain pen at age 20). I never knew I would become so obsessed with it. Now I’m planning on buying some kind of exclusive.”

Aaron Burden/unsplash

#12 Opener

Years ago someone gave me a can opener. I didn’t ask for it, but I like to cook. I absolutely love this item and still have it in my kitchen today. I recommend it to everyone.”

Ana Rivarola/unsplash

#13 Nail Care Kit

My husband’s aunt buys the most practical gifts you can think of! Every Christmas I get excited about her gifts. She gave me a cool nail care kit. Everything she buys is very useful!”


#14 Cleaning

My partner ordered a cleaning crew for me when I was 9 months pregnant. I hate having a dirty house, but I just couldn’t keep it clean anymore. It was a much needed gift!”

Kelly Sikkema/unsplash

#15 Thermo Bottle

I received a thermo bottle. At the time I lived in an attic with terrible insulation. I had icy feet every night and had to take hot baths for them.”


What’s the best gift you’ve received in your life?

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