10 Epic Gifts for Dino Lovers

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Dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago, yet they’ve managed to stay current and cool—how could the biggest animals to have ever walked the earth not be?! If you you’re up-close and personal with a mega dino fanatic, you have to check out this list of the best holiday gifts for dino lovers. Whether they are a budding paleontologist or just a big fan, we have something for every dino enthusiast in your life.


Squeakee the Balloon Dino

You’ve never met a Dino like this before: Part Dino, part balloon animal and part break-dancer—Squeakee Dino is going to be on every kid's wish list. With over 70 sounds and reactions, including touch and voice recognition, playtime never goes extinct.

This Dino knows how to party! Squeakee Dino is a stompin’, chompin’, dancin’ balloon dinosaur. He's totally interactive and comes to life when you play with him. Play games with him like Chicken and Tug of War. Roar at him and he'll roar back but roar too much and he might run away. He dances when his headphones are on, and you can pet or tickle him to make him laugh—pull his tail, and he'll fart or pop! Pure. Genius.

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

This cool kit by the nature experts allows you to experience discovering a dino for the first time! Dig through the “egg”, meet your dino, then check the handy guide included to find out more about your new friend. The National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit is a must and keeps kids busy just like those fun surprise toys they can’t get enough of. The twist? They are actually learning something, too!


Personalized Dinosaur Nightlight

This T-Rex Personalized Dinosaur Nightlight will be a welcome addition to a child's room for decoration and to keep the boogieman away. This light is not only cool looking, it stays cool to the touch so it's safe for any young kid's room. Time to party: This LED light includes a remote control with four auto modes that cycle through vibrant colors and 15 different fixed colors—rawrsome!

Tacosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur Taco Stand

Dino lover? Check. Taco lover? Check. The Tacosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur Taco Stand is the ultimate gift for all ages, bringing a roaring good time to taco night and making dinner time as epic as the dinosaurs themselves! (Also a great hack for picky eaters, making mealtime, fun time!)

Color-In Dino Pajamas

This one is perfect for your Snooze-O-Saurus: Color-In Dino Pajamas! Did dinosaurs wear jammies? Scientists can't say for sure. Your tiny paleontologists can ponder these mysteries and more as they color this illustrated PJ set, hand-printed in the UK. The markers' UV-activated ink means they won't have to wait a whole Jurassic period to wear. These are also seriously comfy and cuddle-ready (who knew these prehistoric beasts could be so soft?).  

T-Rex Hooded Cape

Don't save dress-up just for Halloween—this T-Rex Hooded Cape is designed with Jurassic potential for year-round fun! It's made with great attention to detail featuring soft textured velour, realistic eyes and 3D stuffed detailing on the hood. It's also built to last and machine washable, so this cape is sure to add roar-tastic fun to everyday play for years to come.

 3D Dinosaur Puzzle

This handmade wooden gift is made to look like a puzzle and will be the perfect fit with their bedroom decor. You can't go wrong with this 3D Dinosaur Puzzle for an artistic way to showcase their undying love for everything dinosaur.

 Wash N' Roar Showerhead

Because why not include dinos in their bathing routine, too? Make showers an adventure and transport to another time with the Wash N' Roar Showerhead. It's easily installed on any showerhead. Maybe stay just outside of snapping range just in case... you can never be too careful—CHOMP!

Highlights Dinosaur Collection

These three fun-filled books in Highlights Dinosaur Collection will satisfy the Brontosaurus-sized cravings of even the biggest dinosaur fans! With 501 dinosaur joke-tivities, puzzles, dozens of hidden pictures scenes, a double-sided hidden pictures poster, fun facts and more, your little Pterodactyl will have weeks worth of fun ahead!

Dinosaur Sneakers

Just for “kicks”, we had to add these ultra-cool T-Rex Checkerboard Creator Shoes by Vans. T-Rex has never looked better than on these slip-on stylish shoes from Vans, you may just want to snag a pair for yourself—RAWR!

—Jamie Aderski