10 Designs for a Jungle-Themed Baby Room

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Waiting for you the baby’s arrival can be quite boring, especially if you’re a first-time mom.

When you finished planning and shopping for baby necessities, the next thing to do is to decorate the nursery. If you’re running out of decoration ideas, you might want to try the jungle-themed baby rooms design. Jungle-themed baby rooms are popular options due to their relaxing vibes and easy-to-replicate designs.

Whether you’re a detail-oriented decorator or a minimalist at heart, you can incorporate nature into your room for great ambiance and aesthetics. And because the theme itself is versatile, you can incorporate it into almost any room.

Essential Materials for Decorating Baby Rooms

We provided some of the easiest jungle-themed baby room designs to keep you inspired on your decorating spree. But before that, be sure to grab these essential items to really feel those calming and relaxing nature-based designs.


Stuffed Toys

A jungle is teeming with life and activities, but how would you safely replicate that inside your baby’s nursery? By using cute and cuddly stuffed toys, of course! Popular choices for jungle animals include monkeys, colorful birds, and elephants. Tigers, lions, and zebras are also an option for savannah-themed designs.



You can hang a painting on your wall or paint it yourself. Either way, the color addition from paintings gives identity to your overall design. If you don’t want to replace the current wall color in your room, that’s also not a problem. You can use removable wallpapers to get an easy removal later on. With the right furniture positioning and stuff toy placements, you can still create a very immersive jungle environment.


Ambiance Items

And last but not the least, you might also get items that will help in making the overall ambiance of the room calm. Whether it’s a small detail like flowers, to things such as real plants and custom vines. Unleash your creativity and you’d be surprised about how many placement combinations are possible to design a room.

You can also add light sources like Christmas lights to mimic the night’s tranquility inside the forest. Without further ado, here are 10 jungle-themed baby room designs that you can use at your own home.

10 Jungle-Themed Baby Rooms

1. Stokke Jungle Room

This is a jungle-based decoration with a Stokke sleepi crib in grey. Although it might not look as such anymore (it was shared in 2018), the full beauty of the room’s design can be seen in the pictures. By just using wallpaper, you can give the room a very calming and soothing vibe. Add some organic designs and you’re ready to share your jungle-themed room for everyone to see.

beautiful jungle-themed nursery
source: houselust.co.uk

2. Safari Nursery

Another deviation of the jungle theme is the safari one, characterized by teeming animals under the scorching sun in eastern or southern Africa. If you’re planning to add stuffed toys, choose safari animals like the African elephant, lion, leopard, cape buffalo, and rhinoceros. This photo provided by pinkblushmaternity showcases how a pattered wall can also make a modern-ish jungle-themed baby room.


Safari-themed nursery
source: Instagram @spoony29


3. Tropical Jungle

Another jungle variation that is popular in humid countries in the tropical jungle. With the scenery full of green grass, blue skies, and a single coconut tree, this design successfully captured the tropical aesthetics. Just be mindful of the paint to use if you’re very sensitive to the smell.

Use furniture with dark brown wood to accentuate it from the coolness of the blue color. Don’t forget to add details such as clouds and suns to apply more vibrancy in the space.

A cute tropical twin nursery with hues of pink
source: palms-to-pines.com

4. Serene Jungle Nursery

The design here is yet another example of how colors can change a person’s perception of a place. For instance, the white background and the flowing leaves in this phis give it a jungle retreat vibe which you can see on various Asian forests. Just like the Bamboo Forest in Japan.

calm and serene jungle oasis baby nursery

5. Woodland (Gender-Neutral)

If you want to deviate from typically green and luscious forest designs, you can try the neutral woodland theme for the nursery. Instead of going for a realistic art direction, the designer of this theme used surrealism to have that inside-the-forest feel even without any greeneries. This was done by painting up birch trees in the wall accented by the darker background to make the wood pop visually.

elegant jungle woodland nursery
source: projectnursery.com

6. Minimalistic Jungle Room

Minimalism is a great space-saving practice that helps you get the best out of your small apartment. What makes the design pleasing to the eye is the use of smaller ambiance items like the hanging plants and the paintings It just shows how item placements can have a big impact on your overall room design.

cute jungle-themed nursery with animals
source: Instagram @lisamcguigan54


7. Cozy Animal-Themed Room

So far, most of the designs rely on plants designs to create that jungle and nature vibes. But you can also incorporate nature by smartly using other green-colored items (pillows, blankets, and more.) In this design, you can see that all focus is on the animals featured. However, the green blanket and pillow complement the overall theme very well, that it adds vibrancy to the room.

cozy jungle animal nursery
source: have-need-want.com


8. Stuffed-Toy Sanctuary

Here comes a design that has anything of everything: great color background, gorgeous looking organic plant designs, and lovable stuffed animals from above and below. The light source placement also makes everything look more organic (compared to fluorescent lights). This is perfect for parents who want to deviate from the style of their brightly-colored house interior.

Jungle-themed baby nursery with large stuffed animals
source: thebabyhampercompany.com


9. Detailed Tarzan Room

Here is the definition of detail-oriented design: a lot of effort has been put to make a room like this one functional and beautiful to look out. However, a great baby room requires great responsibility. You might want to allocate a week or two to create and install your organic designs.

A nursery inspired by Tarzan
source: thethings.com

10. Savannah Room

Incorporating vines into the design, along with a jungle vest in the wall enhances the feeling of being in the savannah. Even the wooden basket adds value to the overall scenery due to the great color selection.

neutral colors are perfect for a Savannah-inspired nursery
source: hgtv.com Stephanie DeBrincat


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