10 Best Winter Staircase Decor Ideas

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The staircase is another great place to be decorated in this winter. In winter, it will be a beautiful place to spend time. While it may not be very festive during the holiday season, there are plenty of winter staircase decor ideas to make the stairs feel warmer and cozier. A wintery staircase looks charming and inviting. You can use a frosted forest pine garland as a base. You can drape it from the railing to create a scalloped effect. For a more contemporary look, add some metallic silver ornaments and silver berry stems. Another fun idea for decorating your staircase is to use a garland. A garland studded with festive pom-poms can be your options. A pine and eucalyptus wreath is a good choice for a rustic cabin-style staircase. You can also put a wreath on the top of the stairs, or hang a cranberry-studded wreath from a spindle. A faux-fur stocking with a burlap bow makes the entire staircase look more cosy and inviting. Adding candles will dress up your stairs. For a festive look, you can add plaid ribbons to your staircases. Paying attention to the staircase during the winter will add a more interesting and inviting looks. This is also a simple way to add coziness to your home. Below, we have some winter staircase ideas to copy. May inspire you.

10 best winter staircase decor ideas1

Hanging Stocking Staircase

The white garland and stockings along this staircase add a holiday vibe to this home decor. You can buy them cheap or use your used stockings for an interesting décor. Add garland greenery to each of your stair railings for satisfying results. The white color scheme and wooden staircase also add a warm and airy touch to the room. This natural stone floor gives a natural feel to the entire room.


White Stockings and Garland Staircase from curatedinterior

Neutrals Wreath

You can hang some natural touch wreaths lining the bottom of the stairs. You can make your own by collecting greenery and pine cones for a charming staircase decorating idea. This design will save your budget while increasing your creativity in decorating your winter home. Applying these four bouquets will attract every guest who comes and will enliven the holiday season in your home.


Wreath Staircase Decor  from elledecor

String Light Staircase Ornament

Decorating the stairs of the house using fairy lights on this stair railing will produce a perfect room decoration and steal the attention of many people. It will make a perfect winter decor and will give a sophisticated look to the whole room. Complementing the look with a large Christmas tree equipped with string lights will produce a unique design that will give a festive impression this holiday season. The white color scheme combined with the black stair railing creates a contrasting decor that looks wider and brighter.


Waterfall String Light Staircase Ornament from elledecor

Garland Greenery

The fresh and natural feel is impossible to resist with this relaxed holiday staircase look. You can make your own by collecting some green leaves behind the house so you can increase your creativity in decorating stairs. A sprinkle of pillar candles under the stairs also provides dramatic lighting and a warm feel throughout the room. Wooden floors also add a warm and natural touch to this famrhouse-style home decor.


DIY Garland Greenery from elledecor

Marquee Light Staircase Ornament

Give your staircase some holiday ornamentation with vintage-inspired marquee lettering. You can try this to be the perfect focal point of the room. This unique design is complemented by lamps and lanterns filled with pillar candles for an attractive room design. Potted green plants and garland greenery on the stair railing will bring a fresh and natural touch to this room. The pale white color scheme on this wall is also complemented by artwrok and garland of greenery and pine cones for the perfect room decor.


Vintage Marquee Letters Light from elledecor

Ribbon Decoration

This simple red ribbon staircase decoration completes a winter look in your home. It’s so easy to make that it will save your budget and boost your creativity. Simply tie this ribbon to the stair railing and add a green wreath to create a unique and tendy staircase. Combine it with white stair railing to create the perfect room decoration and can give a bright and airy impression to the entire room.


Red Ribbon Railling Staircase from curatedinterior

Red Lanterns on Staircase

The red lanterns arranged on the stairs provide a stylish holiday season design and will enliven the winter season in your home. Combined with a garland grenery that you made yourself and placed on the stair railing, this will give a natural touch and a fresh impression to the entire room. This white color scheme and hardwood floors also add to the spacious and warm feel of this stylish farmhouse.


Little Red Lantern Ornament from curatedinterior

Winter Candle Staircase

This winter staircase decorating idea uses pillar candles at every step to provide perfect, dramatic lighting throughout the room. Adding a glass jar to each candle will give you an interesting design for you to try. This design will enliven your holiday season and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Complete your staircase décor with green garlands and knitted stockings on each railing for a winter vibe and a natural touch to this design.


Winter Pillar Candle Ornament from architecturendesign

Winter Wonderland Staircase Decor

This winter decor for a family home style home features penguin and cotton accents on the stair railing for a cool and inviting room decor idea. Making it yourself will increase your creativity while creating a low budget room decor. The application of this white cotton material seems to give snow accents to the decoration of the stair railing and when you go down the stairs you will feel the excitement of winter. Complete your stair décor with string lights to add a beautiful touch to the room.


Cotton and Toy Penguins Staircase Decor from digsdigs

Gold and Silver Winter Ornament

The traditional look of this staircase decoration will steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. Place butterfly stickers and ball-shaped ornaments on a wreath of twigs and enjoy all the holiday cheer. This is an interesting idea for you to try on the stairs to enliven the winter in the whole room. Combining it with the white color scheme on this staircase will give a neutral and natural impression. This is a unique winter decorating idea for you to try in decorating your home.


Metallic Stairway from goodhousekeeping